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Soul Cal Deluxe Bird Print Playsuit

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Brand: Soul Cal / Type: Womens Casual Wear - Playsuit

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    1 Review
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      12.05.2012 14:28
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      A play suit I grew to dislike

      The Soul Cal Deluxe Bird Print Play suit is from Republic and retailed at £26 when I bought this but I'm currently unaware of it's current price. We can't get this in our Republic store in Grimsby any more and just having a look now it isn't on their website either not even in the sale, so the only place you'll be able to buy this now will be on Ebay and other second hand selling sites. The material of this is a very light thin cotton type material but because of the shade of blue the material is you can't see through it thankfully, because the material is so thin it makes wearing this very light weight and comfortable to wear for long periods of time. On the material is printed a very nautical theme which includes simple sale boat shapes, anchors and ropes. The prints are really simple nothing too fancy but effective nonetheless. This is printed all around the play suit covering the front side and the back of the item. I found the prints on the material very appealing which is the main reason why I bought this play suit, with the dark navy colour of the material the white and red boats really stood out and in the shop I was instantly drawn to this.

      When I saw this it was on a mannequin and I must admit if it wasn't on one I probably wouldn't of even looked twice at it because it didn't look as flattering just hung up on the rack. This play suit has been designed to really pull in at your waist giving you a brilliant and flattering shape, my first thought then I looked at this was this will look ace with my curves! The neck line is a steep V neck this makes your bust look great alone with the loose wavy arm holes that come just over the shoulders both together make you feel like you can breath and still have plenty of room to move because the arm holes are large going down your armpits. from the bust to the waist down the from this does up with several material covered buttons, these are quite small so they are a little fiddly to do. The legs of this are wide and frilly making this look like a dress when your stand upright which is nice but then great in the wind when this doesn't blow up because it's actually an all in one. The best part about this is the back part, this is what brings it in to fit your shape, it has a stretchy back in the middle, but over the top of that is crisscrossed over lapped laces, this you adjust and tie up however tight or loose you want it, the tighter you have it the better your curves look.

      This comes in sizes 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16 and 18. Not sure if it goes any higher. I bought the size 8 version of this because it looked quite big. Trying this on I was right it was big but I had no trouble getting this on like I have done other play suits with similar straps like these but because of how long the buttons come undone it makes it easy to get on. It was a little awkward to do the back straps up but I always had this done as tight as I could get it done up which looked amazing, it really enhanced my figure like no other play suit has been able to do before. There is the obvious downside to wearing a play suit, especially on a night out. Going to the toilet. You of course have to completely strip down and sit there just in your bra! making it a very chilly toilet break. However you only have to undo the buttons and slip this down you don't have to undo the back straps which is good. Also I've noticed that getting ready fast and trying to speedily do these buttons up, just doesn't work so take your time when trying to get this on.

      What to wear with this? This is something I struggled with, I never knew what to team this up with. When I bought this I used to wear hair extensions because I have shoulder length hair and if I didn't have them in while wearing this, because I'm covered in big tattoos I looked... well I didn't look as straight as what I am. So I always had to wear them with this play suit. I always wore a long bust length necklace like an owl or something similar. I always worse this with dark tights, I don't like play suits with just bare legs, on me I think it looks dreadful. I worse these with shiny brogues as well, altogether the outfit was nice enough for an every day casual outfit, I never wore this on a night out because of it's awkwardness, I didn't fancy sitting in the pub toilets just in a bar in the cold with a massive Que outside waiting for me to hurry up!

      Overall, this play suit is more appealing to the average looking girl you see these days, I'm not a trend follower but I loved this when I saw it unfortunately because I don't buy most things from high street shops I really struggled to find anything to wear with this and for me after a while I felt like it was just an average piece of clothing that didn't really stand out like it did at first sight. The poor thing has been lost in my heaps of unworn clothes in my chest of draws and probably won't be bought back out for a long time. The design and quality of this is still really nice which is why it has a high rating, but I've just grown over time to dislike it.


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