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Naomi & Nicole Thigh Slimming Torsette

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Brand: Naomi & Nicole / Type: Underwear

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    1 Review
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      08.03.2013 12:10
      Very helpful



      A great idea, unfortunately let down by the 'lavatory issues'...

      When Mark and I had a special meal out planned recently I decided to do something I've not done in a long time and wear a fitted dress, the problem being that I've piled a lot of weight on in the past eighteen months or so and I generally felt too 'wobbly' under any dresses I tried on in the shops. Spanx were definitely called for, but I could only find the ones which fit like a pair of cycling shorts whereas I felt I needed extra support over a larger (literally!) area - a friend recommended this Naomi & Nicole Torsette as a possible solution, the words 'it'll make your boobs look bigger too as there's nowhere else for the fat to go' being the phrase which eventually sealed the deal.

      I ordered mine from Amazon at a cost of £33 and was surprised at how small the package was when it was delivered, pulling the torsette out I immediately thought that it looked and felt just like a swimsuit - I also thought it looked very 'small', but hoped this would be a bonus due to the fact that it was going to make me as small as itself... although even then I knew this was wishful thinking as there's only so much a slimming garment can do when you have as much weight to lose as I do!

      The torsette is available in Nude or Black, I opted for Nude as I wear such a wide variety of colours that it seemed the most sensible option. The colouring is excellent in my opinion and suits my skin tone perfectly, obviously I only wear it with clothing that will completely cover it but I'm more confident about wearing such an item if I'm certain it's not going to look obvious in the way the slightly shimmery Spanx do if accidentally revealed.

      Have a look at the photo. The torsette actually sits below your bra, for all the world looking like something a wrestler would wear in the days of Big Daddy. The model is wearing a complimenting Nude bra which makes the torsette look a different shape to the item you will receive; it's cut to come roughly a third of the way down the thigh, and has long stretchy shoulder straps which you pull up after putting your bra on and fix the straps as close to your bra straps as possible. Because of the gusset style you can't really wear knickers underneath it and putting them on top makes you look like you're trying to channel Superman - not a good look, so I suggest going commando whilst wearing the torsette.

      It's pretty comfortable to wear, obviously it's designed to be ultra-tight so if you don't like to feel restricted by your clothing then you probably won't like the feel of this (or any other shape control clothing) and I'd recommend you steer clear. It doesn't feel so tight that I can't breath, but it's tight enough that I feel like I'm having to roll myself up into a standing position if I've been lounging on the settee due to the fact that my waist doesn't seem to bend properly when I have it on! Putting it on it easier than I thought it would be thanks to the very stretchy fabric, the main problem (and it's not even a problem really) being getting the thigh section to sit straight and stay where it's put as I hoist the body of the torsette upwards.

      Available in five sizes (from a UK ten to eighteen) you're advised to purchase it in your normal dress size, for me this is a sixteen so this is what I ordered and I'm happy enough with the length and overall fit. It doesn't dig in at the shoulders and doesn't irritate me in the slightest while I'm wearing it, I actually love the feel of tight clothing (hence my love of corsets!) and while this doesn't feel sexy at all it does lend a tautness to my body which I haven't felt for years! Actually yes, it does irritate me - but not in the way you're probably thinking. What REALLY irritates me is the fact that the torsette is so sleek that if I'm wearing jeans with it they tend to slide down as I move, to the point where I can see myself losing them one day and this scary thought has led me to start wearing a belt which I don't usually bother with. This is highly annoying as I hate the sight of people continually hiking their trousers up, and this torsette has turned me into one of those people! Obviously, it's shaved an inch or so off my overall shape but I'm positive it's the fabric which causes this issue rather than the garment making me so much slimmer that my jeans are now too big - it only happens with jeans so I'm guessing it's the (non) friction between denim and whatever the torsette is made from which causes the problem.

      So. Does it work? Well, yes - to a point. It smooths the lines of my body when I wear it and does slim certain areas ever so slightly, I felt body confident enough to wear my dress over it as it controls the 'wobble' and it does push all the fat upwards to create a mammoth cleavage if I'm wearing the right bra. I wouldn't say it makes me drop a dress size or anything as impressive as that, but I'm impressed with how sleek I feel despite the fact that the fat is all still there! The bottom hem of the thigh is ringed on the inside with a slightly tacky rubber which stops them riding up and this works surprisingly well, in all the times I've worn the torsette (probably ten or eleven times now) I've never had an issue with finding the thigh in my crotch or anything like that so thumbs up for this!

      But talking of my crotch, or rather the torsettes crotch, here lies the reason I probably won't wear it too often. Take another look at the photo, then imagine the model with clothing over it. How the hell does she go to the toilet when she needs to? Well... The way it has been designed is that there's a unstitched section of the gusset, it's layered well with fabric so it's not like you can feel a breeze through it - but to go for a wee you need to position yourself over the toilet, work your fingers into the fabric to open up this gap and sit there holding the torsette while you use the loo. Only obviously, you also need to (ahem) open yourself up with the same fingers to prevent yourself from piddling all down your oh-so absorbent torsette. It's just a total living nightmare and I'm always worried that if anyone barged in on me or peeped over the bathroom door they'd think I was a weird type who liked to masturbate in pub toilets! Even being ultra careful you're likely to get at least a few nano-spots of wee on the torsette, which in the grand scheme of things isn't the worst thing that can ever happen to you - but I live in fear of nasty smells and would actually rather die than smell of wee, so I tend to have to strip off in the toilet cubicle so that I can pull the torsette all the way down before going to the loo and re-dressing. Not an ideal solution in a busy pub or restaurant!

      For this reason I can't really recommend this torsette. Yes, it works nicely and makes me feel more confident until I've lost weight but it's a huge effort when the time comes for a bathroom break and I absolutely can't be bothered with it anymore. I think the issue for me is that when I drink alcohol I need to use the loo very regularly and the routine of stripping and re-dressing takes up so much time that I lose most of my evening out in the toilet, for me the effects of wearing such an item just aren't worth the bother so I've tucked the torsette away for 'special occasions' - and frankly I hope to lose enough weight that I won't need it soon anyway.


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