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Miso Jersey Belted Jacket

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Brand: Miso / Type: Jacket

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    1 Review
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      21.01.2011 17:51
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      The Perfect Stylish Winter Coat

      So yet again Im attempting to review all the products Ive suggested to Dooyoo over the last few weeks - they keep putting them on so quickly and Im getting behind hehe. Anyway Ive just suggested another load of clothes for the database so I thought Id try and get this one over with because Ive been meaning to write a glowing review on this 'Miso Black Belted Coat' for a really long time. I found this coat a few months back while I was shopping in Republic but sadly at the time I was looking for a dress and simply didnt have the money to buy this coat as well so you can imagine how upset I was as Id been looking for a new coat for ages. But a few weeks ago I was browing amazon for nothing in particular and I was very pleased and shocked to come across this coat again but this time on sale - a gorgeous coat thats exactly my style that is also on sale? I would be silly to pass up that oppurtunity so I bought it straight away and Ive been wearing it pretty much non-stop ever since.

      Useful Information:
      Price: £10 - GRRR! I paid £20!!
      Stockists: Republic & Amazon.
      Other Info: Available in sizes 6-14. Also available in Nude & Grey - I personally have it in Black like in the picture. This is a fully lined, winter jacket with a belted middle.

      When I bought this coat I assumed it was a mac type of coat which is what I was originally looking for but in reality its nothing like that and I actually much prefer it this way. This coat is black in colour and is made out of cardigan type material - I couldnt tell you exactly what material it is so thats the best way I can describe it - and it is super thick although it doesnt look it on the outside. The coat is double breasted and does have a belt of the same black colour around the waist which you can tighten or loosen depending on your weight - I personally have left it normal but it can be changed if you feel uncomfortable. I always mention that Republics - Miso range is slightly out of whack when it comes to sizing and I never know what size to get so in this case I ordered myself a 10 just to be on the safe side and it fits perfectly. And by that I mean it fits on my arms, shoulders (I cannot stand coats that are too small in the shoulders - it makes me feel like Im hunched over!), waist and its long enough on my body so if you are considering buying this coat Id say go for your average size as it should fit.

      This coat also has rather large collars on either side which I tend to fold down when Im wearing it but they can be pulled up in colder weather for extra warmth which is a nice different feature I thought. The inside of the coat is a very cute polka pattern all over which is lined inside making it 100% suitable for the cold weather as the material is perfect for that and the coat keeps you so warm. There is a large pocket on either side of the coat which are big enough to fit in anything you might be carrying around - although they are slightly higher up than Im used to which did take some getting used to believe me but I didnt find it a major issue. Design wise this is a gorgeous winter coat and size wise it is also perfect for me - its stylish and comfortable I really couldnt ask for more!

      As thos coat is a simple black colour it will match with literally anything - anything in my wardrobe anyway and I havent found an item of clothing that it does match with so far so this is defnitely a wardrobe staple and something I dont know how I did without - if you buy this I bet you wouldnt be disappointed. I do have one very small issue with this coat and that is that it attracts lint like crazy! I hang this up on a hook after Ive worn it and yet somehow dog hairs and bits of fluff are stuck all over it the next time I come to wear it so if you are planning on buying this I would recommend also investing in a lint roller (especially if you have dogs!!) as I think Ill be using mine a lot with this coat but apart from that I cannot find fault with it at all. Ive had mine for a short amount of time but Ive been wearing it nearly everyday and there is no bobbles or wear on it at all so far - so if its anything like the rest of my Miso clothes it is very high quality. A bargain coat that looks great on, fits perfect & matches with everything I own! Highly recommended - get it before it sells out!!

      Thanks For Reading.

      x0 Salz 0x


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