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Truffle Shuffle Ladies Page Tea Girl T-Shirt

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Brand: Truffle Shuffle / Type: Ladies Printed T-Shirt

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    1 Review
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      05.04.2011 21:31
      Very helpful



      Be A Page Tea Girl!

      For ages I never bought anything from Truffle Shuffle. Id browse the site all the time and always see it in the celeb mags - a lot of celebrities buy the clothes of this site so I reckon most people will have heard of it. But as always once I started buying their clothes I just couldnt stop - there were so many I liked and the tops are always amazing quality so I just keep buying more - who doesnt want to dress like the rich and famous but on a budget? This 'Good Times Page Tea Girl Top' was my latest purchase from the site which I bought around a month ago simply because as soon as I saw it I fell in love. This top is so quirky and retro that I had to own it - and I cannot recommend it highly enough to others!

      Useful Information:
      Price: £20 + P&P
      Stockists: ONLY available from truffleshuffle.co.uk - their clothes are only available online and as far as Im aware they arent sold in any stores.
      Sizes: Available in Extra Small, Small, Medium, Large & Extra Large - so everyone will find a size to fit them in this design.
      Other Info: This top has been 'papped' on Danielle Lloyd & Sam Faiers - if your interested! It is made from lightweight 100% cotton, is pre-shrunk for a fitted feel and is suitable for machine washing - although I recommend only washing it on a low setting to ensure no fading/peeling of the words/image.

      *Truffle Shuffle have their own size guide for each garment eg. in the case of this top I was told that women who are size 8-10 should buy a Small so thats what I did and it does fit like a dream - I definitely recommend following their size guide as they do know what their talking about.*

      When buying online you want to make sure what you see on screen is what you get in real life - thankfully this shirt looks just as good if not better in real life so what you see is 100% what you get! The main body of this t-shirt is a pale pink colour - very girly and something that attracted me to this instantly. The colour isnt faded at all but for some reason this just looks comfortable - thankfully it actually is - but it does look very comfy and the exact type of top I was looking for, for a casual day out shopping. The cotton material looks very high quality and feels very soft against my skin - although because the material is so soft and fluffy I can only say wash and iron it on a very low setting because I reckon damage would be cause to the material and design otherwise - although thats not a big disadvantage in my opinion, its just worth mentioning. The fit of this on me is brilliant as it is tight in some places but baggy enough to still feel comfortable and casual - which is the whole reason I bought it. The sleeves go down about mid way between my elbow and shoulder and they are quite fitted but you still have enough wiggle room and no hunched over feeling. The neck is rounded so it comes up a little higher than most tops I wear but its nice to cover up a little bit sometimes and the bottom is long enough to cover you stomach without riding up and just sits nicely over the waistband of my jeans - the perfect fit for me really so Im glad I followed T.S's size guide. When I read that this was pre-shrunk I had a bad feeling it wouldnt be long enough on my waist - I cant stand tops that ride up too much - but I havent had a problem with this one as yet so fit and sizing wise Im very impressed.

      On the front of the t-shirt is an image of the Tetley Tea girl - who Ive just read is called Tina. Tina is your average 'Page Tea Girl' in her comfy cardy and big slippers and there are a few small teacups and stars in whte dotted around the shirt which adds to the cute design. The words 'Page Tea Girl' - do you get it? Are written next to Tina in black and red writing which stands out from the pale top loads so the words and image are very noticable. The design is so cute in my opinion and the words certainly made me giggle first time I saw this and I think it will appeal to many people - its super cute in my opinion! Not just for celebs after all! Now some tops Ive bought with words/images on them like this one have ended up peeling off after a few washes so they arent really wearable anymore but I havent had that problem with this one so far. The words and image are sitll as they were when I bought this - around 2 months ago - and Ive worn and washed this loads since then so I cant see it peeling or falling off anytime soon. The design and fit of this short are gorgeous I think and Im so glad I found this one! The quality seems very good to me so far as it hasnt faded any more than it was at first and the image/words are still intact so Im very happy so far!

      The colours on this shirt are quite neutral so that means this can be matched with most styles and colours - its matched with everything Ive worn it with so far anyway. Id say this shirt is certainly more suited to casual wear because it is so comfy and wearable and I think on a night out I want something a bit sexier rather than cute like this one but that is by no means a bad thing. I bought this for casual wear so Im happy that it suits me for that purpose but its maybe not as versatile as some other tops that T.S offer - not a problem for me but it might be for others. I nice pair of skinny jeans and flats are the perfect partners for this t-shirt in my opinion. It will suit any age in my opinion and just simply perfect for everyday wear - Ive been wearing this LOADS since I bought it, its one of my favourite pieces of clothing and I do own a fair bit!

      I cannot recommend this highly enough for people who just fall in love with the design like I did or people who just want to celebrate Britains favourite drink - tea in case you hadnt guessed hehe! Hey if its good enough for celebrities it definitely good enough for me as I couldnt be happier with my new casual tee. Go on! Buy one :).

      Thanks For Reading.

      x0 Salz 0x


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