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Victoria's Secret Knickers

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    2 Reviews
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      13.03.2013 23:10
      Very helpful



      Victoria's Secret knickers

      Victoria's Secret is one of my favourite stores in the USA and there are now two stores in London. I was very excited when the shops here opened. There is one in central London and one in the Stratford shopping centre. They are definitely worth a visit if you like fancy underwear and lovely smelling cosmetics.

      To give you a bit of history on the store, to quote an article I read, "Victoria's Secret is the largest American retailer of lingerie, founded by Roy Raymond on June 12, 1977.
      2012 sales were $6.12 billion with an operating income of $1 billion. The company sells lingerie, woman's wear and beauty products through its 1,000 U.S. stores, catalogs (annually mailing out 375 million) and website. Victoria's Secret is wholly owned and the largest holding of publicly traded Limited Brands company.
      Victoria's Secret is known for its catalogs and annual fashion show: the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show.
      Victoria's Secret is credited with single-handedly transforming "America's conception of lingerie" by pioneering "sexy underwear as fashion" and "lingerie mainstream entertainment." The societal manifestation is "the increased cultural acceptance of shopping for undies" in the United States.

      If you have never been to a Victoria's secret store then you are definitely missing out. Their stores are absolutely beautiful, its like walking into an upscale boutique with lots of lovely furniture, displays and decor. Most of the shop is pink, very pink but it is also very plush. The underwear is displayed in beautiful settings and so you just want to buy everything you see.

      Their underwear and in particular knickers are the best knickers I have ever worn and they are actually all I wear. I used to go to the USA just to buy more pants, well not really, but now I don't have the excuse of needing new underwear as a reason to go to America, I can go to the London stores. I would stock up every year or so and I still pretty much have all my pairs as they last so well. This Christmas I bought some new ones at the Stratford store and again have been really impressed with the fit, the comfort and the style of these knickers.

      Victoria's secret knickers come in all shapes and sizes so just to name a few there are:

      Thongs & V-Strings
      No Lines & Seamless

      I must admit that I'm a bit old fashioned and for day to day wear only really wear nice comfortable fitting cotton briefs and bikinis. Although they are sexy I just cannot wear V-Strings, I cannot bear the little string being all uncomfortable. The bikinis are usually sold as individual pairs but you can buy more pairs and get money off which is nice. You can never have too many pairs of underwear in my opinion. The knickers come in all different colours and patterns. For example one of my favourite pairs at the moment is black but it has the words Victoria's Secret written all over them in light pink and dark pink. What I also like about these knickers is that they don't have a label at the back, the size and washing information is printed on them and so there is not annoying label to itch you on your back which is great. They also have a really comfortable elasticated waist band which gives them a really nice fit.

      Of course, what Victoria's Secret do best is their fancy knickers. They have some really beautiful knickers with lots of lace and fancy stitching and I even have a really nice pair with sequins on it, not very practical for everyday use but it does have its uses, wink wink.

      Victoria's secret really do have the best knickers on the market.


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        25.10.2004 19:59
        Very helpful



        Many people may know Victoria's Secret the American company for their underwear. A couple of years ago I was just looking around the internet when I came across the Victoria's Secret website. I have ever since then been sent all of their catalogues through the post which includes sale and new season catalogues. These vary from shoe, underwear and clothing catalogues.

        The underwear in these catalogues is nice and what I like is the fact that there are many different collections giving a choice for all personality types. It also depends on your price range. I have noticed there is the more sexy underwear which can be sea-through and I think this is the Italian collection but this can cost a lot of money. The Body by Victoria range is a nice collection, many different styles of bra and all very nice colours and a bit more affordable.

        When buying from Victoria's Secret you have to make sure you get your size right. On the website you can go to the sizing guide or in your catalogue. I usually go for a Small which fits an 8-10 but a medium is for the 12-14 and a L is for 16-18 so the sizing is pretty much similar to the UK but this is for pants only I am doing the sizing.

        I had bought a top with Victoria's Secret but I didn't like it that much so I put it back in a bag and returned it with my return's label. The option was you could just be refunded or that or you could get an item costing the same as the money you had sent back so I got $20 to spend on something else. I looked through the catalogue and then came across the Pink collection. This is the fun, colourful and comfortable range from Victoria's Secrets. I decided on the boyshorts. These cost about $12 I did lose out on some of my refund money but I didn't mind I wasn't having to pay postage atleast.

        It took about a week for me to receive my pants and when I did I thought they were nicely packaged in an acetate bag. They were 100% cotton and a very nice style. Ever since having them I have to say they are so comfortable not irritating and very much worth their money. These are not made of a cheap material and sometimes you forget they are on, don't mean that in a weird way but in a good way.

        It is usually best to order online, orders don't take long to arrive, roughly a week and a half. The styles on the shop online are bikinis, v-strings, thongs, brazilians, tangas & boyshorts, briefs and low rise. You can shop by the collection you like also. Up to $75 worth of pants would mean about 12 pairs roughly if you are buying from the Pink range which means you would only pay $19.95 on postage to the UK which is cheap. Sometimes you will have extra charges when they come into the country but this only happens to me if I order many tops not for underwear. Fedex usually deliver light orders if it is heavy UPS will deliver it.

        Sometimes there are great deals on cotton pants you can choose solid or patterned pants and the style you want say for 5 for $20 which is really cheap and you could get so many pants.

        Another style I have bought before are the VS no show pant. These are so thin and really work. I have bought so many pants that were meant to get rid of VPL and under tight trousers not show your pant line but still they are not a success. When I ordered these there were about 5 colour choices from black to ivory. These are in an offer 3 for $21 and when they arrive you can see by how thin they are that they will work and they do. It s great to have these when wearing tighter trousers and I definitely recommened any women who have this problem to buy these.

        Overall Victoria's Secret pants are great and really comfortable also not pricey. When going to http://www2.victoriassecret.com/ you will be surprised at how great the clothing, sleepwear and underwear is. I have become addicted to their clothes which noone else has over here so you get many compliments plus they are of good quality. The underwear is nice and always recommended by fashion magazines, many celebrities buy from this brand. If you want a catalogue just click on the option at the top of the link page.


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