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    1 Review
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      30.10.2009 17:02
      Very helpful


      • Reliability


      A great little machine that passes any bleep test.

      ~ My personal experience ~

      Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep! That's all I can hear in my office during working hours as we use this fax machine quite a bit. What I would love is a fax machine that has a sexy voice that's doesn't beep and says "fax sent" in a sexy women's voice, now that would be a cool fax machine.

      Anyway onto the serious stuff, this piece of hardware can multi-task like a women shopping in Harrods. It can ring out and receive calls which give your office an extra phone to use when the usual worker that gabs all day is on the other phone! Yes you know who you are!

      It can fax in the UK and abroad and we have successfully done this for three or four years now so this thing is very reliable and quite user friendly. I have also managed to copy documents, which saves time especially if you only have one photocopier and someone is photocopying their life story.

      The only problem I have with this is that you never quite know if a fax is coming through or if a call is coming in. It tends to produce that in-between noise of a fax and phone call, you eventually pick it up and it's a fax, then it wont transfer the fax through because you have interrupted the transmission of data (great fun but I have experienced this with many fax machines, not just this one).

      You can also use this machine to leave an answering message, for all those people who pull sickies can leave their message early on in a morning. A very reliable and useful fax, I would recommend!

      ~ Technical Specifications ~

      Telephone attached: Yes
      Cordless: Yes
      Printing technology: Ink
      Internet and email function: No
      Modem speed: 14,400 bits per second
      Weight: 5 Kg

      ~ Price & Shop ~

      Well we bought our fax machine from the Amazon website (www.amazon.co.uk). The price was fairly cheap weighing it at only £131 which isn't bad considering the list of things it can perform on a daily basis. The shipping was around £2 which is a really decent price considering how heavy the package is.

      ~ Faxing ~

      Trying to fax on this is very simple, a baby could do it. You just insert 9 before your number and then insert the document you wish to fax and then wait for the paper to be pulled in and then press the green button to send and that's it! To send abroad it can be a bit trickier but with the right minds behind the cogs you will work it out.

      ~ Cartridges ~

      When we first started using the fax the cartridge was perfect and printed documents in perfect quality and precision. Nowadays we use second hand cartridges and it tends to be a bit hit and miss and lines missing from pages as if it has run out, and is more likely to be a procurement problem rather than the fax or hardware problem.

      After four years it is still doing a grand job and will continue to do so as long as it is well looked after and serviced in the precise way. Be warned that the cartridges can be very expensive if you buy the original brand.

      ~ Design ~

      This machine comes in very dull colours, cream and grey. Pretty much all fax machines come in this colour and would prefer a black coloured model but still we love our little machine and it does a great job, day in day out.

      ~ Screen ~

      The message screen is basic text with a few settings that appear e.g. TEL and FAX to state which mode it is set in. It also shows the number dialled and also the number which is faxing through a document to your department.

      There are many different settings which can be turned on and off, for example print a receipt to confirm when a document has been sent successfully. I tend not to do this as I believe it is a waste of paper but for those of you who like this type of utility then it is available on this device.

      ~ Speed Dialling ~

      You can set up to 30 speed dials on this machine which in itself saves massive amounts of time having to type in those fax numbers which you use the most.

      ~ Memory ~

      It can store up to 24 pages per transmission. This doesn't mean that if you want to send a larger document it cannot it just means you will have to free up one page before the 25th page comes through.

      ~ Capacity ~

      This baby can store up to 50 pages of paper in its storage banks and having tried it once does the jobs nicely.

      ~ SMS Text Service ~

      Having tried this, it seems to work rather well. I wanted to text my wife about a piece of news and knew she wasn't at home so I sneakily tried this out and she received it without delay and she replied! A great addition to a fabulous fax machine.

      ~ Resolution ~

      Now when your buying a printer or a fax machine I tend to buy the ones with a high DPI rate (Dots Per Inch). This is because the more dots per inch the better the resolution and quality of the picture/text. This fax machine comes with a 600 x 600 DPI and does the job extremely well, it's not Picasso quality but still its great for the average human eye.

      ~ To conclude...~

      This is one of the best fax machines I have had pleasure working with. With the different tasks it can perform and great reliability, this has to be one of the best fax machines on the market. It can't Google Earth but it can fax to Google Earth.

      The only time I broke it was when I tried to feed it more paper than it could chew and it instantly died and started to panic, spitting paper out like can of fizzy pop.

      The price is pretty decent, the amount of functions on it are excellent and the only downside if it is one if the cartridge replacement cost, but if you shop around enough you will find someone who sells them cheap enough.

      ~ Ratings ~

      Functionality Test: 5/5
      Beep Test: 5/5
      Reliability Test: 5/5
      Cartridge Replacement cost: 4/5

      Overall Rating: 5/5


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