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Dimplex Piccolo Freestanding Fire

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Brand: Dimplex / Type: Electric Fire / Type: Mid-size / Freestanding

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    1 Review
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      31.01.2008 21:43
      Very helpful




      Within my house, in my lounge I have a brick fireplace with a huge hole in it that my electric fire used to reside. I never really like this particular fire and when it decided to break I wasn't really that bothered because it was just another excuse to have the option to purchase another one.

      Living on your own isn't easy, pennies come and go and as long as the bills are paid then I am happy. Having the current fireplace ripped out and having a new fireplace that I would have liked was not the option as basically that would cost a lot more money than I would have liked to have paid, so I decided I would get another freestanding fire to replace the one that had broke.

      Believe me I didn't realise how hard this was going to be. I had a little look around and realised that their wasn't much to choose from, it was nearing summer so I didn't need to rush too much as it wasn't going to be used during that time, however I did forget about it. As it got colder I realised that I needed to start looking again. I choose several stove fires that I like the look of and got pretty excited because at last I was going to have something to keep my living room warm, but something always goes wrong and I was restricted with dimensions that would fit into this gap and the ones I had chosen were literally millimeters to fit in. To be honest I didn't think I would find anything, then I looked in the Argos catalogue. Trust me I had looked before and this particular model had never been in, but new season, new lines and all that, i must have had some luck.

      Now the Dimplex Piccolo Freestanding Fire was more or less the only option that I had purely because of the height of the fire and it needed it to fit in the gap, so taking this option I purhased it from Argos, £79.99 at the time which I don't think is too bad at all.

      Its probably not something I woud have chosen however it fits in the gap perfectly and with it being black itso blends in well with the lounge, moreso than the one I had to get rid of so I was extremely happy with this little fire.

      The height of this particular fire is 46.9cm, width 36cm and depth 22cm so is really a tiny little thing and fits perfectly into my 50cm height restriction. At the bottom of the fire it has a grill where the heat comes out of and at the top when the fire is on, it has a burning log effect and artificial flames coming up thorugh the logs.

      The fire has three settings, one being where you can just have the flame effect however with no heat coming out of it, which is nice, if its warm enough but you are having a cosy night in. It also has two heat settings which to be honest I can't tell the difference if one does kick out for heat than the other, all I can say is when it is on the lowest setting is one, there is a huge difference in the warmth in my lounge.

      The only downfall I find with this fire is the noise that it produces. When it is on and kicking out heat, it sure is a noisy little thing and sounds like a fan, however you get used to it as a background noise quite quickly.

      At the end of the day I haven't got a great deal of options available to me, until I save some pennies, however in the meantime I am very happy with my little Dimplex Piccolo to keep me warm.


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    • Product Details

      Mini fire with optiflame elite, 1kw/2kw heat settings, a safety cut out and an integral carry handle. The flame effect can be used independently of the heat.1-Year Guarantee.

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