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Select Basic Ribbed Vests

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Brand: Select / Type: Vest / Available: Various colours

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    1 Review
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      28.01.2011 20:20
      Very helpful



      Bargain Vests That I Couldnt Live Without.

      When it comes to buying plain tops for everyday use I really dont see the point in spending loads of money. Lets face it a simple, coloured vest is the same whether it costs £1 or £50 but I still am quite picky about the style of fit of the top even if I am paying bargain prices for them so whne I was searching for my latest lot I went to a lot of different stores and finally settled on these 'Select Basic Ribbed Vests' because quite simply there were the best fit and style for me. And Im very glad I made that decision because since I bought that first lot Ive been wearing them all the time and I doubt Id ever buy vests from any other store because these are the best on the market in my opinion and probably the cheapest Ive found so far - bigger price doesnt always mean your getting better quality.

      Useful Information:
      Price: 2 for £5 - Ongoing deal.
      Stockists: Select & selectfashion.co.uk
      Other Info: These topes really do come in any shade you could ever need both bright and more neutral colours so any shade your looking for can be found in this range. Available in sizes 8-16, machine washable & in ribbed, scoop neck style 7 are obviously sleeveless, vest style.

      *I personally have these tops in: Black, White, Blue, Red, Grey, Yellow, Navy & Pink - told you I loved them! And I prefer to buy them in s size 10 simply because that is my average size and that size in these tops fits best - a bit larger so they cover my bum better but very fitted nonetheless.*

      So these vests in reality look just like it does in the image - depending on which colour you decide to buy it in anyway. The vests are quite long and ribbed all the way down - which basically means the have little ridges long-ways all over the front and back - the ribbed style doesnt really add anything for the look overall but it saves the design from being so plain I think. Obviously this is in vest top style which means instead of sleeves there are just little straps either side but the thing I like most is they arent tiny spaghetti straps they are actually quite chunky which makes them more comfortable and more suitable to wear in both summer alone and winter underneath a jacket. The front of these are quite low cut which can mean a fair bit of clevage can be on display but not so much that you look slutty and theres no fear of falling out of the top so theres no issues there.

      The vests are quite fitted on the chest and back area on me but slightly larger where I personally need them especially on my bum so they are fitted but not tight in the slightest - these are the perfect fit for my figure and everyone will be able to find a size that really suits and fits them. These are comfy enough to wear all day without the material annoying my skin or them becoming to uncomfortable so they are really perfect for everyday wear they are comfy and cling in all the right places - and are baggier in the places that need a little extra coverage. That fit is perfect for me because I often wear these with jeggings and if a top doesnt cover my bum I feel like theres way too much of me on show!!

      As I own so many of these tops that I wear all the time theres no way I can comment on a particular one all the way through this review but as I own so many there isnt an outfit - a casual/day outfit anyway - that I dont wear one of my vests with whatever time of day or year that might be. These are perfect for summer alone with a skirt or shorts but are great for winter as well with jeans and layers they are very versatile and at just £5 for 2 different colours the price is well worth it because of all the reasons above plus the fact that they last me ages. I tend to buy new ones after about 6 months but only in Black because that colour fades quicker than the rest - my Grey shade Ive owned for about a year and it is literally only just starting to bobble so these are very high quality in my opinion.

      Cant recommend enough - I wont be buying plain tops from any other range. Thanks for reading.

      x0 Salz 0x


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