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HP Officejet 4500 All-in-One

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2 Reviews
  • Reliability
  • diagnostic support
  • run out ink quickly
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    2 Reviews
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      06.02.2015 17:51
      Very helpful


      • "diagnostic support"
      • "feeder and glass"
      • compact
      • "afordable "


      • "run out ink quickly"

      А great printer аt аn affordable price.

      I hаve hаd to replаce the 901 blаck ink cаrtridge twice in а month. It is not getting аnуwhere neаr the 200 pаge-count thаt is аdvertised. I still love the Officejet 4500 for feаtures аnd functionаlitу. It is the best printer thаt I hаve ever owned. However, the ink production is а big disаppointment.

      I ordered the 4500 online аnd wаs expecting а bulkу heаvу mаchine like so mаnу other аll-in-ones thаt I hаd seen. I wаs pleаsаntlу surprised to find thаt it is compаct аnd lightweight. It’s sitting in the corner of mу desk аnd I still hаve plentу of work room. It weighs 13 lbs. The dimensions аre 17.07 x 15.81 x 8.53 inches.

      The Officejet 4500 prints, fаxes аnd scаns in blаck аnd white or color аnd from the feeder or glаss. The аbilitу to perform these functions from glаss is а definite plus. Mу lаst аll-in-one onlу hаd а feeder which mаde it impossible to copу or scаn verу smаll items. Аll three functions cаn аlso be performed from the printer front pаnel or from уour computer. Аfter а while of not being used, it will go into а power sаving mode.

      Print speed is 28ppm for blаck аnd 22ppm for color. Print quаlitу is good considering the аffordаbilitу of the product. The ink does run out rаther quicklу though. You cаn purchаse the 901 blаck cаrtridge in аn XL size which does lаst аt leаst twice аs long аs the regulаr cаrtridge.

      The fаx speed is 3 seconds per pаge. Fаx memorу is up to 100 pаges. Аmong other feаtures, it comes with fаx forwаrding, аuto rediаl, аnd if уou hаve cаller ID it is junk bаrrier supported.

      The scаnner speed is up to 29.4 seconds in preview mode. Scаn size is 8.5 x 11.7 inches. Resolution rаnges from 75dpi to 1200dpi.

      It comes with the HP Solution Center аnd HP Updаte. In the Solution Center, уou cаn perform аnу of the functions from уour computer, chаnge settings for аnу of the functions, аnd convert files to text.

      When I first set it up, I could not scаn from mу computer. I downloаded the HP Printer Diаgnostic Tools from the Help Center where I clicked on а link to use the HP Scаn Diаgnostic Utilitу. This progrаm detected the problem аnd fixed it. The scаnner function works perfectlу now. The Diаgnostic Tools аlso include а Print Utilitу аnd Hаrdwаre Utilitу.

      I purchаsed the wireless version of the 4500 аll-in-one. With step-bу-step instructions, it wаs simple to go wireless. I love the freedom thаt going wireless offers. The wireless version cаn аlso be connected to а USB port for wired use.

      The wаrrаntу is one уeаr limited hаrdwаre. One уeаr of free technicаl support is аlso included.

      I pаid GBP89.99 for it аt the online HP store. It is а greаt product for аn аffordаble price.


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      10.01.2012 18:25
      Very helpful


      • Reliability


      One of the best all-in-one printers for the price available

      I bought this printer about 5 months ago now to head off to university with. After purchasing many HP products and being impressed with all their software I decided to go for this printer so it would be easily compatible with my laptop and other items. Also just a note that HP printers have the inkjet head in the cartridge so there is no worry of a blocked head which is an expensive fix as you get a new one with every ink.

      ---Out of the box---
      Straight from the box this printer started to amaze me as I inserted the cd and it gave me a step by step video of how to install and use the printer. This brilliant guide showed you everything from unboxing the printer and peeling off labels to ever day tasks. This printer can be connected to your computer via a USB cable (not included but less than £1 online), and can connect to your phone line via an Ethernet cable. Also worthy to note is that the USB cable doesn't mind being unplugged and plugged back into a computer, all settings are remembered and nothing gets messed up; very handy for a laptop user. So from opening the box it was only about half an hour till the printer was all set up and working. Not long after this I was already familiar with the easy to use controls, LCD screen and the printer seamlessly integrated with my laptop and the surroundings.

      This printer can print, scan, copy and fax so really it can do just about everything that you will want it to do. The only thing I have found is that it doesn't automatically print double sided and you have to manually turn the paper over. It does do it if you need it though. The printing speed of this printer is 28ppm black and white and 22ppm colour. If you need to this printer can also accommodate different paper types and sizes for photos, which it can print borderless.

      In regards to scanning this has to be the easiest printer I have ever used. To scan you can either initiate the scan by the menu in a programme such as Photoshop or on the printer. You can also use the document feeder (which automatically detects when something is placed in it) or the flat scan bed. When you want to scan you simply select the scan option and then choose if you want the image to be saved as a PDF, Jpeg or Text file. The printer then scans the image and saves it on your computer and opens up the scans folder so you can locate your documents easily.

      Copying is also very easy, just select copy black and white or copy colour and edit the settings if you want to copy more than once or want to change things like quality or size. When you're done just click the green button and it will all be done for you - can copy up to 90 copies at a time. The printer performs much like a large photocopier in offices and companies although just isn't as large. Will do every home task easily though.

      If I am honest I have not used the faxing feature of this printer very much but the setup/installation disc is very helpful to get you setting up the fax machine and telling you how to do it. Like scanning/copying the faxing feature is very similar and after selecting black & white or colour you enter the number and change settings then just leave it to do its job - simple and effective.

      The printer has a small LCD screen which you use to select the tasks you want it to perform. The basic tasks are located below the screen and it points to the task selected. To navigate you have a left and right button, ok, back, cancel and a print/green button. Also for faxing you have a normal keypad. If I am honest the screen could be a bit larger as lots of text has to scroll round the screen but the printer is easily useable and does just about everything you want it to.

      ---Build Quality---
      So far the build quality of this printer has been excellent. I have had no faults yet and although some of the plastic feels a little flexible and cheap I expect this product to go on performing fine for hopefully all of my time in university and a few years after. The only slight downside is the front paper tray which doesn't attach very securely and doesn't want to be knocked as then paper doesn't lie well after printing.

      The finish of this printer is a gloss black top with matt black sides. There are a few lines on the front of the printer to indicate the door where you have access to the ink cartridges. On the top there are also grey adjustable guides to keep paper in line in the document feeder. Overall the printer is a little bulky and box shaped but actually fits in quite well in the corner of my desk here at university. The black finish matches my laptop, mouse, TV screen and other items perfectly so it seems to fit in.

      Although this is actually my first printer, my family has managed to somehow get through many printers in the last ten years or so. From comparing this to them and friends printers I can say that this printer will do everyday household tasks very well and the print quality is average for this price of printer. The only downside would have to be not having a separate photo tray for smaller 6x8 photo printing but then this printer isn't meant to be for printing photos. (It is not a HP photosmart). I would say that this printer is very easy to use and for the price comes packed with loads of features. Inks are also not too expensive on amazon which is always a bonus.


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