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Epson Stylus Office BX300F

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    5 Reviews
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      11.10.2014 22:34
      Very helpful


      • "works well for me"


      • none

      perfect printer,would recommmend

      I'm a huge fan of all in one printers although I very seldom use the photocopier, the scanner's hady or it to have them there 'just in case'. And they've not proved useless in the past. The added plus with this is it can also fax, although I must admit I never send faxes, so I cant comment on this feature.

      I have had a few Epson's in yesteryear, so when my old printer went wrong, I opted to place my money in a name I could trust again. This one is suits my needs as a user that is personal, and it was at a fair price. Additionally, it appears distinct and fairly trendy, being black.

      The printer the printer seems really smart having a control panel to the front, with buttons buttons for the facsimile faciltiy, and quit/start button etc. The control panel makes the printer appear very company like!

      The scanner unit works by lifitng the top compartment. I must say I was only a little bit dissapointed from the strength and quality as stronegst feeling thing I have ever felt and its not the studiest, and is uneven and a bit wobbly. Also, when you come to alter the ink, you need to lift the lid by one side, helping to make it feel a bit ackward. I am at the period now where I'm going to need to take this back to the store if it occurs anymore.

      The print quality itself is that which you would expect of an inkjet printer, and is not bad for what I want. It should be said howver, that it does take some time to print, thus dont go buying this expecting to be doing any printing that is quick!

      Thge paper tray is also a downside within my viewpoint. Its rather ackward to fit plenty of paper in the vertical tray, as there's an annoying plastic flap which gets in the way, and keeps dropping each single time you need to place paper in there.

      I m begginig to think perhaps I should attempt another printer.


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      04.11.2012 19:02
      Very helpful


      • Reliability


      An excellent printer, Would recommend to anyone


      I have had this printer for around 6 months now and thought I should do a review on it. I purchased mine from tesco instore as it was on offer when I got it. I was looking for an Epson because the previous printers I have owned were Epsons and I have never had too much trouble with them. As a brand they seem very decent and trustworthy. What attracted me most to this printer was the fact that you can use it as a scanner and photocopier. I always tend to use scanners and it is a pain to have a seperate scanner in the office. This also can be used for faxes, I have never used fax in my life so it is irrelevent for me, but if you did use fax than this is perfect too. Overall the feautures seemed good for the price so I decided to invest in a brand new printer! (my old one sadly packed up after about 4/5 years useage!).


      I paid £69.99. It was on offer at the time but I am sure you can still get it for a similar price online. I was happy to pay that price because it looked like a decent printer with all the added functions I could ever need. Printers are a very important part of daily life so I wanted the correct one for me and my girlfriend to use in the flat. There are also the costs of buying ink, The coloured ink is expesnive, but I rarely ever print in colour, most of the things I like to print are black and white. Epson cartridges are expensive, but good quality. I actually found some reduced at tesco last week so I am now pretty stocked up. The cheapest place to buy ink for my printer is online though, there are lots of deals and discounts to be had online.


      The printing quality of this printer is good, considering it isnt very expensive it can certainly produce some stunning prints. I have used this many times to print photos onto photo paper to put in various frames around the flat. The image quality is really good and isnt dark and dull like my old printer. I think the Ink is great too and combined it looks excellent. Also for black and white text it can print very clear and has a nice black colour instead of faded. It is really easy to use, there are specific mode buttons which you can use to choose what setting you need, it didnt take me long at all to get used to using it. There is stop button which comes in handy if you accidently print something you don't need!


      My only issues with the printer is that it can take a long time to print if you select good quality. Its a pain when you have to wait a long time for a large document to print. However it can be quick if you adjust the settings to poor or draft. The other issue is the amount of ink used when printing photos, but this is to be expected with any printer so shouldn't effect your choice. One more issue is the paper tray at the back, it is very flimsy and I do worry that one day I may snap it off! Hopefully though it should remain in tact and this should never cause an issue for me!


      I like the design of the printer, it looks very stylish and fits nicely on my office desk. It is black with the top scanner/photo copier being a curved design. It looks nice and alot different to other printers on the market. The buttons on the front are very clear and easy to use. The overall design is excellent and was one of the selling points of this to me. A major bonus to this is the fact that it doesnt sound too loud when it is printing. My old printers sounded like an elephant was stampeeding through the hall way, I like this and it won't wake anyone up if your printing late at night.


      I would recommend this epson printer to anyone who has a family or works from home. The fax feature will come in handy and also the print quality is great. The options for scanning and photo copying can come in handy. I am really pleased with this printer and I can see it being in my office/study for many years to come. I have had no real issues with it as of yet. Thanks for reading my review!

      This gets 5 stars from me. Perfect for the price, nothing to complain about here at all!


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      01.10.2010 20:18
      Very helpful


      • Reliability


      Four machines in one for a great price.

      I think this is a great machine, I first purchased it for the basic printing but since I have had it I have realised that it is capable of a lot more then just printing. The printer is a all in one which means it has different functions, this is a great advantage as it saves space and money, it can print, copy, fax and scan. It is very easy to install and there is also a manual if you need assistance. I find it very easy to use, and have had no problems since getting it. Replacing ink is quick and simple and there are instructions on the small LCD display on the printer, if you find it difficult. There are four inks included in the box when purchased.

      The quality of the printing is great, both ordinary paper documents and photographs. Standard text documents are printed quickly, but photos will take a little longer, but I don't mind waiting because the quality is great. The only slightly negative thing to say about the printing is it can be a little noisy.

      Scanning is very simple, as you are guided by the software. once you scan your document, a preview will appear on the screen, which will allow you to see the document before it is transferred and make any changes if you wish to. The scanning is also quick and easy.

      Copying with this machine is extremely easy and straight forward. You can copy both black and white and colour. With one press of a button you can copy a document. The copy quality is great and very simple.

      Overall I am very pleased with this product and I would recommend it for the high quality and price.



      * A4 print speed - black text: 31ppm.
      * A4 print seed - colour text: 15ppm.
      * Prints a 10 x 15cm (6 x 4in) photo in 89 seconds.
      * Up to 1440 x 5760dpi print resolution.
      * 120 sheet paper capacity.

      * 1200 X 2400dpi optical resolution.

      * Reduce and enlarge function.

      * 180 page memory.


      * Photo editing software included
      * LCD text display
      * Compatible with Windows 2000 or later.
      * Compatible with Mac.
      * Includes USB cable.
      * Size H23.5, W46, D41cm.
      * Weight 7.2kg.


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      11.01.2010 10:33
      Very helpful



      A let down, and maybe time to go for a different make

      I am a big fan of all-in-one printers, as although I very rarely use the scanner or the photocopier, its hady to have them there 'just in case'. And they have proved useful in the past. The added bonus of this is it can also fax, although I must admit I never send faxes, so i cant comment on this feature.

      I have had a few Epson's in the past, so when my old printer went wrong, I decided to put my money in a name I could trust again. This one is suits my needs as a personal user, and it was at a good price. It also looks quite stylish and different, being black. One of the things I look for before buying the printer is how much will the ink cost me. This printer has 4 different cartridges, each cost around the £10, so not too bad compared to some other makes and models.

      The printer itself looks very smart with a control panel on the front, with buttons to photocopy, buttons for the fax faciltiy, and stop/start button etc. The control panel makes the printer look very business like!

      The scanner unit operates by lifitng the top compartment. I must say I was a little bit dissapointed by the strength and quality of this, as its not the studiest and stronegst feeling thing I've ever felt, and is a bit wobbly and uneven. Also, when you come to change the ink, you have to lift the lid by one side, which makes it feel a bit ackward. Getting onto the ink, this is where the printer lets itself down. I am always one to buy the geniune Epson ink, but i have had 3 occasions now where when i replace the ink, after a few uses, the printer fails to recognise the cartridge anymore...no matter what you do. Essentially in the end, all you can do is go out and buy a new cartridge, and throw the old one away, which is very frustrating considering that theres plenty of ink left in the old one! I am at the stage now where i am going to have to take this back to the shop if it happens anymore.

      The print quality itself is what you would expect of a inkjet printer, and is good for what i want. It must be said howver, that it does take a while to print, so dont go buying this expecting to be doing any fast printing!

      Thge paper tray is also a downside in my view. Its quite ackward to fit a lot of paper in the upright tray, as there is a annoying plastic flap that gets in the way, and keeps falling every time you want to put paper in there.

      Overall, Im begginig to think maybe I should try a different make of printer i the future.


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      14.06.2009 16:47
      Very helpful
      1 Comment


      • Reliability


      Good machine if your on a tight budget

      I have been using this printer now for approximately three months and to date have been quite impressed with the results. The first thing you need to be aware of with this model is that you do get what you pay for. The BX300F is the at the very bottom end of the budget market and in some ways it does show. However, to coin a phrase, it does "What it says on the tin".

      Epson Brand
      My decision to go with the Epson brand is primarily based on past experience. Firstly from experience, if a problem does occur, Epson after sales I have found to be very good and prompt!
      When I had my old printer, it did develop a fault after about seven months of use. One call to Epson service resulted in a replacement sent for strait exchange via DHL within two days. No, hassle, and no waiting for days or weeks for a repair.
      The other main reason for choosing Epson is the running costs after purchase. The cost of original replacement inks do in general tend to be a lot cheaper than other brands such as Lexmark and HP. Additionally, the availability of cheaper alternative inks is far greater for Epson than others. It should be noted however that Epson do state that using alternative inks can void the warranty.

      Product description.
      This machine is an "All in one" device meaning that it has four separate functions. The main advantage of this being space saving in that rather than having four separate devices to print, fax, scan and photo copy, the BX300F does the lot! The obvious disadvantage to this is that if it breaks down, you loose all functions together.

      Ease of use
      All features of this machine are very easy to understand and use. In conjunction with the software provided this machine will suit both the complete novice and the more adventurous alike. For functions such as photo copier and fax the machine is completely stand alone meaning that it can be used independently without the need to be connected to a PC.
      General maintenance is very easy with the changing of inks made very quick and simple with clear instructions displayed either on the machines lcd display or PC screen. Loading paper into the rear of the machine can be a little fiddly at times mainly due to the sliding paper guides, however once set it is quite straightforward.

      This is by far the most used function of the machine.
      Print quality in general is very good whether it be draft mode or colour photo printing.With other printers, in particular with my old Epson, printing in draft mode was next to useless. As the print was so fine, it was next to impossible to read. However this does seem to have been improved on significantly and now offers a usable fast document printing mode.
      As with all other printers a variety of different page and envelope sizes can be selected up to A4 in size. When printing photo's there is the option to print "Border less" meaning that the print covers the whole of an A4 sheet rather than leaving a white surround or border.
      The print speed it has to be said is not the fastest in the world. Whilst standard text documents are printed quite quickly, photo printing especially A4 size really is a case of set it to print, make a cuppa, sit down, wait and then wait some more!
      The only negative point when the machine is printing, has to be the noise level. It is advisable not to print any documents whilst in a quiet room, doing so will quite probably scare you half to death! When the paper is first pulled through, your first reaction will be "What the hells it doing??" To say the least, it clatters and bangs like something out of the stone age.

      Copying is very strait forward with this machine and offers a choice of black & white or colour copies with no long winded menu's to navigate. Strait one to one copies are a simple one button press procedure. There are various other options available such as reducing / enlarging and contrast control.
      What makes copying particularly easy is the use of the top document feeder. Instead of lining the original up on the glass tray, simply slide it in to the document feeder, press copy and the machine will do the rest.
      Copy quality I have to say is very clear in both colour and black and white modes with copying speeds being comparable with a standard photo copier.

      Thanks to the software supplied by Epson, scanning is also made very easy. By using the preview feature, there are various changes that can be made to the item being scanned prior to transferring the image to your PC. Although not as comprehensive as a full photo editing suite, it does allow you to change contrast and colour settings etc. making life easier and quicker for printing. Once again the clarity of scans is very very good. In addition even scanning on the highest resolution is very quick.

      Likewise with copying, the top document feeder makes faxing single or multiple documents very easy.
      Although strait forward once you are used to it, I do think some sort of permanent label telling you which way documents such face (E.G. face up or down) would be a useful addition to the machine. Actual sending and receiving times does seem to be very quick. Very useful on the fax is that it stores several transmissions as data on the built in memory. This feature is very useful as the machine will receive and store incoming faxes even if there is no paper in it. Other features include delayed faxing allowing you to send a fax automatically at some point later in the day.
      My only criticism with this side of the machine is the lack of PC software bundled for this facility. All faxing functions are carried out manually at the machine itself via the front control panel. What would have been a nice touch would be the ability to send faxes electronically direct from a PC without the need to print and load paper documents.

      General Overview
      In general I have to say that I have been pleasantly surprised with this product. Build quality seems to very good and robust. It has proved to be a really good all rounder both meeting and exceeding expectations.
      Admittedly there is room for improvement in some areas, particularly noise level, however you do need to bare in mind the original budget purchase price. It would be a bit like comparing a Smart car to a Bentley, both will get you there, but one does it with a lot more finesse.


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