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Salvatore Ferregamo

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    1 Review
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      06.07.2003 22:42
      Very helpful



      I've known Salvatore Ferragamo for about 10 years. The first time I saw it when I was studying in America. When I arrived in London, I was a bit suprise that I did'nt see much of Ferragamo products. I guess this brand is more popular in American and Asia. Maybe. I love Ferragamo leather goods. I'm really into shoes and bags at the moment (Like most women are! *giggle*) and I can say that I just cant get enough of Ferragamo. I have 6 pairs of their shoes and 3 of their bags. I am very satisfy with it. Thats why I decided to write a little bit about Ferragamo in Dooyoo...my favorite place to find out new stuff from real people! SALVATORE FERRAGAMO Salvatore Ferragamo is an Italian shoe-maker. He moved to America and studied engineering there. After a while, he started to make shoes for Holywood people during his era and known as "The shoemaker for the star". Not long after that, he returned to Italy and continue to improve his shoes skills and produced some new innovation in shoes. Not long after that, he became the symbol of Italian shoes. Of course his productions increased. He employed about 700 people to work for him and produced hand-made shoes (at that time). His loyal customers are included Duke and Duchess of Windsor, Sophia Loren and Audrey Hepburn. Now, the legacy of Salvatore Ferragamo, has continued to his grandchildren. Until today, the quality and the exclusivity of Ferragamo design is stayed still. FERRAGAMO DESIGN This is the part that hard for me to objective. I dont know why but I'm not really keen with new brands. But I prefer something that has been around for a while (the older, the better). But one thing for sure that Ferragamo design is classic. It is an item that can last for a long time. My mom have a pair of their heels that she bought about 5 years ago and its still looks trendy. Eventhough their shoes design are classic, but its not so serious. In fact, I
      think it looks extremely feminine. It is a great style for a woman who wants to looks classy, but still feminine without looking too girlie. Its proved when my sis-in law just started a new job and I sent her a Ferragamo office bag where she can carry her files. She just loved it. Because its looks really different than the boring black cases (Its blue!). As well as their handbags. Most of their shoes came with the matching handbags (of course, you can buy it seperately). There's many colours and style to choose from. The best part is, you can mix and match them up. For example, they have office bag, night bag, or casual bag with the same pattern only different design. So if you like a pattern, you can find the bag that you really needs. Same as shoes, you can choose either court shoes, or slingback or sandals with the same pattern. This way, give a real benefit for me (as someone with a very limited budget!), I can buy a pair of their shoes and buy the matching bag that really suit me and my age. Basically, this brand really spoils their women customer. THE QUALITY As I've mentioned, Ferragamo has a loyal customers of well-known people. No doubt that their quality is absolutely wonderful. Everypart of their leather goods are exquisite. The lining and the soft leather are great combination for quality products. Their handbag is not only desirable in design but also it's really well-made. I have worn their handbags everywhere and the leather still stunning. It is strong enough to carry all my lectures text books and also a loyal shopping companion. Their products doesn't look "too much"....but you can see a touch of luxury in it. Thats why it looks classy. You dont need a big brand or logo in it, but only looking at it, people will know that it is a well crafted goods. Their shoes are so well constructed. I think Salvatore Ferragamo did wrote a book about his passion with shoes. So we talking
      about someone who knows shoes very well. Their heels are steady and strong. They're using many kind of material to make it meets their standard. To make it short, Ferragamo quality is not something to be questioned. ME AND FERRAGAMO Well....it is clear that I'm crazy about this brand. I think the main reason is because everytime I enter their store, I can find a shoes that fits me really well. Why??? because I have a wide feet!! *sigh*. It took me a long time to find a shoes or sandals that can fit me without killing my feet (dont start with sexy sandals, that not only kills my feet but my legs too!!!). Usually, I ended up with masculine looking shoes, such as loafers (moccassins). But in Ferragamo, they have shoes for everyone. Their shoes has A, B and C lettering after the shoes size. A is for narrow feet, B for medium (the lucky people!) and C for wide feet like me. Usually, I hate shoe shopping, but this time, I went nuts, trying all styles they have in the shop! I bought one of their "Killer heels" for fun (just because I think my feet looks pretty in it!)....I thought I will never wear it, but when I had a date, I decided to wear it (especially, his not my type, if my shoes killing me, I have a reason to leave....*hehe*). But I was wrong, I felt so comfortable wearing 3,5 Inches heels. Something I never did before! It is also fine when I have to take the stairs and running trying to avoid the rain. Now, I love wearing heels, not only for date, I wears it with jeans too. So, its not a mistake for me if now I owned 3 more of their high heels...hahaha.. My bags are also perform verywell. I had one unique shape of Ferragamo handbag (half moon) and its still looks a lot better than my Prada bag. Prada might be popular, but its not my favorite brand, because its too modern, monotone colours and its ran out of style easily (not worth the price I paid for it). But very innovative design though.
      The chain and the golden tone in one of my bag are still the same and didn't fade. The leather shows the quality of it, its became softer and the texture is still the same. The one that makes me proud is my wallet/purse. The Ferragamo symbol (like horse's shoes) makes others curious, its add an "exclusive" looking to a simple design purse. WHERE TO GET THEM Enough said about Ferragamo, where can you buy it?? It is available in big department stores like Harrods and Selfridges, their boutiques are in Sloane street and Bond street, London. For extra savings, you can snap their shop in Heatrow airport duty free. Sssshhhh....this is a little secret, Ferragamo has factory outlet in Bicester Village Outlet Shopping. My favorite shopping place!!!!. Ferragamo outlet there have quiet many collections that you can choose. Some of them are past season, but since Ferragamo never goes out of style, it is not a problem at all. While you're in there, dont forget to get their beautiful silk scarves with very affordable price!! To learn more about Ferragamo, you can visit their website : www.salvatoreferragamo.com


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