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Miss Selfridges Lime Bandeau Maxi Dress

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Brand: Miss Selfridge / Type: Maxi Dress

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    1 Review
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      03.06.2012 12:51
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      The recent burst of sunny weather made me realise that I wasn't at all prepared to dress accordingly and prompted me into doing some online shopping, although not that I took much persuading!

      Maxi dresses are an item I first bought a couple of years ago when they started appearing in fashion magazines. I love them because I am quite tall, so they tend to compliment my figure really well. Despite this, it can be difficult to find a maxi dress that fits properly in all the right places and hangs at the right length. Because of this I would never usually buy one without trying it on first, but in this instance, I could not resist!

      ** Miss Selfridge **
      No doubt you will have walked past one of their stores at least once as they can be found in most cities and shopping centres. They are part of the Arcadia Group, which stores like Topshop and Dorothy Perkins also belong to.

      Their primary and only focus is on womenswear. It seems their clothing is aimed at younger people but on the whole, there are things to suit everyone. You can find day wear, evening wear, shoes and all sorts of accessories in their stores that accommodate a wide range of sizes (also reflected in their petite range). Their clothing tends to be really on trend and fashionable with a wide variety of styles available, so there is something for everyone.

      ** The Dress **
      I came across this maxi dress while I was doing some online shopping. The bright colour really appealed to me as I often avoid really bright clothing and go for more neutral tones. I love the lime green tone and it caught my eye as it isn't a colour I see around in shops very often.

      I like the bandeau style of the maxi dress, again it wouldn't usually be my first choice but I decided it looked very summery and really worked well with the bright colour. I imagined wearing it with a tan which really swung it for me as the contrasting colours would look great.

      The maxi dress is finished with a black tie around strip of material that sits on the waist and accentuates my slimmest part. I think it finishes it off really nicely and looks lovely against the line green. A concern I had though, was that it wouldn't sit right and the material would crease while it was being worn if it wasn't tied in just the right way but luckily this wasn't the case.

      Another part of the design that really sets this apart from other maxi dressers for me, are the splits in the dress. It has two splits that run up the sides of where the dress sits on my outer legs. It stops at a nice length though, mid way up my thigh, so it doesn't make it too revealing and it is only really noticeable when there is a bit of a breeze as the walk.

      ** Wearing the dress **
      For me, this is the type of maxi dress that can be work from day to day and doesn't need to sit in my wardrobe waiting for a special occasion (although the sun coming out in the U.K almost constitutes a special occasion in itself I suppose!).

      As there is quite a lot going on with the dress, it is perfectly sufficient to wear it alone or with a denim jacket over the top to complete the look. It goes perfectly with some glitzy sandals or flip flops. As the lining material is 100% polyester it is very soft and comfortable to wear and isn't too heavy to wear when the sun is shining.

      The top half of the maxi dress, above the belt, has much thicker material, meaning that you can wear a strapless bra under it discreetly. However the bottom half of the dress poses a slight problem as the material is quite thin, it is almost see through! This isn't really an issue for me and it can be solved by wearing plain or nude coloured underwear but I did expect it to be slightly thicker so this disappointed me a little.

      The outer material is 100% viscose which I have found creases very easily. When it first arrived and was laid out flat, it had been folded but looked like it had been scrunched up! Because of this, when you sit down for a fairly long period and stand up again the back can appear very creased. However, the nature of the material means the creases will drop out as quickly as they formed.

      I have washed the dress twice so far and it comes out really well with no sign of deterioration in the material. Similarly, after being ironed it comes out as new with no bobbling of the material or holes forming in the seams.

      ** Service **
      The speed of the delivery was really impressive. I ordered this after 4pm on Friday and it arrived the following Monday and this was using the standard delivery which costs £4. Miss Selfridge ask customers to allow 2-4 working days for delivery. You can also nominate a day for delivery between Monday and Friday for £5, or £7.50 on a Saturday. If you spend over £60 though, your delivery will be free! Worldwide delivery is also available for an additional charge.

      Items can be returned by post within 14 days and to a store within 28 days. I have had to return items in the past and I have found them to be very efficient, processing the refund or exchange very quickly and the money will usually be credited back within 5 days.

      ** Pricing and Availability **
      This maxi dress retails at £35 on the Miss Selfridge website and it is available in sizes 4 to 16. I have seen it both online and in their stores.

      I feel the price is quite reasonable at £35 and it seems to be fairly standard compared to other similar dresses that they sell. For me it was easily justifiable as I feel it is quite a rare item and something I wouldn't come across again anytime in the future. I think I will certainly get a lot of wear out of it over the coming months, so hopefully I will get monies worth out of it!

      ** Summary **
      This maxi dress is definitely one of the best I have purchased to date largely because of the colour which is a really important factor for me and really sets it apart from clothing that would otherwise be very similar.

      The only disappointment for me was the material that makes up the majority of the dress in that it could be quite revealing if the wrong underwear was worn under it! I would've thought this would have been considered by the manufacturer more thoroughly as it is something I will be checking for in the future.

      I feel the price is very reasonable, particularly in light of the design of the dress as it is quite unusual. It is extremely versatile and can be dressed up or down, making it perfect for both summer days and evening. The leg splits really give it a feel of quality and make it just that little big different.

      I am giving this maxi dress 4/5 Dooyoo stars. It has lost one only on the basis of the see through material that I found disappointing as it wasn't something I would expect from Miss Selfridge and I haven't come across it with their clothing before. On the whole though, I absolutely love the design, colour and how it looks while being worn. I hope I get plenty for wear out of it!

      For more information, visit www.missselfridge.com.


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