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Stock market training company.

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    2 Reviews
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      16.01.2011 14:21



      Waist of money and hopes

      I had been in a free seminar and was taken by excitement and paid for a week- end course - for the beginner it was interesting but now I realised that there was used lots of misliding concepts and the real push to pay for the Master class seminar which cost a lot of money but we were made sure to know how to trade shares and Quickly return the debts which we were encourage to take paying by Credit cards.
      I spent lots of money believing and blaming my self but after 5 years of trying and investing into trading on line, I realised that I was corned and cheeted. Because to be a trader in a very volatile market you need to pass a test if you psychologically suitable and have a clear mind without fobias and fear to loose money...

      Every one think of this and do not take the propaganda as it is a solution to your life - think and pay when you had a professional advise from diffrent 3 independent advisers...
      Study your best qualities and apply them to the area they are for.
      I do not recommend you to take any costly course by Win Investing and Daren Winters.

      Burnt to zero a fortune - Lara


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      21.02.2010 00:49
      Very helpful



      A good introduction to stock market investments, though not necessarily the best.

      How interesting to see WIN Investing in this cateogory! I've been to several WIN Investing events - a couple of the afternoon freebie events, their big two day course and a re-run of the two day course when they added a third day about psychology, once they realised that trading success depends on traders understanding and coping with both their own psychology and the market's. And markets can be said to have a psychology of their own - the aggregate of all the individuals making trades, of course.

      At any rate. The taster event is held all over the country, on a regular basis. The website currently advertises a couple of events each in towns like Slough, Milton Keynes, St Albans, Manchester, Birmingham, Nottingham, and so on. By now, of course, it has become a franchise, with speakers taken on to spread the word - it was originally only Darren Winters, the man who founded it, and one or two selected others, who had real presence - now, it feels like another viral marketing organisation, eager to rope you in to get you to pull others in.

      The information it gives, however, at both the short and the long events, is good, as far as it goes - and how much information can you give, in any case, about such complex organisations and processes as the international financial markets. stock market trading and derivatives?

      WIN Investing covers both fundamental and technical analysis. The former is the study of the financial health of a company or a country - the balance sheet, in other words. The latter is the analysis of whats called the price action, the way the price moves. Literally hundreds of books, and hundreds of websites, exist to study both these areas, and WIN Investing, of course, can only give the briefest outline of whats actually out there.

      It has to be said that that brief outline is overwhelming to some people. Although the course is pretty expensive - hundreds of pounds a day - on both the courses I went on, there were several people who didn't show up for the second day.

      They make much of the multi-coloured crib sheets of chart patterns, and they're good. In fact, I was looking at my WIN Investing notes literally yesterday, and they're still pretty good. I've synthesized them with other things, of course, they're not the only things I rely on, but its not actually a scam - they do give you something for your money. Even although it seems like they give you a lot, it isn't - there is so much to learn, any course by anyone can only be a drop in the proverbial bucket.

      At the big two/three day events, there can be a couple of thousand people, with one main speaker, and up to a score of people around the edges of the crowd, with event t shirts on, offering to answer questions, which is unnervingly over-enthusiastic. Still, they actually are ordinary people who've managed to use the information they've been given by the WIN Investing courses to start to make money for themselves.

      There's also a monthly evening run in London, and people who've attended the big events are given a free pass to their first monthly meeting. These are much smaller affairs, anything from 50 - 300 people - and I have a sense that only people straight out of the events attend them. For most people, over most of the country, they're too difficult to get to, being in London for the evening. The two or three that I attended weren't terribly well planned or signposted either, which led to a lot of frantic to-ing and fro-ing across London. I didn't bother attending any others, after that.

      There has always been a kind of guarantee, that if you do what the course says, in exactly the steps that it says, and provide proof that you have - if you don't make money doing this, the course fees will be refunded. Sounds good. And the advice is sound - do your research, then do 30 paper trades, then start as small as you can with real money. The reality is that very, very few people truly keep that level of records about their initial research and their paper trades. I know I didn't: I have notes and research dating back to 2006 on my computer, and even I didn't do it.

      The notes you're given for the duration of the course, and to take home with you, are good, no denying it, though often very simplistic. But, once again, they're good pointers towards what you need to know about.

      Its the oldest of the generalised courses on stock investing, and probabily still one of the best. But there's a lot of competition out there, and its probably best to check out the freebie events first, before committing to paying out money. Believe me, there's a lot to learn, and finding out your best route in to the market is worth a little time and effort in itself.


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