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HP Photosmart 2710 All-in-One

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9 Reviews
  • All in one printer
  • multi functions
  • Online set up slow and confusing
  • repeated scanner issues and errors
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    9 Reviews
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      12.12.2015 20:59
      Very helpful


      • "Does what it says"


      • "Online set up slow and confusing"

      basic printer and scanner for a small office

      This is used by the company I work for when we go out to other client sites, so I haven’t set it up personally. I’ve had to use the manual when there have been difficulties, and the manual is very basic which I think is good because it is easy to follow,
      Installing the printer to work on my laptop was a faff because the laptop doesn’t have a CD drive and everyone in the office had problems initially connecting it using the HP website, and we had to buy a CD connecter to go back to the original CD. Once we did it was simple and there were no problems at all!

      Printing is exactly the same as all printers. The quality is good and I have no problems with it at all. The paper tray doesn’t seem to hold enough paper, someone is always going back to refill it! But this is hardly a problem in an office and perhaps private users don’t print as frequently. Printing and scanning is easy to do and I have no complaints, the scanning facility can be slow at times but that’s probably more due to the connection, I’m not an expert!

      The printer does everything we need it to when we go to smaller offices. It is possibly too sophisticated for home use and not nearly big enough for a larger office but it meets my needs perfectly. The online setup could be easier but HP have been very useful when we have contacted them directly with questions.,


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      12.10.2015 13:55
      Very helpful


      • Quiet
      • Fast


      • "Probs with scanner"

      Good print

      This is a pretty good printer for a pretty reasonable price. It's small and light weight and it looks good when it's blue light's blinking and everything's working okay. The only problem is that even though I have only had the printer for less than two months, in those two months the scanner has broken twice and I have had to take it back to the shop to get it fixed. This may, of course, be something that just affects my machine, but it is something to be aware of none the less.

      The printer does have several good points, though. Like I say, it's small and lightweight and doesn't take up much room. It has got wireless connectivity, which means you don't have to use any wires or anything when setting it up (apart from plugging it into the mains, that is). I'm not sure what the range of this is, but mine is set up about 3 metres away from my desktop computer and I have had no problems with connectivity. It is also very quiet when printing, especially compared to my old printer, and each page comes out clean and without any smudges whatsoever.

      So, in conclusion, this is a good printer for a reasonable price, but not without it's issues. As I say, the problems I've had with the scanner may just be some bad luck on my part. I've not had the best of luck recently anyway.


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      17.09.2015 15:22
      Very helpful



      Reasonable printer

      This device is great and so here are a few reasons why I think this:
      1. Graphics printed in Normal mode were smooth and detailed, with excellent color matching and good contrast. Visible horizontal banding disappeared in Best mode, which also made for more evenly stepped shading. To get the best prints from this printer, I recommend using the Best quality setting and using HP's Premium Inkjet paper. You can offset the maintenance costs by printing personal or internal documents in draft mode.
      2. The HP 2710 has a flatbed scanner; a roomy, full-color 3.5-inch LCD; and a control panel to switch between scan, copy, fax, and photo functions. It pairs an array of media-card slots with a port for a PictBridge-compatible digital camera. Unlike all-in-ones that are oriented more toward home users, such as the Lexmark P6250 and the Epson Stylus CX6600, the HP 2710 has standalone fax capabilities--handy for faxing without turning on your PC; it comes with a numeric keypad, a phone cord and jacks, plus full faxing software. In addition to USB connectivity, the 7410 also has an Ethernet port and built-in 802.11b/g wireless networking capabilities.
      3. You can access the HP 2710's two ink cartridges, one black and one tricolor, by opening the hood of the printer.
      4. The printer's copy function lets you choose number of copies, reduction/enlargement, and quality, plus, it performs automatic enhancements and adjusts the color intensity. When you choose the scan function, the LCD asks you to which application you want to scan the document, but if you want to change the resolution, adjust faded color, or even specify whether you're scanning text, graphics, or a photo, you must use the HP Scan software.

      On the other hand, scan quality, was merely fair. My color test scan was blurry overall, overly bright and lacking in detail, with mediocre color matching and the grayscale scan lacked contrast and detail; and it did a poor job reproducing the shades at the extreme ends of the grayscale spectrum.


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      04.08.2015 18:56
      Very helpful



      Decent Product

      I bought the 2710 to replace an aging Brother MFC model that printed too slowly. Indeed, the 2710 prints amazingly fast, both in B&W & in color. The other features of this HP were just extras, but tempting enough to lure me in to buying it.

      The wireless connectivity appealed to me because I love to decrease the tangle whenever possible. My printer sits 2 feet from my PC & my wireless router, but that little area has more than its share of cables & wires. Unfortunately, the wireless connection proved unreliable, making it often impossible to access the HP from the desktop software (a "not connected" message would show up). In the end I trotted out a USB cable and plugged it in and all has been well since.

      As other reviewers have noted, the software is the work of a diabolical fiend. Okay, maybe it's not that bad, but it is a really clunky, user-unfriendly and wholly unintuitive interface that takes an hour to install even on a really juiced PC! As if that weren't enough, it self-corrupts now and then and requires a full reinstall, while it is virtually impossible to fully remove the old install (trust me, it's still there). Therefore, when I wish to use the software now, I must select from its drop-down box "copy 3". Sheeesh.

      Another gripe was that my original 2710 would reset itself every week or so, an event that meant that I'd walk into my home office and find the thing flashing every button on its panel like mad. Of course any faxes that had been sent in that unknown interval were lost. Only unplugging it for a minute would resolve that problem. After trying tricks like isolating its power supply and making sure it had its own UPS and even disabling its wireless output, I just returned it and installed the new one in its place. That problem has never recurred, so it was clearly just a defective machine.

      The major disappointment for me is one that I should have realized when I bought it: a flatbed scanner means a flatbed fax, which means you can't load up a multi-page document and just dial and send. In this case, you have to scan each page and then send the whole thing afterwards. Fortunately I get a lot more faxes here than I send, but it's still annoying.

      So what are the good points? Well it prints very fast and very, very well, including photos which when done with the photo ink cartridge and photo paper look pretty much like lab prints. It also scans and copies quickly and beautifully and the software does make archiving the scans quite simple. The fax speed is excellent and unlike the Brother, it prints faxes out without much noise. The design is pleasing and the incorporation of a large, bright, and easy to read LCD screen makes operation simpler. Also, the built in memory card reader is highly functional, allowing you to preview your photos on its LCD and to print directly from the card without the PC even being involved.

      I gave it 4 stars because the poor software issue comes into play very little on a day to day basis and because the defective 1st machine doesn't necessarily mean QC is a problem. Others in my house are accessing it via their wireless connections, so that does indeed work and is of some value. Lastly, that there is no fax feeder is obviously not their fault, it's just a design feature of all flatbeds.

      In the end then, this is an attractive and all around very competent printer that also handles scanning, copying and (at least incoming) faxing quite well. I would buy another if the need arose.


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      23.05.2015 02:06
      Not Helpful


      • "Printing was fast with the new airport cards"
      • "Print quality was good"
      • "cool blue light on front that I think indicates the wireless is oncool blue light on front that I think indicates the wireless is on"


      good product

      The design of the 2710 is just stunning, with a smaller footprint than the 2550 I got for free with my last computer purchase. It has a cool blue light on front that I think indicates the wireless is on. At any rate it is one cool looking machine. Print quality was good out of the box, though set to a much lower inking level than is possible. I just left it there. The printer found the network and all my computers without a hitch. Printing was fast with the new airport cards. Just like it was plugged in to the computer. I think they say 20 color/30 bw.


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      04.03.2015 15:32
      Very helpful


      • "Connect using Ethernet"
      • "Connect using wireless"


      HP 2710 ALL-IN-ONE is best

      Many Hp all in one functions can be accessed directly, without turning on your computer. Tasks such as making a copy, sending a fax, or printing photos from a memory card can be accomplished quickly and easily from your HP all in one.
      The HP Photo smart 2600 series and HP Photo smart 2710 series all in ones have slightly different features.
      Coming to the HP Image Zone software differs by operating system. For example, if you have PC and are running Windows, the HP Image Zone software entry point is the HP Director. If you have a Macintosh and are running OS X V 10.1.5 or later, the HP Image Zone software entry point is the Image Zone software entry point is the HP Image Zone window. Regardless, the entry point serves as the launching pad for the HP Image Zone software and services.
      Coming to the Features :
      Unload Images : Use this feature to transfer Images from a memory card to your computer
      Scan Picture : Use this feature to scan an image and display it in the HP Gallery.
      Scan to OCR : Use this feature to scan text and display it in the selected destination text editing software program.
      Make Copies :Use this feature to make a copy in black and white or color.
      For Services :
      HP Gallery : Use this feature to display the HP Gallery to view and edit images.
      HP Image Print : Use this feature to print images from an album using one of several templates available.
      HP Instant Share : Use this feature to open the HP Instant Share client application software. From the client application software you can share photos with family and friends using HP Instant Share E-mail or upload photos to an online photo album or online photo finishing service.


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      05.01.2015 21:06
      Very helpful


      • "copier and fax"
      • scanner
      • "All in one printer"


      HP has done it again

      HP Photo Smart 2710 All in One
      The name says it all Photo Smart, you need not look any further for a good all round printer for the office environment or at home. Measuring dimensions are Width 450 mm x Depth 355 mm x Height 200 mm and the weight is empty without paper 8.5 Kg and you can load 150 sheets of paper. The charcoal and silver body gives it a look that it is a professional piece of kit and it is.
      This HP has a flatbed scanner and a full colour 3.5 LCD. The control panel is on the top of the printer and easy to access giving an array of options. All cables that you need come with this so there is nothing extra to buy to hook it up, that said there are plenty of ports to insert cameras, SD cards and the like. Phone jacks are also supplied and you can fax without turning the computer on which is also a boon.
      This is the ideal printer if you do a lot of photos and in between copy in colour and black and white. On the photo side you can view the photos on the LCD before printing or you can view them on the computer screen through the software provided with the printer. From the LCD screen you can also edit the photos as size and red eye.
      The fax works the same way and can scan in colour or black and white.
      Connect this guy up with wireless or hard wire it to your system which is all in the manual, follow the instructions and it is a piece of cake so to speak.
      The proof is in the pudding let’s start eating.


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      01.01.2015 08:14
      Very helpful


      • "wireless or wired"
      • "reasonable price on ink"
      • "easy to find ink"
      • "HP site has amazing customer service"
      • "easy set up"
      • "multi functions"


      • "repeated scanner issues and errors"
      • "repeated trips to HP site to fix scanner issues"
      • "scanner errors"

      Nice all in one printer. scanner/ fax/ copier for the price and easy to use

      This is a very easy to set up printer. It has a bit over simple "anyone can do it" icon-based setup guide makes you feel like they do not feel you know a thing. You will need to translate the images into your `own' directions. Suffice it to say, if you take off all the packing materials and tape. Plug the printer in. Set up the network and install the cartridges.. you should be good to go. I am not the most computer literate individual in the world and had not issues once I figured out the icons.

      The unit does 4 major functions: printing, scanning, faxing, and copying. All are easy to use. The facing was so simple I thought I had done something wrong.

      Installing the drivers for this printer is very easy. A CD is included which contains the software for a PC. If you have Mac you must go to HP site and down load the drivers.

      All the printer functions can be accessed from a color LCD display on the front. They even have these simple, short tutorial videos you can watch to help you with certain tasks. Because the screen is fixed, the angle needed to view these is a bit awkward.

      Printing is super easy. The Print dialog has a check box for 2-sided printing, and works really well. Being wireless you can put it any where and everyone in the I fi network can access it..You can hook it up via USB or Ethernet if you wish, but I got it because it is wireless. It is that simple. The paper tray holds only 125 pages of plain paper, as well as 25 sheets for photo paper in a separate tray.
      The prints I made were all very clear, high resolution. You can also make prints from files stored on a flash drive, SD card plugged into the front of the printer. For the price I feel the quality of both prints and photos is adequate.

      You can scan and print or email to another computer very easily. Again it is a simple dialog box. BUT I did get some repeated error messages and had to go to HP site for help. Occasionally it gets wonky and I have to use their site to fix it.

      This printer also has slots for direct printing from memory cards and accommodates paper sizes up to 14" length. Ink is a black and color. It comes with low level ink supplies, but most local retailers have a larger capacity refill on the shelves. This printer also features better software for printing from cellphones and tablets. This software has pre-set templates that you can fit your images from your phone into instead of relying on apps on your phone or tablet although you can use those apps too.

      I am a little concerned about the longevity of the touch screen It feels a little light weight.

      But for the price it does all I need for my small business. It is user friendly. Thought it does have that scanner flitch that requires trips to their site. I am very happy HP 's website is also user friendly.

      It lost a star because the icon set up is a little odd and annoying. And because of the continued error when scanning.


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    • More +
      20.10.2009 09:56
      Very helpful


      • Reliability


      I love it!


      this is my first review on this platform.

      So today I am going to write to you about my HP printer. I have it for like five years and it has been loyal to me ever since.

      * * * The Product * * *
      The HP Photo smart 2710 All-in-One. Printing, scanning, faxing and copying, everything without any problems. The instruction manual in is written in many languages and it is very easy to be read and very defined.

      * * * The Details * * *
      The appliance consists of the following:
      1. Covering
      2. Colour display
      3. User Modules
      4. Storage card slots and Camera-Connection
      5. Access tab to the cartridge car
      6. Supply compartment
      7. Paper leadership
      8. Edition compartment
      9. Led for 802 (only HP Photo smart 2700 Series All-in-One)
      10. Paper leadership (width)
      11. Presentation glass
      12. Ethernet-Led's
      13. USB
      14. Fax connections (1-LINE and 2-EXT)
      15. Rear tab for removing of paper jams

      * * * Price and purchase place * * *
      The price was 399 Euro back then, which is close to 200GBP.

      * * * Basic data * * *
      Regular Model number: SDGOB-0304-02
      Product name: Photo smart 2700 Series (Q3452A)
      Model numbers available: 2710 (Q5552A/B, Q5545c), 2710x (Q5544A), 2713 Q5547C

      * * * Software * * *
      This All-in-one appliance is compatible with all the Software's. I use Windows' XP professional. Installing the software is just like any other software. Insert CD, install program and done.

      * * * Patrons and their prices * * *
      The consumption of the appliance is very much nothing. I print every day a lot of pages in black and colour. A cartridge lasts for more then two months. The black colour numbers are: 339 and 338. The numbers for colour cartridges are: 344 and 343. The numbers for the application of photo paper are: 348 and 100. The colour cartridges only cost 20 Euro = 10 GBP for a 21ml cartridge that holds for two months. The black cartridge costs 15 Euro = 8 GBP for a 35ml cartridge which also holds for two months, but I print more in black then in colour that is why it only holds two months.

      * * * Printing * * *
      The document that you want to have printed has to be open, then under Menu just select print and decide if you want it colour or black & white. Please make sure that you have paper inserted in the lower paper lead. Done....

      * * * Fax * * *
      To fax something you have to lay the document onto the glass surface of the printer. Then you have to enter the Fax number and easily press the START button. Done.... The confirmation will be printed out right after the fax has been sent.

      * * * Scans * * *
      For scans you have to just lay the document onto the glass surface and press the SCAN button. It will bring you the option of saving the document into Microsoft Word or as a .pdf form. Then just decide which option you choose and press the Black START or Colour START button to have it in black & white or colour. If you chose the word or .pdf form it will automatically save the document under Word or in Adobe. Done.....

      * * * Copies * * *
      For copies you do the same as for the scans, you just have to, instead of press Scan you have to press COPIES. The you insert the document; decide for black & white or colour and press the Black START or Colour START. Done.....

      * * * My experience * * *
      I must say for what ever reason I used the printer, scanner, copier or facsimile I have never had a problem. I think this printer is better then other ones because you can chose of four different options. Most printers only print; most only scan and print, some fax, scan and print, but only a few print, copy, scan and print. This is one of the very few that do all the four things. I believe that this is a very good investigation, because before I spend 200GBP on a scanner or printer only, I may chose to pay 200 GBP for a product that does everything. So far, I did not have to bring it into the repair shop. I have to exchange the cartridges almost ever two months, which is okay because I print every day, in colour and black & white.

      I would recommend this All-in-one product for every body that is in need of a new product that is useful at any time. You never know if one day you may need a fax machine, a scanner, a printer and copier.......

      * * * Manufacturers * * *
      Hewlett-Packard Company
      16399 west Bernardo Drive
      San Diego, CA 92127, United States of America

      I hope I was able to tell you a little bit more about my helper....

      Tiziana for several platforms and the copyright is mine! and mine alone!


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