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Superdry Men's Windcheater Jacket

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Brand: Superdry / Type: Men´s Jacket

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    4 Reviews
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      06.02.2013 17:25
      Very helpful



      A fantastic stylish and warm coat well worth the money when found in the sales.

      I always like to be prepared for every season so in the summer I have a waterproof light jacket, blazer type jacket and an all purpose coat. For the winter I needed something to go with my smart duffle coat and my snowboarding coat (this one is great for the icy winds!). I wanted a coat that wasn't too thick but would provide a reasonable amount of protection from the coastal winds and guard me from the rain. I had heard of the Superdry jackets from other people being told they were great at keeping them warm, so I decided to look at them, initially the price was offputting but I do not regret the purchase.

      I looked on the Littlewoods website where I found Charcoal, Black, Grey, Pink, Blue and then choices of stitching colours including jade, orange, blue and white. I opted for the grey with green stitching as I thought it looked a little different with most people buying black; I also found this colour in the sale at only £59.99 so was very pleased as they are often upwards of £79.99 in most high street and online retailers.

      Superdry are a British clothing retailer part of the Supergroup PLC which actually shocked me when I found this out as I thought they were Japanese due to the labelling in the clothing. Their aim is to combine American style clothing with Japanese style graphics; they have been producing clothing since 1985 and have branched out worldwide. Obviously any brand name synonymous with Bieber and Becks is likely to be popular but the price tag is mid range along with other brands such as Hollister and Diesel.

      My jacket arrived in the usual plastic see through bag then inside an opaque bag. I was a little disappointed as I expected the more expensive clothes to be wrapped a little better, and equally not left behind my bins! However, I opened the parcel and the coat seemed to have survived the journey.

      I immediately tried the jacket on and found that it come up a little oversized but this is fine for the winter as I like to wrap up warm with jumpers etc. I bought a mens coat as they usually are less fitted for the purpose of being warm and got the coat in a size S (I am a ladies size 10). The outer of the jacket is the charcoal colour with stitching across the shoulder blades and the superdry logo on the shoulder. The outer material is 'ripstop' nylon which rustles when rubbed and feels rather scratchy but you don't notice it when worn. There are two zip pockets with mesh polyester lining, the lining matches the stitching colour which is green; they are very spacious fitting in wallets, smart phones, lip balm and keys. The inside of the jacket matches the pocket lining and is the same mesh which is very soft and comfortable to wear even when in a t shirt.

      The cuffs have an extra elasticated layer inside the sleeve shell which is thick and soft designed to keep the wind from going up your sleeves, there is also a thumb hole in each for extra warmth and style. On the outer cuff there is an orange rubber Superdry logo stiched with clear wiring type material. The same material is also lining the collar which makes the coat soft and warm when the zips are pulled to the top and the collar would come over the mouth. The outer collar is slightly padded but there is no hood on the coat which makes it look better and more suited to wearing a hoody underneath.

      The most unique part of the coat is the method of fastening, there are three zip panels! I think the three zip panels allow the coat its windcheating feature. There are two zip panels one over the other then one offset to the left, somtimes the feature can be a little annoying and I end up zipping the wrong panels together. It often causes problems when I am at work and in a rush but for the windproof factor I do find the coat very useful and I am always warm.

      I have had the jacket about six months now and of all this time through the gale force winds and snow I have been very warm and toasty. The jacket does not let the chilly wind through and I only find my face and legs wanting to fall off through the chill. I find the cuffs fit nicely with gloves to trap the heat in and with a scarf on the coat does not have to be zipped up your face.

      After my cat getting into bother and having to rescue her with the coat on I have put it in the washing machine and the coat has not changed at all; the colours are still as bright and the material just as good as first bought.

      The coat looks great and is very stylish; wherever I go people always ask about it and some laugh at me due to the zip issue. The zips are a little fiddly but they are fit for purpose, also the coat does give way in a downpour but only venture out in the showers and you should be okay.

      In the sale at £59.99 is a price that can't be sniffed at!


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      25.10.2012 22:35
      Very helpful



      Zip-happy and breezy, but looks great.

      I must have missed the amendment to the legislature making it obligatory for every male in the UK under the age of 50 to own one of these. Don't get me wrong, I can totally see why they're so popular - but there's got to be a point where something's a little too ubiquitous, hasn't there?

      As a rule, I like Superdry. I don't like the prices so much, but generally, I find their clothing to be of a good quality - it's hard-wearing, looks good and tends to stand out from the rest of the high-street apparel. At least, until everyone else is wearing it, that is.

      As I say, it's easy to see why the Windcheater's such a popular item - it looks great; the built-in second layer hugs tight around the neck to block out winter chills, and the whole thing has Superdry's familiar close-cut finish and faintly offbeat styling to it. Generally, their clothing sits somewhere between Americana and the Orient, and while this one's harder to pin down, the styling's great.

      I have my quibbles, though - at £65, I expect a quality garment, and this isn't quite up to scratch. The inner layer only actually extends an inch or so beyond the neck area and sleeves, meaning that while these areas offer plenty of insulation, the rest of the jacket is a bit thin and breezy. I'm not sure there needs to be 742 zips on the garment, either - generally, I get by on one or two. There must have been a job-lot to use up at Superdry HQ.

      I guess the bottom line is that this isn't a hugely practical jacket, but it is a looker. Don't take it mountain-climbing, as it's very much style over substance - but there is considerable style here, so if that's what you're after, this is a winner.


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      21.10.2012 23:45
      Very helpful



      Am I kept dry? Super!

      I'm not a big buyer of jackets, I normally only have two, one for the summer and one for the winter. Unfortunately, i adorned my old winter jacket to attend to a jump start in a rainstorm. In the dark. The resulting mix up of cables and an exploding 12 volt battery rendered my then jacket with more holes than a colander. So with the winter just around the corner, I choose to finally buy something with a designer label. Liking the look of this Superdry Windcheater jacket, I bought it on line and found I was pleasantly happy with the money I had parted with. Here are my thoughts on this snug and smart wind cheating coat.

      --Super Branding, Super Pricey, Super Dry--

      You wouldn't believe it, but despite the American styling and Japanese designs of their clothing, Superdry is one the brand names of Supergroup PLC, a British fashion company based in the humble surroundings of Cheltenham, Gloucestershire. Over the last few years they have become a major designer label all over the world, rivaling America's own Hollister Company brand with a range of T-shirts, jackets and hooded tops. They have dedicated branches all over the UK, mainly in the larger towns and cities, with a flagship branch in London's regent street. Just take a look around the next time you are wandering your local shops, and you are bound to see at least one item of Superdry clothing, they are very popular. This popularity also comes from a bit of naff-ness about it, the bright colours and logo, but mostly from the high quality materials. I must admit, it is very comfortable clobber.

      As with most designer labels, it also comes with a heavy price tag. I say this, but in all honestly it's not the most expensive with this range of clothing. Some items are ridiculously expensive, but for the most I would say it's just above reasonable. Any clothing range with the celebrity endorsement of the likes David Beckham and squeaking teen crooner Justin Beiber is marketing gold, and for Superdry, it's made them continue to grow and grow.

      --Price and Packaging--

      Coming to you in a simple Superdry emblazoned polythene cover, I would have expected a little more in the way of protection, but it did seem to keep it clean and dust free in storage and transit. This plastic is also fully recyclable and easy to remove from the jacket itself.

      Apart from the branded stores, Superdry clothing is not readily available in just any clothes retailer or department store. A few large chains stock selected items, and I got mine from the on-line Littlewoods catalogue shop for around £70. I paid slightly over the odds because of the installment payment system Littlewoods have. You can buy this jacket from the official Superdry website for £65. I found this out afterwards of course. Live and learn!

      --Design and Comfort--

      This jacket is of a comfort fit style, not loose or tight but just right, particularly in the torso area. Be wary however, Superdry clothing seems to be naturally smaller than standard sizes, so I brought an extra large when my actual normal size is just a large. It fits perfectly. Its layered with an outer nylon based shell material which Superdry call 'ripstop' fabric, which is extremely light but strong too. It has a kind of crunchy texture, but is not rough or irritating to the touch. The inner layer is not a fleece-like material as expected, but a soft mesh polyester. I was worried about this on first glace, but it's actually very comfortable and easy on the skin. These layers are attached together with quality stitching, but still leaving the inner layer free to move around within the outer layer. The neck line and cuffs have an extra double layer of thick ribbed fabric, the cuffs have thumb holes too or as I incorrectly assumed, watch holes. This is different than the material on the rest of the coat, and is more of an slightly elasticated cotton mixture, as to hug your wrists and neck. All this is quite comfortable with no itchiness or annoyances to speak of. There is also an outer ruff on the neck line too, but no hood. The jacket is machine washable on a cold wash too, but is not suitable for tumble drying or dry cleaning.

      On the front alongside the two zip-up pockets, there are three zips, one of each layer of fabric. Two are in the center, and the outer one is outset to left side. The middle one is matched to the secondary colour of the jacket, which is a nice little bit of design. These zips are a tad over the top I feel, because it can be fiddly to do the zips up easily with so many fobs hanging from the teeth. The middle one also has a tendency to stick, and doesn't attach smoothly enough for me. Elsewhere, the design colouring and general shape is good, with a bright and well embroidered Superdry logo on the front left front shoulder, and another alternative logo on the back right shoulder. It also has a mark of authenticity in the form of a small rubber tag on the right cuff. These design traits are a sort of trademark of Superdry jackets and coats, and makes it look modern and stylish. My jacket is in a light blue, but other colours are available such as yellow, white, pink, red, green and more, with the base material always in black. This makes for a good selection, and makes this jacket appeal to both sexes and across an age range.


      With all the impressive talk that the company officially give about this jacket, does it really keep me warm and comfy, but more importantly, stop the wind-chill from getting in? On the whole, yes. The outer shell is wipe clean, withstands the odd scuff without damage, and provides a good break against the wind. The inner mesh gives a very nice feel, warm but breathable. The cuffs are useful, and the neck ruff can be zipped up smug, but again without being too tight. I also love the design as a whole, the graphics are eye-catching but also familiar to modern fashion. This make you feel a little better whilst walking down the high street. Mostly I can only speak of positives about this jacket, but I do have a few small issues.
      The zips are, quite frankly, a bit silly. It's not a dry-suit after all, so they all seem to be present merely out of a quirky part of the design. If the middle one was missing, the jacket would feel even better, and lighter too. I also wish it had inner pockets, but because of the mesh inside this would be tricky. The zip fobs, while quite fun, are again a little over the top for me. It;s of course not completely waterproof neither, but doesn't claim to be anyway. Shower and splash resistant only.


      While you may be able to pick up a slightly thicker and warmer jacket with a lower price tag, this is a fine contemporary item of clothing, which is not only functional but fashionable too. The lightness and flexibility combined with the apparent robustness and warmth of the materials makes me think that £65 is a justified price indeed. Washable and stored easily too, this is a jacket I recommend fully. Great for casual or sporting use, but could also be used for trips out or as an overcoat.

      Thanks for Reading. © Novabug


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        07.03.2012 09:28
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        A fashionable yet practical jacket

        I was looking for a new jacket but I am extremely fussy with what sort I will wear. I want something fashionable but preferably not the same one that every second person is wearing as if I am spending a lot of money on something then I would rather it and I stood out and not fade into the background.

        The other thing is that although I do want something warm I hate jacket that are too big and make me feel claustrophobic. There is also nothing worse than wearing a big jacket in winter and going up town and going from shop to shop with it on and feeling as though you are sweating and can't breathe.

        I had a look in all the shops in town I couldn't see anything that I liked and in the usual high street stores such as new look and topman the jackets all seemed to be cheap and low quality this year. Even the more expensive jackets in the House of Fraser weren't really all that inspiring and were mainly black or grey. I already have a black jacket for work and I was looking for something a little funkier for wearing on my days off. I had nearly given up when I was visiting my mum and having a browse through her littlewoods catalogue and saw a Superdry jacket that I immediately loved.

        ***** Superdry*****

        Superdry are an apparel company that specialise in vintage inspired Americana clothing with ultra-modern Japanese styling. Bizarrely they are actually a British company founded in 2003 that started off with concessions in larger stores but due to their quick rise in popularity they now have standalone stores across the country as well as continuing concessions in larger department stores and on several online sites. The company is now so successful it has even been listed on the London stock exchange.

        *****The jacket*****

        The jacket doesn't appear to have a name unlike the majority of Superdry jackets and was just listed in the catalogue as being a hooded windcheater jacket.

        The reason I was drawn to it was because it was so distinctive being completely covered in a camouflage design. I had assumed from it being called a windcheater and from the picture that it would be quite thin and light and not really suitable for winter wear. As I bought it at the beginning of December I thought I would probably have to put it away until the milder weather was with us but when it arrived I was pleasantly surprised to see that it was fully lined and would be ideal as a winter jacket as although it was lined and warm it wasn't overly thick and wouldn't cause me any discomfort wearing into town and going in and out of warm shops.

        The material of the jacket is a nylon/polyamide. This is really closely weaved and is waterproof even on the wettest of days. Inside is lined in a really soft fleece material which is nice and warm and feels comfortable on my skin when I am wearing just a t-shirt underneath.

        There is a fabric collar on the neck for comfort and warm which isn't waterproof but thanks to the design of the jacket it is completely covered with the waterproof material when the jacket is zipped up.

        The design of the jacket is really good and as well as the funky camo design there are a few other cool little touches. The cuffs on the wrists are separate to the rest of the jacket and have thumb holes. When you have your thumbs through the holes the cuffs slide down to cover the majority of your hands and it looks and feels as though you have some fingerless gloves on. This not only looks really good but it does help to keep my hands warm when the weather is cold.

        One other design feature which looks great but is a bit of a faff is that there are actually three zips to close the jacket instead of one. This serves no practical use other than looking good but it can be a bit of a pain when I am trying to get the jacket on quickly. Considering just how many zips there are I was expecting Superdry to go mad with the pockets but there are actually only the two on the side of the jacket. These are a good size though and fit my wallet and phone with no problems, they also have zips for added security. I would have liked an inside pocket as well but suppose you can't have everything.

        The good thing about this jacket is that it isn't just a fashionable jacket but is also practical too. Although it keeps me warm enough if the weather is really bad and there is heavy rain the jacket zips up to just under my chin. There is then a hood which can be secured via Velcro straps under my neck giving me almost complete protection from the rain with only part of my face visible to the elements.

        There are also toggles to tighten the hood and the bottom of the jacket to make 100% sure that you don't get wet.

        Of course the jacket has the Superdry logo which is stitched into the back of the jacket along with the Japanese writing. This is done in white so is very noticeable against the dark green of the camouflage. A cool little detail which I have only just noticed whilst writing this review is that the Japanese writing is also incorporated into the zip toggles which does look very funky.

        *****Price and availability*****

        As I said I first saw this jacket in my mum's littlewoods catalogue where it was priced at £100. Now to be completely honest £100 for a Superdry jacket is not a bad price especially considering just how well made it is but I know littlkewoods tends to be over priced so I went home and had a look online to see if I could find it elsewhere cheaper.

        I ended up buying it from Very.co.uk which seems to have the exact same products as littlewoods but at a cheaper price. From Very the jacket cost me only £80 which I think is a bit of a bargain for this particular jacket.


        I love this jacket. It not only looks great with jeans and trainers and is really fashionable and funky which is what I wanted it for but thanks to the fleece lining and waterproof materials it is also really practical for the great British weather. I also think that it is so much better quality than a similar priced jacket from new look or topman would be. I have bought jackets from there before and had the stitching come loose and for them to basically only last one winter. I have barely had this jacket off my back since I got it and in that time it pretty much still looks like new.

        Maintaining the jacket is simple too as you can easily put it in the washing machine as long as it is on a cool wash and then you just let it dry naturally and that's it. You can't iron it but it doesn't need it as the material doesn't crease. I have a ginger cat who sheds his hair like crazy which usually end up on my clothes, the bonus for me with this jacket is that the hairs don't stick to this jacket so I know I can just grab it put it on and leave the house without having to worry about brushing it down.


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