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Neff Blaster Tee

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Manufacturer: Neff / Type: Casual Wear / Gender: Male

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    1 Review
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      27.07.2010 09:00
      Very helpful



      Neff Blaster Tee


      Neff Headwear is a extreme sports apparel company surprisingly located in California. Endorsed by the likes of The Ranger$, Snoop Dogg and Soulja Boy, the brand has been gaining success as of late since its founder Shaun Neff has reached-out towards the Hip Hop community for support in getting its name out there as a bright and bold company which takes on the styles seen in urban fashion with lots of in-your-face designs using predominant bright colours. it has been active since 2002 and has focused upon creating clothing for the skate, snow and surf world to suit all seasons in the Extreme Sports calendar.

      ==Blaster Tee==

      The 'Blaster Tee' came out as part of the summer 2010 range from Neff. Coming only in white, it features a print of some of their brand's characters B-Boying beside a boombox with black and red details. The t-shirt also features a little something extra on the back spread across the right shoulder blade.


      Apparently never off clothes sites, this took my eye when Neff's summer range came in. I was immediately drawn towards the t-shirt. Although I was already into Neff, seeing this gave me more of a reason to be down with them. The design on this one was particularly important to me as the Breakin' poses which they pull is reminiscent of a shirt my mum bought in twenty years ago, in 1990, out in Japan. Apparently Neff have jacked the basic outlines and made them fit in with their face designs. It make for a great effect and is very in-your-face.

      As the tee's graphics were of a great standard, and its boldness grew on me, after a while I decided to buy it. Once it arrived I thought that it was much better than how it looked on the website. It seemed as though it was a marmite top online and could be taken either way, but in person I thought that it was hard to dislike. The graphics may be very large and intense, but they just make it very fun and likeable. On the back a little 'Don't Stop The Music' message is left to give a nice added extra to keep its buyer satisfied with a well-thought-out and put-together t-shirt which should appeal to many.

      The t-shirt is slightly see-through and so is a tap on the thin side, but was still far from the worst I've owned. The colours on it are bold, but it must be noted that the red on the top in real-life is a little on the orange side, but I wouldn't say that this is really much of an issue. It washes well and, as yet, hasn't lost any of its whiteness over its striking contrast with the graphics. It's hard to fault it, and it seems to make for a nice casual item with the perfect colours to give it longevity, whilst bringing back the late eighties/early nineties Hip Hop style.

      ==Where To Buy==

      This particular top can be bought from Karmaloop. The American site will incur extra charges for shipping, but the tee itself is actually just about £16. I feel that this is a very reasonable price for the item. It's a fairly standard price and is rally very affordable. I'd have to recommend it, but be sure to look out for it in the UK first if possible.


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