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New Look Black Piped Trench Coat

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Brand: New Look

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    1 Review
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      12.03.2013 11:26
      Very helpful



      Black piped trench coat

      The Coat
      = = = = =
      I was recently in my local New Look store (as always) returning something I purchased online and just before going into the store I noticed a nice coat on one of the mannequins in the window so as well as returning an item I thought I would look at the coat as well. I actually saw this coat on their website a few days before visiting the shop as I loved the look of it. I do currently have at least 4 jackets, how-ever 2 of them are gilets, one is a summer coat and I have a very warm winter jacket. This coat looked the perfect coat for the mild weather we have recently been having as sometimes I get hot wearing my thick winter jacket. Although I saw this coat in blue on the New Look website I decided to try the black on and this is the colour I ended up buying. This coat is a trench style coat which is tailored and has a lovely feminine shape to it. It has structured piping along the seams to match the colour of the coat and it also has a waist cinching belt which gives the coat a nice shape when wearing it. The coat also has large black buttons on the front which you use to fasten the coat. I thought that the black coat would go with a range of different outfits which is why I purchased this one. The coat does have pockets on either side of the coat and these do up with a black plastic zip. This is good as it means anything you put in them will be kept secure and won't fall out. The pockets don't really seem that deep but are big enough for a mobile phone, keys or a small purse. The coat looks like it is good quality and also looks like a nice coat to wear. It looks quite smart and would look with practically anything. I am normally a size 10 in jumpers so I decided to purchase a size 12 coat which would give me room to move about if I wore a thin jumper underneath the coat.

      = = = = = = = = =
      I purchased the coat from my local New Look store but you can also purchase it from their website as well. The coat is available to buy in Navy, Black and Cream and costs £34.99. I liked the look of the cream coat but I didn't think the colour would be a good idea as light colours tend to show up dirt very quickly. The coat comes in sizes 6-18.

      Wearing the Coat
      = = = = = = = = = =
      The coat fits really nicely, especially when worn over the top of a midi dress which is what I wore it with when going out one evening with my boyfriend. The coat is a nice length and comes just above my knees and it fits and looks really nice on. Although the coat isn't that thick it kept me feeling warm and rather cosy. The thing I love about the coat is that if I do decide to take it off, it's really light to carry and doesn't weigh my bag down if I put it over my bag to carry. The material the coat is made from is quite soft so feels and looks nice. I don't really use the pockets for anything but these unzip easily and can fit small items in such a mobile phone, money or some keys and because the pockets zip up you know the items won't fall out when out and about. The buttons to the coat are easy to do up which is how I prefer to wear the coat as it gives a much better shape than it would if the coat was unbuttoned. I always use the belt to the coat as well as it helps to give you more shape around the waist area and looks as though the coat is almost tailored to suit you. The sleeves are a good length and aren't too long but at the same time aren't too short either. As I choose a slightly bigger size in the coat to what I actually am it means the coat wasn't too tight around my arms and there weren't any restrictions when moving my arms about. The coat didn't feel too tight under my arms and fitted perfectly. Although the coat is perfect for wearing day & night I have actually only worn it during the evening at the moment as I like wearing a warmer jacket during the day with all the cold weather we have recently been having. The coat is very waterproof so I wouldn't wear it in wet weather. This coat is dry clean only and cannot be machine washed.

      Overall Opinion
      = = = = = = = = =
      I'm really glad I purchased this cost as it looks great with a number of different outfits and keeps me warm on days when the weather is more mild. I have obviously avoided wearing the coat in the rain as it's not waterproof and I don't want the coat ruined. I would definitely recommend this coat to others, especially if you are looking for a coat to go with a few different outfits. The coat is really good quality and I haven't yet come across any problems with the coat such as buttons coming loose which I often find with some coats and jackets. The coat is thick enough to keep me warm on chilly days and looks great with practically anything. I wear the coat mainly when going out for a night out on the town as this looks good with a dress or skirt and heels. When the weather eventually gets slightly warmer I will be wearing the coat a lot more. Although the cost is warm it's not really warm enough to wear during the winter or cold weather like we are having at the moment. The only downside to the coat is that it is dry clean only.

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