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Yumi Ladies Duffle Coat

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Brand: Yumi / Type: Casual Wear

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    1 Review
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      30.12.2012 22:09
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      A nice versatile coat

      When my Mum and Dad asked me what I wanted for Christmas as my main present I really didn't know what I wanted but said I would have a think and a look around to see if I could come up with something. During a trip to our local seaside town Felixstowe we had a look in a little independent clothes shop called OMG, we were actually returning something which unfortunately was faulty, however they sell some really lovely bits in there so we decided to have a look around which was when I spotted the Yumi Checked Duffle Coat, I was actually drawn to it by the colour and decided to try it on, I really liked it and it was different to anything else I had so my parents said they would buy it for me as an early Christmas present.

      The Yumi Duffle Coat is made from a reasonable thick material which has almost a really soft felt type feel to it, a bit of a strange way to describe the fabric but I cannot really think of another word to describe it, anyway the coat is quite eye catching with its black, grey and bright pink checked pattern that covers the whole thing, it was this colour combination and pattern that first drew me to the coat.

      The thing which makes it a little bit different to a plain duffle coat is the knotted bow detailing on both side pockets and on the back, the knotted bow on the back of the coat pulls it in around the middle giving it more shape and definition, these bows are moulded into the fabric and are the same colour as the rest of the coat allowing them to blend in.

      The Yumi Duffle Coat has the traditional duffle coat toggle style fasteners, these consist of a black leather loop either side of the coat, one side has a large pointed black toggle attached to it which simply pushes through the loop on the other side in order to fasten the coat.

      Other features of this coat include a large collar again made from the same fabric as the main body and it is also more fitted around the waist and flares out slightly towards the bottom to give the coat a flattering shape.

      I did wonder what the coat would look like on as it is quite a long coat and not being overly tall I wondered if it would make me look even shorter, however once on and with a pair of heels it is an ideal length. The coat measures 33 inches in length, obviously where the coat sits depends on your height but personally once on I think the style of the coat actually makes the length flattering on people of most heights, however it does only come in one length.

      The Yumi Duffle Coat is made from 90% Polyester and 10% Wool and can be cleaned by dry clean only. To be honest I didn't even look at the washing instructions when we purchased the coat, however I do already have a coat made from a similar fabric, although its a totally different style and this is also dry clean only. However I have had this coat a while and have never had it dry cleaned once, the coat is white so gets dirty really quickly so when I want it washing my Mum puts it in her washing machine on a setting for very delicate fabrics, we have done this a lot of times in the 3 years I have had the coat and it looks as good as new, washing it has not effected the fabric at all. I'm not sure whether I will get this coat dry cleaned or not yet, the colour means that it will not get as dirty as the white coat did so it may be that I decide to dry clean it once in a while as suggested.

      In the shop where we purchased the coat from it came in a range of sizes from a Size 8 to a Size 18, however I have since found the same coat available online from the Yumi website and the sizes are a bit more limited, however this could just be as they are the only sizes left rather than them not stocking larger or smaller sizes.

      As I have mentioned we purchased the Yumi Duffle Coat from an independent shop which stock a range of brands, the store was called OMG in Felixstowe Suffolk and they do have their own website, however since I purchased the coat it is no longer available online, this particular shop only stock a limited number or each item and most of the time will only have one of each item in each size, so for example when we bought the coat they only had 6 available, one in each size ranging from 8 to 18. However this coat can also be bought online from other websites including the Yumi website.

      We bought the coat for around £70.00, which is what it is being sold for on the Yumi website, however on this particular site it is currently in the sale and being sold for £45.00 which is a bargain. I was happy with the price of this coat even though I didn't actually pay for it as it is of an excellent quality and finished to a high standard, in my opinion it was definitely worth the money.

      This coat was an early Christmas present from my parents so I have already worn it several times and so far I have been extremely pleased with it, it looks stylish on and is ideal for any occasion whether it is something more formal or just a trip to the shops, it really does go with anything.

      The coat is very comfortable to wear, lovely and warm and the way it is fitted around the middle makes the style very flattering, I particularly like the bow detailing on the back and pockets as this makes it that little bit different, the pockets are deep which for me is handy as I am always shoving things in my coat pockets when I'm out so the deep pockets means that things cannot fall out of them. The coat is reasonably priced and well worth the money in my opinion. I would highly recommend the Yumi Duffle Coat to anyone, it is a lovely stylish coat that is versatile at the same time.


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