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New Look Smart Work Trousers

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2 Reviews
  • Good fit
  • Wash well
  • Slightly cheap shiny material
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    2 Reviews
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      14.05.2014 11:13
      Very helpful


      • "Wash well"
      • "Good fit "


      • "Slightly cheap shiny material"

      Reasonably priced work trousers

      My work insists on a smart dress code which usually involves me wearing trousers or skirts with a blazer. I don't like to pay a lot of money for my work clothes but at the same time I do want to look smart and professional. I normally buy them from either supermarkets or high street stores like New Look because as far as I am concerned black trousers and skirts are just black trousers and skirts and they are pretty much all the same. The only big difference is in the quality of the materials and though you can tell that they aren't the best material the ones from New Look aren't awful and they look the part. The only thing that really sets these trousers apart from more expensive ones is that they are slightly shiny looking which does make them easier to brush off and keep clean but it does make them look a tiny bit cheap. They are a really nice colour of black which does show up things like dog hair and lint but the slightly shiny material makes them so easy to brush off so I can give my dog a cuddle and not worry that I will be taking half of her to work with me.
      The fit of the trousers is really good too. They fit nicely on my waist and hips and are slightly tighter on the thigh so that they look more fitted than some. They are looser on the bottom because I buy a bootcut. I like the bootcut so that whatever shoes or boots I wear fit in them well and because I wear a heel they don't drag along the ground as there is nothing I hate more than seeing the hem of trouser legs looking tatty from being dragged along the ground.
      The trousers wash really well and don't shrink or lose their shape. They don't lose their colour either. Ironing them is easy because they don't really crease all that much but you do need to be careful to make sure and not have the iron too hot or otherwise they can scorch because of the material.
      The trousers only cost 12.99 so I think they are really good value for money and well worth buying for work. Some people might be put off by the cheaper material but for that money I don't mind because they still fit the bill for smart work trousers.


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      16.07.2011 14:21
      Very helpful




      Every one needs a good pair of black trousers! They are just a wardrobe-musthave, whether it be for work, school or just going out...everyone needs a pair in their wardrobe.

      When I needed black trousers for school, I always got mine from New Look and had no problems with them. So I would consider New Look to be one of the best places for black trousers.

      I was recently in need of a new pair of black trousers for work and so off I headed to New Look where I came across these black trousers.
      I tried them on - they looked good and so I paid the £9.99 for them.

      To look at the trousers are quite 'normal'. They are made from...I don't know how to describe them really...but the material is quite shiny. There are 'iron lines' down the front of them. Now when I was in school, I would have said a 'big no' to these trousers - I used to think that they were the kind of trousers grannies used to wear, although now that I have matured a little bit (!!), I can see that these trousers actually do look quite good! They also have a nice flair!

      ~ * However * ~

      After around two washes I could see that this trousers were going down hill; not in a 'they've got holes' kind of way, but in a way that the got baggier and baggier.

      Now you expect things to shrink in the wash, but I think these trousers were actually getting bigger and bigger and more flare-ier - so much that I felt a bit untidy wearing them to the office.

      Whilst they fit me in the shop - they seemed a perfect fit (fastening them was ok, and they were just the right size!). However whilst the 'legs' of them got bigger and bigger, the waist also started to get bigger and bigger, and so they kept falling down - not just a little bit, but a lot, so much that I thought 'I could imagine these coming down!', which annoyed me a little bit, as I had to keep holding them up while I walked around.

      This was also annoying because it meant that they had 'changed' since the last time I had worn them. They fitted fine before, and then as soon as I washed them it felt as though they were about three sizes to big and I needed a belt, but because they had been ok when I had worn them the first time, when I put them on a second time, I didn't think to wear a belt as I didn't know that they were going to increase in size.

      ~ * Value For Money * ~

      When I bought these trousers for just £9.99, I was impressed with them as I thought in the beginning they looked really good for the price. Also, when I used to be trousers for school from here, they used to cost around the £8 mark, cheap yet they always lasted a really long time - but perhaps the price has stayed the same, but the quality has got worse!

      I wouldn't recommend these trousers!

      Thanks for reading!
      July 2011


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