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Select Brown Faux Fur Gilet

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Brand: Select / Type: Casual Wear

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    1 Review
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      04.12.2012 21:05
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      Excellent item of clothing that goes with most outfits

      Since the weather has turned colder I have been buying myself some new winter clothes, as I was having my son last winter I didn't really bother buying that much so a lot of my stuff is looking a bit shabby now. I was recently browsing in my local Select when I spotted a model in the window wearing a lovely brown top and over it was a Brown Faux Fur Gilet, the faux gilet is not really the sort of thing I would normally go for, however it looked so nice with the top that I decided to try it on, I actually ended up really liking it and purchased it as it was the sort of thing that would go with a lot of different outfits.

      The Select Gilet as the name suggests is mainly made from a mottled brown faux fur, this is darker towards the bottom of the strands of fur and lighter towards the ends. The bottom of the gilet aswell as the neck and the arm holes are edged with a dark brown ribbed fabric, there is also a pocket either side which is also edged with a chunky band of the dark brown ribbed fabric. The gilet fastens with a gold zip which goes the whole length of the gilet, when fastened to the top the neck is quite high and has the appearance of a role neck style, another feature of the gilet is the leather strap and gold buckle which can be fastened around the neck should you require, personally I never wear this and do not have the gilet done up around my neck, but that's just my personal choice. The lining of the coat is made from a shiny dark brown material which is comfortable to wear over the fabric of any other top you are wearing.

      The Faux Fur Gilet comes in a range of sizes including 8, 10, 12, 14 and 16, I'm not sure if it came in a size 18, most of Select's clothing do range between size 8 and 18, however online 16 is the largest it goes to and when I purchased mine there were only a few left in the shop so the full range was not there. With this gilet there is not a lot of 'give' in the material and it is quite restricting, I tried on my usual size and found that although it fitted fine with thinner tops underneath or a thin jumper, however with a thicker jumper underneath it would not have been overly comfortable so I actually went for the next size up, this felt much more comfortable over my thicker chunkier jumpers and did not leave me feeling overly restricted.

      The washing instructions were not something I looked at when I purchased this item and when I got home I discovered that it is dry clean only, I probably should have guessed that with the material it is washed from but it didn't even cross my mind really. Personally the gilet being dry clean only isn't exactly practical especially as I have a 6 month old son, however so far I haven't had any problems with it and when it does need cleaning I will just have to get it dry cleaned, until then I will just be extra careful to keep it clean.

      Obviously I purchased the Brown Faux Fur Gilet from Select as I have already mentioned, it is currently being sold for £15.00, however when I purchased mine a while ago I'm sure I paid around £20.00 to £25.00 for it, however it was quite new in when I bought mine so I can only assume it has now gone down in price. When I purchased mine at the slightly higher price I did think it was a fair price and still do as I have had a lot of wear out of this, it is something I can wear in most situations whether its everyday wear or an evening out making it well worth the money.

      Since purchasing the Select Brown Faux Fur Gilet I have had a lot of wear out of it I find it goes with most outfits and is suitable for most occasions as I have already mentioned. To wear, the gilet is extremely comfortable and despite the lack of sleeves does actually keep me warm, I have never been one for wrapping up with loads of layers, although I will if it is really cold so the gilet is perfect as it keeps me warm without giving me that bundled up feeling of loads of layers, personally I find the gilet is the ideal thing to wear when out shopping, some of the shops are so hot that wearing a coat is too much and I end up taking it off, only to have to put it on again when outside, with this I do not get too hot in the over heated shops and do not have to keep taking it on and off again. As I have said I do not normally go for this sort of thing and am definitely against wearing real fur and would never ever consider it, however the faux fur gilet allows me to wear what is on trend without going against my principles, I wouldn't say that the fur looks that realistic and you could tell its fake, however it is still of an excellent quality and looks good. Overall I would definitely recommend the Brown Faux Fur Gilet from Select and it I have been extremely pleased with it.


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