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New Era Basic Original Fitted Cap

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Manufacturer: New Era / Type: Hats

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    3 Reviews
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      08.11.2012 09:55
      Very helpful
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      durable and hard wearing

      I used to think that all caps were the same, baseball caps, beenies, bobble hats ect they all covered the head, but no I am mistaken!

      There is a hat for every fashion and a hat for every sport, one for every different music taste and one for street wear. So thinking a cap is just a cap isn't the right way to think so I am told by my grandchildren and their friends and delving into the cap wearing culture I find that this cap New Era 5950 Fitted Cap is more than just a cap.

      Ehrhardt Koch,was the founder of New Era Cap Company he began working in headwear manufacturing in 1902, at sixteen years old and learned the craft of cap making. New Era headwear is developed to serve its many core markets; Action Sport, Children, Corporate, Fan, Performance, Suburban, Urban and Women - enabling the company to meet the demand for headwear for the most unique individuals in the world, each wearing it to express their own style.

      So, theres a brief history of the cap . The caps are made of wool and are a fitted cap which means they fit the shape of the head and will keep their shape, so you have to be careful how you look after your cap.
      If you get it wet it will dry in the shape you want it to, so wearing it when it's wet will mold it to the shape of your head, if you leave it scunched up it will dry all out of shape.

      You can clean it by spraying it with water and rubbing it with a cloth, it is not to be put in a washing machine as it will ruin the shape of the cap. You can't put them in a dryer either as this too will ruin the shape.
      The cap takes the shape of whatever it is put on so if you wet it and put elestic bands round it you will see the imprint of the bands on it when you have dried it, you can get it to be smaller by wetting it and drying it on a coffee cup, but the best way of moulding your cap is to wet it and wear it.

      So, the prices of these incredible caps ... well, they aren't cheap they retail at around £21.99 for a basic original design up to £49.99 for a star wars design. They come in many colours and design so there's lots of choice if your looking for a cap. There's basically a cap for everything your into from street wear to music taste, you'll see these caps on skaters, baseball fans, rappers, R&B singers and lots of other people .

      My grandson loves his and wears it everyday, it is easy to clean and even though I paid £24.99 for it the cap has lasted for over a year now and has kept it's shape although it isn't as bright looking as when I first bought it him for christmas.
      You can buy them online or go to the shops in Birmingham , Cardiff, Manchester, Newport or can buy them at other sports shops that sell them as they are quite a popular brand.

      On the whole they are great caps, not the kind I would wear as I'm too old for such fashion now, but they are trendy for the kids.
      Have fun x


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        24.02.2012 12:14



        The ultimate item in cool

        These hats are the ultimate headgear for any person who likes sports, street dance or for anyone who just likes the look of them. These hats are the most popular and well known of its type and there is no alternative if you want a baseball cap. These hats possess a label that immdeiately makes anyone think wow when you walk down the street.
        The hats are fitted and so you have to make sure you get the right size. The average head size is 7 and a quarter but you can measure your head and use the size converter of the new era website. Alternatively, you can find a shop that sells them and just try a few on to get the right size.
        These hats are of a good price, typically around £20-£25 for a basic one which is made of a normal material but is strong so the hat can last a lifetime (depending on how much you wear it).
        They great thing about it is that the hats come in a range of styles from white to black to green to yellow. You can also buy then in leather or metallic, depending on your style and what you are wearing.
        All of the hats also have on them a gold sticker on the top of the cap. This is something that no one takes off as it shows the authenticity of the cap and just adds to the cool style.
        I would definately recommend this hat to anyone who wants one as they are the pinnacle of city style. A great quality and price mean they are the ultimate in any style icon's wardrobe.


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        16.05.2010 15:52
        Very helpful



        Basic New Era


        New Era is the biggest headwear company in the world and its hats can be seen everywhere. Originating in New York, it has since spread as the official headwear sponsor for the NBA, MBL and NHL sports teams as a maker of official on-field baseball caps, associated branded headwear and casual hats. They have many designs for various needs as they expanded simply from baseball caps some time ago, meaning that their headwear is the most predominant throughout the entire headwear industry.


        The 59Fifty Fitted Cap, also known as the 'Brooklyn Style' cap has become the most popular New Era headwear (over the more casual 49Forty and adjustable stretch and snapback 39Thirty caps). The hat is often associated with the Hip Hop community as a style coming directly out of Brooklyn (in fact referring a style from the New York borough originating in the 1860s). As the style is 'fitted' it means that it comes in non-adjustable standardized sizes from 6 7/8 up to 8, however newer children's sizes have also been developed more recently.

        ==The Basic Original Cap==

        The 'Basic Original' cap dropped as a new design in 2010. Strangely the first time it had been done, it was a hugely-successful line in New Era's catalogue as rather than getting a sporting team's logo embroidered onto it, it has nothing. It's just as the name suggests. The only the latter of the embroidery details that you'd expect on the front panels, back and side is present here as you get just the New Era flag on the side to show that it isn't any old generic cap. Since dropping, the colours available have become now diverse and now you can cop this straight-forward hat design in: Beetroot, Blue Jewel, Bright Royal Blue, Brown, Grey, Kelly Green, Light Navy, Lime Green, Orange Popsicle, Purple, Scarlet, Stone, Varsity Purple and Yellow.


        Having watched as the hats came out, I was initially reluctant to go out and get a cap of its type when for just £5 more I'd be able to get one branded with a team to make it stand out. Although this may be the case, as time passed on it became more obvious that a plain cap would stand out more than your typical MBL one simply because you'd expect for there to be something there. Taking all this into account, a couple of months after the first stream, I went and copped a Royal Blue one because I hadn't had one of its colour in quite a while and the rest of my wardrobe was becoming increasingly blue.

        Once I found one my size and in the specific colour I wanted (when at the time you could only get 'Air Force Blue' or 'Royal Blue') I got it immediately. Upon arrival I thought that it was a nice and fresh addition to my collection and would fit right in with the rest that I've got. Surprisingly, I'd choose this one to wear out more than my other blue ones simply because it doesn't have any other colours to force you to match elsewhere and so is very straight-forward in this respect.

        The fit on the cap is nothing special as it fits just as well as any other from their regular 2010 cap range. Having said this, it's amongst the best that you're going to get anywhere and so it's bound to satisfy any other person who knows what a fitted cap should feel like on your head (how it sits and how it should hold onto your head in certain parts.

        ==Where To Buy==

        I bought my Royal Blue one off eBay for just £20 and you can find some others from there for the same price. The official New Era website has the widest range of colours than other suppliers as you can also find it in places such as Yukka, Amazon and Chemical Records too. The official website sells them for £21.99 and elsewhere you'll find it cheaper, however you may not be able to get the size or colour you're looking for if you do so.


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