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Truffle Shuffle Edward Scissorhands T-Shirt

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Brand: Truffle Shuffle / Type: Printed Women's T-Shirt

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    1 Review
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      05.04.2011 15:21
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      The Original Edward!

      Twilight is kind of like Marmite isnt it? Some people cant get enough - to the point of obsession it seems and other people cannot stand it. I happen to fall into the 2nd catagory - Sorry Twilight fans of Dooyoo LOL. I havent actually watched the films or read the books so I suppose I cant say its rubbish but the idea has just never appealed to me, I just get get what people are so obsessed with about those movies so as I havent watched the films I dont know anything about them other than some people are 'Team Edward' and some are 'Team Jacob' which I always thought was so stupid until I saw this t-shirt. As soon as I saw this 'Truffle Shuffle Team Edward Shirt' I fell in love as it is the ultimate poke at Twilight and it did make me giggle - so I bought it straight away. Im definitely 'Team Edward' ... Scissorhands that is!!

      Useful Information:
      Price: £24.99 + P&P
      Stockists: truffleshuffle.co.uk - This top isnt available from stores as far as Im aware.
      Sizes: Available in Medium, Large & Extra Large - The other sizes are coming back into stock, thats sizes Small & Extra Small - although you'll have to wait a bit longer if those are your size.
      Other Info: 100% cotton & this top is machine washable - although I recommend doing it on a low setting as I wouldnt want the image on the front to fade.

      *The sizing on Truffle Shuffle depends on the piece of clothing but they have a size guide for each thing e.g - the size guide told me that size 8-10 women like me will benefit from buying a Medium size in this shirt which I did. Thankfully that fits like a dream so the size guide is very accurate - follow it, even if you think its wrong!!*

      As with buying anything online you want to know whether it looks as good in real life and in my opinion this one actually looks better - so what you see isnt as good as what you get which is brilliant! The t-shirt is black all over which is ever so slightly faded to add to the design - it doesnt make it look old though its distressed enough to make it look casual and comfy without looking like youve washed it too many times. The faded look actually makes the design look much better in my opinion so the longer you own this the better it will look - that hardly ever happens with any clothes! The fit of this on me is brilliant as it is tight in some places but baggy enough to still feel comfortable and casual - which is the whole reason I bought it. The sleeves go down about mid way between my elbow and shoulder and they are quite fitted but you still have enough wiggle room and no hunched over feeling. The neck is rounded so it comes up a little higher than most tops I wear but its nice to cover up a little bit sometimes and the bottom is long enough to cover you stomach without riding up and just sits nicely over the waistband of my jeans - the perfect fit for me really so Im glad I followed T.S's size guide.

      And on the front is the main image of the top. It has an image of Johnny Depp dressed up exactly how he is in the Edward Scissorhands film - with the wild hair and pale face - it looks just how he does in the film and above and below that image are the words 'Team Edward' in creepy, olden style writing which fits the style of this top perfectly in my opinion. The image is in white which means it stands out from the black shirt really well and is instantly noticable. Now some tops Ive bought with words/images on them like this one have ended up peeling off after a few washes so they arent really wearable anymore but I havent had that problem with this one so far. The words and image are sitll as they were when I bought this - around 2 months ago - and Ive worn and washed this loads since then so I cant see it peeling or falling off anytime soon. The design and fit of this short are gorgeous I think and Im so glad I found this one! The quality seems very good to me so far as it hasnt faded any more than it was at first and the image/words are still intact so Im very happy so far!

      As the colours on this shirt are very neutral it means it can be worn with any style of clothing and pretty much any colour - Ive been wearing this with loads of stuff since I bought it. I prefer to wear this on a more casual day with jeans and a leather jacket as I think it suits that style best but I dont see any reason why this couldnt be worn with heels on a night out - it is better for casual days but it can be dressed up a little bit if you wanted to wear this out at night. Its a very versatile shirt which I have to say I wasnt expecting when I bought it - maybe wearing this to the pub next time is a good idea hehe - Ill be more comfortable than usual anyway!!

      I cannot recommend this highly enough - for people who love or hate Twlight as its a really cute shirt that I wear all the time. Its versatile and very comfortable and has a brilliant design - nothing bad to say about it at all. Edward Cullen - who's he? And yes I did have to Google the Twilight characters name hehe. Highly recommended - Ive had so many comments on this and all of them have been good!

      Thanks For Reading.

      x0 Salz 0x


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