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Neff Sarge Softshell Jacket

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Manufacturer: Neff Sarge / Type: Casual Wear / Gender: Male

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    1 Review
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      24.04.2010 10:29
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      Neff snowboarding jacket


      Neff Headwear is a extreme sports apparel company surprisingly located in California. Endorsed by the likes of The Ranger$, Snoop Dogg and Soulja Boy, the brand has been gaining success as of late since its founder Shaun Neff has reached-out towards the Hip Hop community for support in getting its name out there as a bright and bold company which takes on the styles seen in urban fashion with lots of in-your-face designs using predominant bright colours. it has been active since 2002 and has focused upon creating clothing for the skate, snow and surf world to suit all seasons in the Extreme Sports calendar.

      ==The Jacket==

      This 'Sarge' jacket came as an addition to the brand's 'softshell' range in Autumn 2009 in preparation for Winter. It finds that they go for a design which takes on the popular military style of recent times as they make a fashionable jacket with the potential to be worn casually if not for actual use with snowboarding (as their brand is primarily directed towards this sport).


      Once Summer came to an end I decided that after having my Schott coat for two years, it was time to have it replaced. After looking around Nottingham to no success, I decided to take my search online but didn't know where to start. By accident, I was made aware of the Neff brand when browsing the internet and spotting some stars wearing it and so it motivated to investigate them further. Lookign through the t-shirts and hats I saw some decent things, but nothing really special and so I forgot about them for a while. Upon having them brought back into my attention and hearing they were a snowboarding brand, I looked again through their catalogue and found their new jackets and this sprang out as one for me.

      Once it arrived (after numerous delays) I have to say that I was extrmely pleased by my purchase and it was immediately apparent that this jacket would be a show-off piece. Although it may appear quite bulky in images and be like a coat, once you have it you'll be able to see and feel that it fits more as a light jacket and so isn't as heavy as you may initially anticipate it to be as a good starter. I expect that it's been done in such a way so as to make it suitable for sporting use.

      As you'll probably be using it as a Winter coat, I found that it served this purpose perfectly as it's something which manages to keep you warm and satisfied when its slightly nippy. As it is so light and the materials used are so carefully picked, it means that it won't make you too hot if you wear it when the weather's playing about with you and its quite versatile in this respect. There's no internal padding and so this keeps the weight down and although you may expect it not to fare too well when the temperature drops, it does insulate efectively as you'd wish it to. One thing that is found inside is a removable powder-skirt (apparently for snowboarding use and so if you're wanting it for this purpose then you might be impressed by making it worked into the jacket's design as a zipped-in feature.

      The thing has many pockets on its exterior and so has good storage. I was surprised to find only one single one within it. However, the many on the outside make up for this very minor issue. I felt that the way they were done made sense as they're all placed in the right parts acroos the chest and down the side, however the ones for the hands are a bit far out at each side and so your better off wearing gloves than stretching around to hide your hands away when its cold out.

      After wearing it for around about six months I can say that it's managed this time well and really hasn't shown many signs of wear at all. Surprisingly the cuffs have managed to withstand any damage and the only potential area you may have pick-out as troublesome is where the Velcro sections of the front pockets seem to have unstitched them self over time a little, but this is only a minor thing. The thing is '1000mm waterproof' and has stood up to these claims without effort and overall I'd say it been the most comfortable coat/jacket I've ever owned. Very little holds this one back, and so I'd have to recommend it (even with the weather improving).

      ==Where To Buy==

      I bought my jacket from Skate USA for $110, and for a what it offers I'd say its well worth the price. I have to say though that I had a bad experience with the place I purchased from as Skate USA seemed to be marginally cheaper (with shipping) than anywhere else I could find it online at the time and it took a good two months before it actually arrived and so UK buyers should look elsewhere if you're keen on getting it yourself. It can currently be found for around $70 if you look around US Extreme Sports apparel shops.


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