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Maidenform Flexees Firm Control Waistshaper

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    1 Review
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      04.03.2009 13:57
      Very helpful



      No such thing as a quick fix!

      Even though I'm a size 8 to 10 and I have the correct BMI and all that gubbins, I still have body issues, particularly my stomach (I blame the media). When I wear jeans and sit down, my little pot-belly transforms into the dreaded muffin-top and this is clearly visible when I wear tops of the clingy variety. This is the only kind of muffin I don't like, which is probably why I have this stomach problem in the first place - goddamn those delicious baked goods!

      So I decided it was time to try some shape-wear, as it's all the rage and everyone from Trinny & Susannah (the devils in disguise!) to Gok Wan (a much more likeable "style guru") have their own range.

      First of all I bought a pair of control pants off Ebay, which to be fair were a cheap imitation of the well-known brands, but they were a complete disaster! I really struggled to put them on and then really struggled to get them off! I know they were supposed to be tight, but these were like having a boa constrictor wrapped round me and all my flesh got squeezed into odd shapes - not a good look!

      Luckily I managed to send them back and got a refund. My fiancé kept saying I didn't need any shape-wear, but of course I didn't listen to him and spent about 2 days looking online for something better. That's when I found the Waistshaper made by Flexees on figleaves.com.

      It is like a corset, except that you pull it on over your head, so there aren't loads of hook-and-eye fastenings to do up. I chose it because it promised to target the stomach area and I preferred the design oven control pants, as I wouldn't need to take it off when I needed to use the toilet.

      I was really excited about trying it out when it arrived, so I was really disappointed with the results. First of all it was really difficult to put on, as it doesn't stretch very much and the bones at the front and back restrict the flexibility.

      Once I managed to get it on I had a lot more of a streamlined figure, but the real test was would I get a muffin-top when I sat down? So I put on a clingy top that I've never worn out because of my paranoia over my muffin-top and I sat down in front of a mirror.

      My first thought was "My god, this corset-thing is uncomfortable!" as the bones in the front of the Waistshaper dug into my ribs. On the figleaves.com website some people have suggested taking these bones out to make it more comfortable, but I think if you're going to spend just under £20 on something, you shouldn't need to be altering it in such an extreme way. It was also really tight and it was starting to hamper my breathing after only having it on for about 10 minutes. I had bought the size they recommended for a size 10 (small), but still my extra flab got pushed up and over the Waistshaper, so now I had lumps and bumps where previously I'd had none!

      Anyway, my second thought was "Yep, still got a muffin-top" so for me the waist-shaper was a complete waste of time, but for some crazy reason I was still toying with the idea of keeping it (surely I'm not alone in this habit of convincing yourself something will one day fit?). At this point my fiancé came into the room to see what I was up to and when he saw it he just shook his head and said, "You don't need it".

      I was starting to believe him, as I thought surely looking good isn't worth all this hassle! The straw that broke the camel's back (and nearly mine!) in deciding whether to keep it or not came when I tried to get the damn thing off, as I got stuck with it around my shoulders and I swear I pulled a muscle or two! I'm glad my fiancé wasn't around to see that!

      So the Waistshaper got sent back for a refund the following day and I have vowed not be put myself through the torture of trying anymore shape-wear. I hate to say this, but doing more exercise and eating less cake is a far less painful way of sorting out my problem than trying to squeeze myself into those crazy things!


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    • Product Details

      It has slimming control panels at the front and back to help provide firm control from the torso to the hips.

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