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Topshop Faux Leather Bustle Back Dress

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Brand: Topshop / Type: Dress

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    1 Review
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      01.02.2012 14:24
      Very helpful



      beautiful dress but one that hasn't stuck with me.

      The Topshop Faux Leather Bustle Back Dress is an eye catching beautiful dress, I saw this in the last chance to buy section of Topshop there was one left in a size 6 I was so disappointed because I was only nearing an 8, but I decided in the end to get it anyway because I'd regret it if I didn't buy it despite it not being my size. This is a tight fitting dress and you can see that just by looking at it, it has flared shoulders that stick out and are pleated, the neck lin curves around the bust so you can see cleavage but not all of your boobs. this has a strap that goes behind your head and across your shoulders to keep the dress in place because this is backless, it is backless until about your hips and then it has the same style as the shoulders but bigger at the bottom making it stick out, pleated and look really pretty. This dress isn't very short but it isn't long either, it comes between high thigh and mid thigh length.

      The material of course is not real leather but it make to look leather, you can feel from the first touch that this isn't leather but they way it looks is very good considering it isn't real. I expected it to feel tacky and awful when touching it but it actually wasn't that bad, it was cold though so I looked inside and was relieved to see that it was lined so it won't make me skin really cold. I haven't seen anyone wear this in Grimsby or anywhere else in fact which is strange, but I know they now sell variations of this dress with studs and what not and I think they are more appealing to the average Topshop dress than this one.

      As far as I am aware this is sold out on the website and is no longer sold in store, I haven't seen many of these one ebay either is is very strange however this was £50 but the lady at the counter gave me it for £45 because she knew how skint I was but how much I stressing about getting this dress which was nice of her. I can imagine anyone would wear this for anything other than a night out, it would be weird and inappropriate to see someone casually down the street in the dress. So, this is my experience ona night out with the Topshop Faux Leather Bustle Back Dress:

      First off, I lost a bit of weight before even bothering to try this dress on. Although I was an 8 I could get the 6 faux leather dress on comfortably. Getting ready I usually do my make up then my hair then get dressed do my shoes grab my things and leave, so after I had my face done, and my hair was in place i got the dress. The dress does have a zip down the side from the hip to the armpit, but because of the back strap I found this easier to step into and wriggle up me. The material is lightly stretchy so I pulled it up really easy and with it having no back is was even better. However I had to wrestle the back strap over my head which ruined my hair! I decided I couldn't be bothered with that every time I wear it so I actually cut the £50 dress's back strap off and my friend was horrified at what I had done, although it made the job a hell of a lot easier. My boobs were very squashed,I couldn't wear a bra with this because it was backless, a see through one would of looked tacky, so I didn't wear one, I had to lift my boobs up and it made them look if I do say so myself amazing. Then there was the zip, this went up fine until half way got stuck nipped my skin and I had to sort of bend over to zip this up which was hilarious, serves me right but getting a size to small eh?

      Walking around in the dress was fine and sitting down I had enough room to be comfortable in it, although this rode up a lot and every 10 minutes or more I would be pulling the dress back down and de wrinkling it again, also because it was a size too small, my back looked all squashed and a bit fat but there was nothing I could do about it at this point because I was already on my way out, I wear long extensions and the shoulders because they stick out they kept flicking my hair up and this was annoying too, I wasn't too keen on the shoulders with this on because I felt like I was in a cheesy out of space costume. The lining inside did keep my skin from getting cool from the outside material but after a while I started to get really hot and felt like I was over heating and at the same time my hair flicking all over the place.. I was not happy. Going to the toilet however was very easy which might sound weird but it was easy to just lift the dress up and easy to pull it back down again even though it is skin tight, so I was pleased about that. I did get many compliments about the dress which was my intention especially when I didn't know the people, it was very creepy having men coming up to me.

      So after a disastrous night of wearing this dress, I had to get it off. Bearing in mind I took the back strap off so really all there was to undo was the zip and slip it down, however I was massively drunk I'm surprised how I managed to get home on my own but I have recollection of getting there however undoing the zip it got stuck most of the way and I just yanked it down without fear if breaking the zip because I just wanted to get it off and I just ripped this down and flung it across the room.

      So now what do I do with it? Looking back at the pictures from the night before and You could see my curves, with no limps and bumps I looked how curves should look and my bust area did look great, However I am small and I did have flats on so this would of looked better with my in heels, the shoulders annoyed me even though I cut the back strap off this never made a different to how the dress fit me. I decided that I didn't want to wear the dress again because of the complications I did have but it was enough to give me a confidence boost and help me lose more weight, my sister decided she wanted it so she bought it off me for £30 and I must say that I looked a lot better in it than she does.


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