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Topshop Croc Clean Biker Jacket

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Brand: Topshop 7 Type: Jacket

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    1 Review
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      20.08.2012 13:22
      Very helpful



      a decent jacket from top shop

      The croc biker jacket is currently for sale in store and online at www.topshop.com for just £55 which I think is a bargain when it comes to buying a jacket from top shop, they also offer 10% student discount here so you'll be able to get it a bit cheaper too. Top shop is the only place that I could find that offers a punky leather jacket range without hoods that isn't too over the top and tacky. This comes in sizes 6 - 16 and is currently only available in black.

      The jacket is faux leather which is why it is at the cheaper end of their range. I'm really happy with this because I don't like clothing items which are made from animals so this is perfect for me. Instead of leather this is made of 100% Polyurethane and has been embossed in a crocodile quality according to Top shop. This means that the material is slightly creased and looks slightly worn but in actual fact it is not. This is quite thick but thought nothing of it but great for the winter months in the shop. This is lined as well. There are two zips on the sleeves which start at the cuff, they do undo but it doesn't leave a gay, there is material underneath it. There are two pockets at the from. This is collarless as well. This does up by a cross zip at the front of the jacket.

      The first thing I thought when I tried this on is that it's really thick, thicker than my other faux leather jackets. I noticed that this is very well fitted as well. I purchased a size 8 and when putting this on it's has really thin arms so it fits tightly but in a snug way not an uncomfortable way although this says to me that it would be hard to maybe wear a cardigan underneath. I sometimes like to have my sleeves of leather jackets to the elbows because this provides enough cool air to keep me warm and not have to take my jacket off, there is just enough room to pull these up to my elbow but the lining turns inside out when I do this and I have to poke it back into the sleeve which is time consuming and frustrating especially when I'm hot.

      This doesn't have a collar but it does have a little bit that sticks up which is only a few millimetres but it's annoying and every time I go to fold it down I can't. So it may as well have one because at least then I would be able to move it out of the way. Doing this up and I realised that this isn't quite cropped but it is short. It comes to my hips and it is fair to say that it did look longer and I would of preferred it to be a few inches longer than it is. When doing this up it's really easy but I struggle to zip this up at my chest but that is through no fault of the jacket. When this is done up it is very hard to unzip these pockets and you can get next to nothing in them as they aren't very deep, You can get a bit of money in there and maybe a bank card or a small phone but nothing else.

      Wearing this is really comfortable and this jacket goes with anything I wear so I don't have to worry about it not going. There isn't any room to put a cardie on underneath and because of the lining and this being so fitted it makes me too hot and if I'm walking it makes me really sweaty too which is horrible because there's nothing I can do about it. Overall it is a nice jacket and one that should prove to be helpful in the up coming winter months however I feel I'll be cold to start with and then end up being too hot.


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