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Levi's 501 Straight Leg Jeans

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Manufacturer: Levi's / Type: Casual Wear / Gender: Unisex

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    1 Review
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      01.05.2010 20:44
      Very helpful



      Levi's 501 Jeans


      Levis Strauss & Co. (known commonly as Levi's) have been active since 1853 and are primarily known for their jeans and other denim products. Since making the first pair of 'modern' jeans back in the 1920's, the brand popularised such leg wear through the decades to make it such a massive success in this market. By the late 1960s they had kick-started the 'Blue jean craze' which to some degree simply hasn't left since then for casual leg wear. They are known for innovating shrink-to-fit, stone washing and many other things in this industry to make it stand as the most original brand of its sort.


      The 501 Jeans are by-far the most popular of Levis range, Their unique quality is their shrink-to-fit function which gives the wearer the ability to make the individual pair fit for their specific needs (obviously as long as it's smaller than the jeans start off). These jeans can be bought in a range of designs with black and many differing navy and blue shades available too.


      After my last string of three black jeans simply hadn't lasted as long as intended, I felt that it was time to step things up, Although all the ones I'd owned prior to these had been relatively pricey, much of this was down to the designs which went along with them, As a change to this I decided to stripped things right down to the basics and go for a very straight-forward lback pair of jeans with nothing special going on at the back and Levis were the best choice to pull this off. Obviously coming with the extra influence in its reputation and well-documented durability, I thought that it would be the best brand to go for. Luckily a family member decided to buy them for me as an extra belated Christmas present and so I wouldn't have to blow my earnings on a pair myself.

      Once I got my hands on them I was impressed with what I'd been given. These were just as I'd been looking for in a pair of jeans which you could feel the quality in and clearly wouldn't end up in the state that my last lot had got them self into. After wearing these for a few months I've found that they've served me well as one of two pairs of jeans in this colour that I'd typically go out in. They've managed to triumph where others have failed particularly in the fit. As these jeans are a tad tighter than the sort I'd usually go for, it meant that it took a little while to adapt to wearing these. As aI tend to give my jeans a bit of a sag, doing this in a pair which grip you much more was a bit of a challenge at first, but one that the jeans have apparently come to a compromise with me on.

      My other pairs of jeans had to be thrown after they had annoyingly been ripped up at the bottom where my heel has obviously been caught underneath them too many times (through the sag) and meant that they've eventually got to the stage where I had to get rid of them. This simply hasn't been the case with these Levis as you get a much nicer crumble at the ankle where the bottom of the jeans find your shoe and so you don't run such tearing risks. This has been a big plus for me and I reason why I expect to still be wearing these same ones in years to come.

      I found that because of the way I wear mine with a little bit of a sag and quite a bit of crumpling on the lower leg, it meant that it made them very tight when trying to open the legs apart. This can be quite annoying at times (especially for someone who likes to dance quite a lot) as it means that it doesn't give the sort of flexibility you may need. Obviously, this is more my fault for not wearing them properly, but something worth mentioning to those who do the same as it may be a deciding factor on whether or not to cop a pair.

      As much of my shoe collection is comprised of hi-tops, I've found that these jeans in particular have done well in displaying them for me without effort so you don't have to find yourself repositioning the bottoms of them to ensure that the shoe are presented well when you're wearing a particularly special pair on your feet. This was another great feature to them as they seem to stay in the place you put them and not change from it as long as you're not doing something out-the-norm. With the way I wear them, they give a nice crumpled effect and I feel that this tops them off (as I dislike a straight-leg look).

      ==Where To Buy==

      Levi's 501s can be bought in a variety of place for a range of places. I'd recommend that you look on places online such as JeanCity (where you can get them for £40-50) and eBay for the same kind of price. However if you don't trust these then you'll be looking towards £90 for them on Amazon and in excess of £100 if you look for them on Levi's official website.


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