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Maternity Oversized Sweat

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Brand: Topshop / Type: Maternity Clothes

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    1 Review
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      23.01.2012 20:45
      Very helpful



      Well worth the money!

      Anyone who is a fan of Topshop will know that they currently have lots of slubby 3/4 length jumper t-shirts which are flying off the shelf as they're priced at £16 each which is slightly expensive for a top but still much cheaper than most of Topshop's other clothing. I've got a few of these that I bought last year, and I intended to wear them even when my bump was at its biggest, which it is now, as they are so oversized. I decided in the end though that it would be a shame to stretch them out, and instead decided to purchase this which is the maternity version, as I thought it would fit better and I wouldn't have to worry about it getting mishapen.

      The style of this is very minimalistic, it is basically an oversized slouchy T shirt which has sleeves that go just past the middle of my forearm, they're a little longer than 3/4 length sleeves and the way that they're fitted creates a floaty, almost batwing look which I like, although despite this the top is still flattering. When it's on a hanger, it looks a bit like a nightie, however when i'm wearing it it looks really nice and I actually feel good when i'm wearing it as the fit is relaxed and I feel comfy in it but it doesn't look too slobby or like i've just stuck a nightie on over my trousers, lol. The neckline is quite high with a slightly scooped which I like as it displays my collarbones, I have a bit of an obsession with them so I like it when tops show them, I think it makes the top look that bit more feminine if there's atleast a little flesh on display, but it is by no means revealing. At first I felt a little uncomfortable with the high neck as i'm used to wearing quite low cut tops but I soon got used to it and I think it looks nice.

      The top is very lightweight and it's made of a thin jersey material which is smooth and almost silky to the touch. It definetly doesn't keep me warm on chilly days when worn on its own however when worn under a nice jumper, cardigan or a jacket it gives a nice thin layer which adds that bit of extra warmth. This top is more aimed at summer though in my opinion and it'd look gorgeous with some shorts, a skirt or perhaps over a playsuit on chilly summer evenings. It's a very casual top and it's also versatile. I'm not really getting dressed up in my current state, and I can't be bothered to worry about fashion too much however i've been wearing this top mainly with a nice pair of skinny jeans and some nice winter boots, with either my leather jacket over the top or a nice hoodie/cardi. It's quite a long top and comes just above mid thigh on me so it pokes out under jackets etc which means it covers up my bum which I like as I hate how much weight i've put on with pregnancy.

      The fit of the top is nice, and it's quite floaty so it's not much effort to actually get on. The top goes over my bump nicely and fits well, it doesn't look or feel like it's stretching around my hip and stomach area and it is clear that it's a maternity top rather than it being just a big slouchy top because it fits nicely around my shoulders, arms and chest area. I have found with so many maternity tops that the bust area is too baggy and looks stupid, however this one is fitted just like a normal top would be but with an extra bit around the waist to adjust to the bump. I've got an outie thanks to pregnancy and to be honest I hate it, I always get worried that people will look at it or it will show under a top. I was worried that because of the thin material of this top that it would be very prominant, however it honestly isn't, I think mainly because of the colour which is quite dark - mine's in a nice shade of blue however there are other colours such as red, green etc.

      Sizes available are the usual sizes - 6, 8, 10, 12, 14 and 16. There is also a 'Tall' version available which is (obviously) longer than the maternity and normal versions. I was a size 8 before falling pregnant and i'm now a large size ten. I got the ten and i've found it to be very generous in size, it fits really nicely and gives me a nice shape around my hips and back etc rather than making me just look like a big sack of potatoes lol. The material of this top is: 95% Cotton and 5% Lycra/Elastane. It is machine washable. It washes well at 40 degrees which is the temperature I wash all my clothes at. I've had no issues with it shrinking or fading in colour and it has kept its shape despite such regular wear - this is easily my favourite top at the minute as it's so easy to sling on but still looks like i've made atleast a bit of an effort. It is also very easy to dress up or down - when paired with a nice necklace and bangle and a nice pair of jeans it looks really nice, and when paired with a simple pair of jeans or leggings it looks casual but stylish.

      Overall, this is a nice basic but stylish T shirt. It's versatile, good quality and fits well, so I would definetly reccomend it. At £16 most people will think it is slightly overpriced for a basic maternity top that i'll be binning or passing on once my baby is here, however considering the amount of wear i've got out of it in the past couple of months, I think it was worth every penny.


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