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HP Photosmart 2710 All-in-One

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    1 Review
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      20.10.2009 09:56
      Very helpful


      • Reliability


      I love it!


      this is my first review on this platform.

      So today I am going to write to you about my HP printer. I have it for like five years and it has been loyal to me ever since.

      * * * The Product * * *
      The HP Photo smart 2710 All-in-One. Printing, scanning, faxing and copying, everything without any problems. The instruction manual in is written in many languages and it is very easy to be read and very defined.

      * * * The Details * * *
      The appliance consists of the following:
      1. Covering
      2. Colour display
      3. User Modules
      4. Storage card slots and Camera-Connection
      5. Access tab to the cartridge car
      6. Supply compartment
      7. Paper leadership
      8. Edition compartment
      9. Led for 802 (only HP Photo smart 2700 Series All-in-One)
      10. Paper leadership (width)
      11. Presentation glass
      12. Ethernet-Led's
      13. USB
      14. Fax connections (1-LINE and 2-EXT)
      15. Rear tab for removing of paper jams

      * * * Price and purchase place * * *
      The price was 399 Euro back then, which is close to 200GBP.

      * * * Basic data * * *
      Regular Model number: SDGOB-0304-02
      Product name: Photo smart 2700 Series (Q3452A)
      Model numbers available: 2710 (Q5552A/B, Q5545c), 2710x (Q5544A), 2713 Q5547C

      * * * Software * * *
      This All-in-one appliance is compatible with all the Software's. I use Windows' XP professional. Installing the software is just like any other software. Insert CD, install program and done.

      * * * Patrons and their prices * * *
      The consumption of the appliance is very much nothing. I print every day a lot of pages in black and colour. A cartridge lasts for more then two months. The black colour numbers are: 339 and 338. The numbers for colour cartridges are: 344 and 343. The numbers for the application of photo paper are: 348 and 100. The colour cartridges only cost 20 Euro = 10 GBP for a 21ml cartridge that holds for two months. The black cartridge costs 15 Euro = 8 GBP for a 35ml cartridge which also holds for two months, but I print more in black then in colour that is why it only holds two months.

      * * * Printing * * *
      The document that you want to have printed has to be open, then under Menu just select print and decide if you want it colour or black & white. Please make sure that you have paper inserted in the lower paper lead. Done....

      * * * Fax * * *
      To fax something you have to lay the document onto the glass surface of the printer. Then you have to enter the Fax number and easily press the START button. Done.... The confirmation will be printed out right after the fax has been sent.

      * * * Scans * * *
      For scans you have to just lay the document onto the glass surface and press the SCAN button. It will bring you the option of saving the document into Microsoft Word or as a .pdf form. Then just decide which option you choose and press the Black START or Colour START button to have it in black & white or colour. If you chose the word or .pdf form it will automatically save the document under Word or in Adobe. Done.....

      * * * Copies * * *
      For copies you do the same as for the scans, you just have to, instead of press Scan you have to press COPIES. The you insert the document; decide for black & white or colour and press the Black START or Colour START. Done.....

      * * * My experience * * *
      I must say for what ever reason I used the printer, scanner, copier or facsimile I have never had a problem. I think this printer is better then other ones because you can chose of four different options. Most printers only print; most only scan and print, some fax, scan and print, but only a few print, copy, scan and print. This is one of the very few that do all the four things. I believe that this is a very good investigation, because before I spend 200GBP on a scanner or printer only, I may chose to pay 200 GBP for a product that does everything. So far, I did not have to bring it into the repair shop. I have to exchange the cartridges almost ever two months, which is okay because I print every day, in colour and black & white.

      I would recommend this All-in-one product for every body that is in need of a new product that is useful at any time. You never know if one day you may need a fax machine, a scanner, a printer and copier.......

      * * * Manufacturers * * *
      Hewlett-Packard Company
      16399 west Bernardo Drive
      San Diego, CA 92127, United States of America

      I hope I was able to tell you a little bit more about my helper....

      Tiziana for several platforms and the copyright is mine! and mine alone!


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    • Product Details

      Share your all-in-one with multiple home PCs using built-in wired and wireless networking. Enjoy on-the-go wireless printing freedom from a notebook or camera phone. Advanced photo features let you view, print and edit photos without a PC using memory card and large 3.5-inch image display or HP Photo Proof Sheet. Easy front panel editing - rotate, crop, zoom and remove red-eye from photos before you print. Prints and copies in true-to-life photo quality - up to 4800-optimized dpi or optional 6-ink color. Share photos without a PC using image display and HP Instant Share. Experience breakthrough performance up to 30 ppm black, up to 20 ppm color. Send and receive black and color faxes, plus get outstanding color scanning of photos, text and 3-D objects at 2400x4800-dpi optical resolution and 48-bit color. And with one-touch copier buttons, make photo reprints and creative projects. Use included HP Image Zone software to print frame-by-frame digital camera video clips.