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Stylee Hair Accessories

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    2 Reviews
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      03.12.2009 23:57
      Very helpful



      if you have hair go buy one

      Hair stylee - style your hair with stylee!
      Basically two hair combs with covered and decorative elastics attached to each that enables you to hold your hair in place. You can buy them in a variety of colours and materials and also beadings and bows.

      I first saw these on a shopping channel on TV and although impressed I thought they would never stay in my hair and were a bit expensive. I have extremely thick hair and have for the last 3 years or so wavered between trying to grow it and oh my goodness I am sick of it cut more off ...

      I can now put most of my hair into a short tail (will not call it pony because it would be an insult to them) - and I took a deep breath and spent some money on the stylee website and ordered a 3 pack which was very reasonable with free postage and packing - ordered Monday and they came first thing Tuesday - very impressed.

      I picked one out for my sister as a little gift as she has long hair and uses and abuses hair elastics daily and tried my own.

      Great guns, a product that actually does what it says. With a little bit of practice it is quick and secure and very comfortable to use.

      I have had a few compliments as well and my little stubby tail can curl up beneath the decorative material blissfully unnoticed now.

      My sister looks lovely with hers in and already has been following the different styles on the instructions and she is delighted with it.

      It is comfortable and versatile and can be very dressy, but most of all it has saved me saying "chop it off" - who knows, maybe I will get a pony tail in the end!


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      07.04.2006 12:09
      Very helpful



      Easy to fix hair accessory

      I was given my first Stylee over a year ago. What is it, you ask – well, it’s a hair accessory and, in my opinion, one of the best inventions for years. I expect many of you have seen this item shown and demonstrated on television, and I have to admit that the first time I saw it was on QVC – although it doesn’t seem to have appeared on there recently.

      The basic design seems to be very simple – two curved combs joined together by strips of decorated elastic. This, I have to admit, is the most effective item for keeping unruly hair in order and I only wish that I had thought of it first! As I have very fine hair I have always suffered when, for instance, the weather changes unexpectedly. The slightest sign of dampness in the air and my hair can do anything from going dead straight to kinking into waves – either usually exactly the opposite of what I wanted at the time. A hint of snow in the air and my hair becomes full of electricity and will stand on end – not a pretty sight I can assure you!

      With a Stylee I am once again in control. Within seconds (yes really) I can change the style of my hair and look tidy at the very least. My hair is of medium length (between shoulder and chin) and I have a choice of styles ranging from totally ‘up’ to just fastened back. You need no other grips or pins or elastic bands, this one accessory does it all – and with style.

      Having, in the past, put my hair up by other means, I was concerned that it would be uncomfortable. I can state that it isn’t and I can wear it all day with no discomfort at all – and no worries that it will dislodge and leave my hair descending and me totally embarrassed. You can even lean back against the back of chairs etc. without any discomfort or ‘things’ digging in – OR finding that you’re ruined your hair if you happen to be out somewhere.

      As I said, I was given one of these but I found that the colour wasn’t suitable to wear with every outfit, so this week I decided to try and find more. Knowing that I had seen it originally on QVC that was my first destination but I was not lucky as they seem to have given up selling them. Not to be outdone, I searched on-line and found the Stylee website. This was extremely helpful as I found that I could buy directly from them.

      There is a good variety to choose from with different fabrics, colours and styles. There are special styles for special occasions – weddings etc. and they make smaller styles for little girls aged four upwards. These have smaller combs. I would add that the Stylee can be used at any age and for most lengths of hair (obviously not very short – but you probably wouldn’t want to anyway). As long as the hair is long enough for the comb to grip you can use it. My sister has short hair and it stays in place successfully.

      I chose to buy a set of three Stylees from the ‘Special Offers’ at a cost of £15 which also included first class postage. The normal single price for these is £8.99 each from the stock designs, more for ‘specials’ such as Wedding Ivory and Wedding White which are £11.99. They will also make them from your own fabric if you wish.

      I ordered my three on Monday and they arrived first thing on Tuesday – certainly not a service to complain about. Included in the parcel was a leaflet showing other designs available including some at the reduced price of £5.99 and one showing nine various hair styles you can do. I have to say that I am very tempted to buy more already!

      I hope that you will find this interesting and thank you for reading.

      The address of the company is:
      The Stylee Company,
      PO Box 2018 Brighton Road.
      West Sussex, BN43 6RE (England)

      Website: www.stylee.com


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