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    1 Review
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      16.06.2011 20:10
      Very helpful


      • Reliability


      Great machine but technology has moved on

      I don't personally own the Philips HFC 141 but may aswell as we have this machine at work...I didn't even know what type we owned at work until I started writing reviews, now I'm conscious of every model, make and functions of everything and anything I come in to contact with.
      We never encounter any problem with this machine.
      **Paper Rolls/Change
      The Philips paper rolls are £2.93 on average, but if you want most stationary suppliers offer there own brand which for and if brought in bulk can be got for 73p a roll. Our company is a medium sized company and we only have to change the roll every 2- 3 months. We are mainly an email and telephone based company so bear in mind if you mainly use fax then the rolls will be swallowed up a little quicker.
      Changing the fax roll is very simple. You open the front panel of the machine and lift up a light flap and insert the roll. You then need to push the paper end through the paper exit gap. (If that makes sense)
      I never set this machine up but the manual has step by step instructions inside it and also if you press the HELP button the front panel it will print you out the instructions.
      **Date & Time
      The front screen shows date and time and is easy to set. If you press the date and time button you can then just key in the correct details.

      **Day & Night Mode
      There are 2 modes on the machine Day Mode and Night mode.

      Day mode - alerts you to incoming fax and telephone calls with an out loud noise

      Night mode - mutes the volume so you wouldn't be disturbed.
      This key is present on the front panel. You can even set the day and night mode to timer. We do not use this function as it's for business use but I could imagine if you had this machine in your home it would be useful.

      If you did require this machine in a different language it is possible the options are only European though.

      **Volume & Tones
      There are 5 tones to chose from they are all very basic but adequate, there is also a volume setting that can be adjusted.

      I have only used the attached phone on a handful of occasions but works in the same manner as a normal phone.
      You press the telephone button and dial out.
      Receiving incoming calls - The incoming number appear on the screen. To answer you just pick up the receiver.
      **Sending a Fax
      To send a fax you input the number it is being sent to and press the green button. You then feed the paper in face up. Bob's your Uncle your fax is sent...All being well.
      You will receive a confirmation sheet on whether your fax being sent was successful or not.
      The technical information is as follows -
      Compatibility ITU Group 3
      Type of connection outside line (PSTN) / extension (PABX)
      Flash times outside line: 100 ms
      extension (PABX): 100 ms
      Size of document Width: 148-217 mm
      Length: 105-600 mm
      Thickness: 0.05-0.15 mm
      Maximum scanning width 216 mm ± 1 mm
      Resolution horizontal: 8 points/mm (200 dpi)
      vertical: standard 3.85 lines/mm
      FINE 7.7 lines/mm
      Photo mode 16 grey tones (fax machine without integrated answering device)
      32 grey tones (fax machine with integrated answering device)
      Contrast control automatic
      Copying fine and photo resolution
      Data compression MH, MR
      Modulation V29bis, V27ter, V21
      Transmission speeds 9600/7200/4800/2400 bps
      Sound power level stand by mode: < 20 dBA
      copy mode: < 40 dBA
      Printing method thermal paper printer
      Thermal paper 210/216 mm x 15/30 m roll
      Document feed 1 sheet
      Fax switch DAY/NIGHT/TIMER
      Dimensions 275 x 210 x 108 mm
      Weight about 2 kg
      Power consumption stand by: about 3 W
      telephoning: about 5 W
      sending a standard letter: about 20 W
      receiving a standard letter: about 35 W
      Power supply 220-240 V / 50-60 Hz
      Speech recording time 15 minutes
      Speech output yes
      Allowed operating environment temperature: 5-40 ° C
      relative humidity : 15-85 % RH not condensing
      Recommended operating environment in use:
      temperature: 17-28 ° C
      relative humidity: 20-80 % RH not condensing
      in unplugged status (ready for operation with thermal paper loaded):
      temperature: 0-45 ° C
      relative humidity: 15-85 % RH not condensing

      **My Opinion
      I use this machine primarily for faxes but it has many more features than what I have come across. This fax machine is a little dated compared too many new modern machines but does the job. It is a reliable fax and telephone.
      If I was to buy a telefax I would have to admit I wouldn't buy this machine as there are many newer models on the market. But as for simplicity and reliability I can not fault it.

      Hope this has been of some help


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