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Solid Gold Bomb Distressed Union Jack Fine Jersey T-Shirt

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2 Reviews

Manufacturer: Solid Gold Bomb

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    2 Reviews
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      14.07.2011 19:19
      Very helpful



      Retro Type T Shirt

      I initially bought this for my boyfriend, but in the end i ended up keeping it for myself as i love the design!

      The shape and fit of the t shirt is very basic - it's average in length and comes just below my waistline. It has a small scoop neck which is quite tight around the neck and has short, t shirt length sleeves. The design is a union jack (blue, white, red) with a 'distressed' faded look to it, making it that bit more edgy and overall it's quite an indie/retro design

      It does have more of a 'mans' fit (seeing as it's a mans t shirt!) and is quite tight around the hip and waist area when worn on a bloke - my boyfriend only wore it once and found it to be a bit too tight even though i got the XL! He's definetly not fat either but is quite bulked up from the gym, so i'd reccomend maybe getting a size bigger then your true size to be on the safe side.

      The t shirt is lightweight and is 100% cotton so very soft and comfortable to just put on with jeans or shorts. It is aimed at men but obviously i'm a girl and i love it! Since buying it however i have tailored it to my taste and made the scoop neck much more low cut and cut off the sleeves. On a man i would imagine this would look best fitted rather than baggy. I also think it's aimed at the younger market - perhaps 15-35.

      Although i bought this T shirt from amazon, it is actually an american apparel product which was designed back in 2001 so i'm guessing an amazon seller is selling the old stock for them. I paid £16 for this which is on the expensive side but at the end of the day all american apparel products are slightly overpriced, i personally think it was worth what i paid as it's so comfy and the design is pretty versatile.

      When i bought might there were lots of sizing options to choose from; XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL. As it was originally for my 14 stone boyfriend i got an XL, but as i said before i wear it myself, so it's really baggy on me but that adds to the cute vintage look. I don't think it makes me look silly as it is not an obvious male item of clothing in my eyes.

      I have had this for over 6 months now and it's lasted well. It's still soft and comfy, the only downside is that the print on the front is starting to fade a little and it's not quite as dark as when i first bought it - it's more of a dark blue now than a black.

      Overall it's casual, comfy and looks good. It is currently out of stock on amazon's website so i'm unsure as to when it will be available again for purchase for anyone who is interested, but i am sure there will be other suppliers.


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      07.08.2010 22:31
      Very helpful



      Check your facts, Buy a Jack (Union).

      'Brash', 'unfashionable', 'racist'. These are just some of the words used to describe the 'Union Jack t-shirt', and it is no secret that there is a lot of mud being slung at the flag-sporting garment right now- it seems everyone has an opinion. But, before you make up your mind, allow me- a keen Union Jack t-shirt wearer, who loves this t-shirt- to dispel some of those common misconceptions, and answer some of the most frequently asked questions about this t-shirt that I received whilst I was writing a column for 'T-shirt Quarterly'.

      "Isn't it true that only racists wear Union Jack t-shirts?" Becky, aged 16, Dundee.
      False. Being patriotic is not the same as being racist. Union Jack t-shirts are actually worn, and could potentially be worn, by many people. From proud British citizens who don't want to wait for people to ask to see their passport to let them know they're British, to sports fans at athletics events.

      "I have sensitive skin. Is this t-shirt for me?" Andrew, aged 22, London.
      Good question Andy, and I am pleased to say that, yes, this t-shirt is for you! The shirt is actually made from 100% cotton and so wont enflame even the most eczma-ey of skins.

      "Didn't the Union Jack emblem go out of fashion when Geri Haliwell wore that dress at the BRIT awards?" Mike, aged 32, Sussex.
      Now, it is true that the Union Jack emblem did experience a significant decline in fashion circles after the 1996 BRIT awards, where Haliwell sported that dress. But, much like Gary Glitter's media coverage, after the drop in the nineties, the Union Jack's popularity experienced a big increase in the 00's.

      "I am a little on the large side. Will I fit into this t-shirt?" Chris, 16 Stone, Cornwall.
      The t-shirt actually comes all sizes, from 'S', all the way to 'XXL', so you shouldn't have a problem getting into it.

      "As a rule, I don't like to spend more than £4.93 on any one item. Can I still buy this t-shirt?" Viggo, aged 20, Hammersmith.
      Sorry Viggo, this particular shirt actually RRPs at £19.99 so a little out of your price range- even if you were to stumble across it at a charity shop or car-boot, where it would be sold at at least £5. I think your best bet is a swap shop, or failing that, a cheap 'blank' t-shirt and some red and blue markers.

      "I like the idea of wearing a flag on my torso, but the rest of my clothes are old and vintage looking. Could I still wear this shirt?" Karl, aged 38, homeless.
      Well, Karl, you needn't worry, this shirt is actually printed using the 'distressed look', so the t-shirt actually appears older, and more worn than it actually is. So, I'm sure it will go great with your look.

      "I am having trouble with my drive. I am just not hitting the Golf Ball as far as I'd like to. Any tips?" Steven, aged 45, Manchester.
      Sorry Steven, this is 'T-shirt Quarterly'. I think you're looking for 'Tee-shot Quarterly'. Easy mistake.

      So, there you have it. I hope I have managed to shine a light on some of the myths surrounding the U.J. shirts for you. Because really, the Union Jack shirt IS for everyone, and I would highly recommend it. And who knows, perhaps one day we can live in a world where the Union Jack wearer is not 'unfashionable', or 'racist', but a human being.


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