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Select Mocha Stripe Jumper

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Brand: Select / Type: Casual Wear

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    1 Review
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      17.11.2012 23:25
      Very helpful



      Im glad I kept the receipt!

      When the weather started to get colder I decided that I needed to go out and buy some new winter tops and jumpers, as I was having my son last winter I didn't really buy any new clothes, just the odd top to see me through and then I just made do with what I had so a lot of my jumpers are looking a bit shabby so I decided to was time for some new ones. I decided to have a look in my local Select, I don't buy a huge amount from there but they do have the odd nice thing in and are reasonably priced, also they have had several things in that I have liked lately. After having a look around I spotted a few jumpers I like one of which was the Mocha Stripe Jumper, it was ideal for what I needed, suitable for everyday wear, but could also be dressed up if needed.

      The Mocha Stripe Jumper has quite a classic style, when worn it comes to around about the bottom of your hips/ the top of your bum, obviously depending on how tall you are, it has long sleeves and a round neck, I generally do not wear high necks and tend to go for lower necks, the neck on this jumper isn't what I would call a low neck yet it is not too high. The jumper has large chunky horizontal stripes in mocha and cream colours, these go around the front, back and sleeves of the jumper, the jumper has a hand knitted appearance and the stripes are done so that they look as though they blend into one another. The Mocha Stripe Jumper also has a bit of added sparkle in the form of small gold coloured sequins woven into the wool of the jumper, these sparkle slightly as you move, however this is not over the top.

      When I purchased the jumper to be honest I didn't really look at the washing instructions, I didn't look at these until I had worn it and was ready to wash it, it turns out that this jumper can only be washed by hand and cannot be tumble dried either, I followed the washing instructions and washed the jumper by hand and then left it to dry naturally, to be honest I'm not keen on washing by hand as it is a hassle, however I didn't want to risk putting it in the machine so did what the label told me to.

      The jumper comes in a range of sizes including 8, 10, 12, 14, 16 and 18 which is standard for Select, when I purchased mine there were only a few sizes left, I am usually a 12 when it comes to my clothes, however the closest size they had was a 10 so I decided to try this and was pleased to discover it fitted perfectly, the style of the jumper does make it a little less fitted meaning you could probably get away with a smaller size.

      As I have mentioned I purchased the Mocha Stripe Jumper from Select, this item is also available on their website, however I personally decided it would be easier to go into the shop to buy it as I could then try it on. The jumper is sold for £16.00 which personally I thought was quite good value for money as I have seen similar products in other shops which are a lot more expensive, however I needed to see how well the jumper lasted.

      The first time I wore the Mocha Stripe Jumper I was really pleased with it, it was comfortable to wear and ideal for everyday use, I actually wore a vest top under mine as it is not the thickest jumper ever and I felt a bit cold wearing just the jumper, however wearing another top under it felt very comfortable. As I have said I was pleased with the price of the jumper and liked the fact that I would be able to wear it in various situations, however my main problem came when I washed it, as I wore the jumper more I noticed that the wool was starting to look pulled, it hadn't bobbled but it looked like someone had sat and picked at the wool and pulled at all the fibres, I hoped that this would sort itself out after I washed it (by hand) and any loose fibres would be removed, however as I left it to dry I noticed that the wool looked even worse but was hopeful that it would dry ok.

      Once the jumper was fully dried it looked terrible, the wool still looked as bad and rather than looking like a new jumper which had only been worn a couple of times it looked like it was years old and had been worn continuously.

      Needless to say I was very disappointed with this and returned it to the shop and I got a replacement jumper which was similar, I think I would buy this jumper again should they get some more in as I was probably just unlucky and got one made from a bad batch of wool, however I think I would still be worried about how well it would wear. I'm not sure whether to recommend it or not, on one hand I would as I did really like how it looked and the style however the experience I had with mine has put me off a little, I would say if you do buy it keep the receipt just in case


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