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Marks & Spencer Autograph Weekend Long Sleeve Pyjama Top

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Brand: Marks & Spencer / Type: Ladies pyjama top

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    2 Reviews
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      21.06.2011 06:22
      Very helpful



      £18 For A Pyjama Top!?

      I very rarely shop at marks and spencer's due to the prices, but as my local one had a huge january sale at the beginning of the year, i stocked up on a few bargains, one of which being this pyjama top, reduced from a hefty £18 to a very reasonable £8. In no way would i of paid full price for this, i just can't justify paying that amount of a pyjama top no matter how comfy it is!

      The top is very basic apart from the discreet detailing on the neckline. The neckline is scooped but doesn't show any cleavage and as i'm the sort that tosses about in bed restlessly i can honestly say i've had no issues with the scoop neck bein so low that my boobs pop out everywhere which is good! That might seem random but most of my pj tops usually ride down during the night even if they're not scoop necked, so the fact this one doesn't is great.

      Below the scoop neck on the bust is button detailing; 4 small, pretty plastic buttons in a row which add a bit of character to the top without it looking too fancy. After all it's only a pj top!

      The buttons are all able to be fastened up or undone; they're not just there for display.

      It's a long sleeved top. The sleeves come just below my wrists. Although it's long sleeved, it's very lightweight and is ideal for summer as it's so thin, but can be layered over a vest in winter.

      The jumper is also beautifully soft and cosey. I assumed it was cotton, but looking on the label it states that it is infact made up of 76% viscose, 19% polyester and 5% elastane.

      I've found it to be true to size but as it stretches it's never uncomfortabley tight. It's not a longline jumper like most of my pj tops and goes just below my waistline, but it's very flattering and has a feminine fit. Sizes available are 8-22.

      Colours available are grey (a marl/pale grey) and black.

      It is machine washable and i've had mine for 6 months now and it's not faded or bobbled yet. It's not as soft as it was at first but still cosey.

      Overall i wear this top frequently because it's so easy to slip on, looks nice and doesn't look silly when lounging about the house with my flatmates or i sometimes put it on while doing house work. I've worn it with a pair of jeans once (only to nip to the shop!) and didn't get any odd looks. The quality of the top is excellent and doesn't make me feel or look frumpy. I do love it as it's so plain and just really versatile and easy to stick on, however i wouldn't of paid full price for it.


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        25.03.2011 21:33
        Very helpful



        Fine, soft, quality pyjama top - M&S have clinched it here.

        I thought getting a pair of pyjamas would be simple. Oh how wrong I was. I prefer soft pyjamas, not the linen ones or sort of 'crispy' cotton ones that seem to be the most commonly available. I wanted a soft, t-shirt like material and something quite thin. Oh and I also wanted something with long sleeves. So the search commenced.

        I won't bore you with the details of where I looked or what I tried (several cheap pairs had to be sent back to Kandco though, rubbish quality that shrunk and went all misshapen with one wash). I did look in M&S but only saw some that were really a bit more than I wanted to spend - these ones in fact. They are just under £20 for the top and the same for the bottoms and naiive old me had thought I could get a decent set for under £20. Several weeks and some failed attempts later I ended up buying them anyway.

        I would have liked to review them as a set but they are sold as separates so I'm not quite sure how to handle that as it will be hard to avoid repeating myself. However, I will start with the top as pictured above. In the end I ordered online, as I had seen them in store and I thought from the description that they were the same ones due to the pricing. I was right and when they turned up they were just as soft as the ones I had actually touched in store.

        ----- Fabric -----

        They are made of 94% viscose and 6% elastane. I used to think that to be decent quality and a nice fabric it had to be at least mostly cotton, but I am quickly starting to re-think on that one. This top is wonderfully soft, softer I think than pure cotton. It is a fairly thin material which is exactly what I was after. I tried it on and it was one of those moments when you think 'yes' as it was soft, comfortable and draped really nicely around my body. Snug without being too clingy, enough length without being too long (the top sits just below the hips) and it just gave me that dreamy 'mmmm' feel against my skin. Actually I couldn't wait to go to bed in it! But first, I had to wash it (I wash most 'next to the skin' clothes before wearing).

        ----- Washing -----

        One of the biggest problems with this sort of garment is shrinkage and/or misshaping. A bit like a thin, soft t-shirt - you never know really until you wash it what's going to happen. This one can be washed at 40 but I use 30. It cannot be tumble dried which is a bit of a pain but I suspect that drip-drying rather than tumbling does help it to retain its shape. I am pleased to report that after several washes this top has remained exactly the same size and shape and still hangs down to the same length as when I first tried it on.

        ----- Fit -----

        I bought my usual size and found it to be exactly right. It is stretchy and it does cling to your shape but it isn't tight at all, so for me is just right for wearing in bed. It has a wide V-neck with button feature and I think it is the most flattering PJ top I have had.

        ----- Colours -----

        Unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately for my purse, given the price) this only comes in two colours - black and grey. I have both now, and if there were more colours I would probably have those too so I think it's just as well!

        ----- Price -----

        As I mentioned above, this is £18 for the top, and the bottoms that go with it are £18 too so it isn't a snip but I suppose its not lots of money and really, the quality you are getting for a medium price range is excellent and well worth it. I haven't had the pyjamas all that long but judging by how this top has survived the washing so far, I expect it to last a fair old while.

        I love wearing it, it feels really luxurious, and when its in the wash I can't wait for it to be clean and dry so I can wear it again. I am only sorry that summer seems to be on the way now so that soon I won't be able to wear it again for a while!

        (Review also appears on Ciao)


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