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Dimplex Whitsbury Electric Fire

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2 Reviews

The Dimplex Whitsbury Electric Fire looks classy and performs very well. Whilst it isn't the cheapest option available, it is very well built, runs quietly and is reliable.

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    2 Reviews
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      11.01.2012 22:21



      A quality fire for a fair price

      We purchased the dimplex whitsbury for £350 from our local B&Q after returning a supercheap electric fire that we found to be cheap looking and incredibly noisey in operation. The dimplex by contrast we found to have the look of a top quality product. Its comes with a box of real coal pieces which you put in the front of the grill and it helps give the fire a quality look, much better than the cheap and nasty plastic fake coals which some cheaper fires have. The grill feels weighty and substantial and coupled with the real coal lends the fire a high quality air.

      The real selling point to this fire is the excellent flame effect and the quiet operation. Many cheaper electric fires we looked at had very noisy fans and fake looking flame effects made up of ribbons being blown in front of an orange lamp. Sitting in front of this fire you can almost begin to imagine its a proper gas fire, but you have the benefits of electric, namely the ease of installation, simply plug it in and off you go. As a bonus we have not noticed a spike in the electric bill so it must be quite an efficient unit.

      Overall I`m glad I spent a bit more than the cheaper alternatives as it looks so good and is nice and quiet in operation.

      Highly recomended!


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      31.12.2011 12:36
      Very helpful



      lovely flame effect attractive fire, does what it says on the tin...

      I bought this dimplex whitsbrury electric fire lace as a compliment to the central heating about two months ago as i needed a boost to the heating in my lounge, i researched the products available at the time as i was looking for a real flame effect fire which could be freestanding flat against a wall as well as an inset in a fireplace opening, one which was cheap to run and did what it said on the tin so to speak in terms of heating the space it was in quite fast.
      After much research i decided on this one based on these details...

      Brushed steel/chrome effect finish
      Unique optiflame effect
      Inset or free standing with a spacer kit included
      Max 2kw output with two heat settings
      Electric energy source
      Cost efficient
      Thermal overload cut-out
      BEAB & CE Approved

      I bought this from b&q on offer at the time for £158.00, the normal price being £199.99, a sucker for a bargain i was pleased with the savings. The fire was supplied in a large strong cardboard box with a plastic handle which was surprisingly light to carry to the checkout considering the size of the box, very large and at least a foot and a half in width.
      My only concern at this point was if it was was going to fit inside the small boot of my small car!......nope! thank the lord for those folding rear seats, we were on our way home.

      OPENING/ SET-UP...
      This product was so easy to open, you just opened the box, removed the padding and lifted the fire which slid out easily already fully assembeld. it was not over packaged like some items are which generate loads of rubbish, it was minimal in terms of waste packaging.
      Set up is the easiest thing ever, seriously you just literally place the fire wherever you want it to live (in my case flat against a wall) there is a small cut out in the surround edge for the wire to sit flush with the wall for easy plug in, then it is as easy as plug in and glow.
      The controls are located just underneath the canopy hood and there are three flip switches, one for the light/glow effect, one for low heat setting, and the last for high heat setting.

      I thought it was a traditional styled fire and looks very tidy and smart. I was slightly concerned after opening it at the flimsyness of the surrounded edge of the fire which is made of a strong plastic, looks nice and is in keeping with the style of the fire but was quite surprised at this as it is quite deceiving and does actually look real and solid. Once placed against the wall and switched on i was satisfied that it was still strong enough to withstand the odd knock and overall it looked fab, very attractive indeed.
      The optifalme effect is definitely the best feature of this fire in my opinion it is quite mesermerising and hypnotic, i would describe this as unique an almost hologram effective way of creating a realistic illusion of real flames with a lovely warming, welcoming and cosy glow which i often find myself hypnotised by (not literally but i am sure you catch my drift!). Toastie, there's nothing quite like the effect of a real fire if it creates such a lovely homely feel, this fire is the new feature of my lounge and my favourite addition to the home, i am very proud of it and totally love it.

      I like that you can just have the flame effect switched on without having to turn the heat on as its such a beautiful focal point and gives a sense of warming just by looking at it, i also like the design and look of the fireplace which is quite traditional and smart at the same time and looks a lot more expensive than what it actually was which for me is an added bonus as it adds to the style of my lounge and gives a toastie warm and cosy feel and creates a more inviting lounge.

      This fire does what it says on the tin and is quite effective as a compliment to the central heating,although it is a little noisy at first when your not used to the sound it makes when you switch it on you notice it more the first few uses and has a kind of very low drone blowing sound, but after a few days i got used to the sound and no longer notice it.
      I do not need to have the heat on very long to feel the benefits, usually around 10-15 minutes at a time whilst waiting for the central heating to kick in then i switch off the heat and just enjoy the glow.

      I've found it to be quite cost effective too, it costs approx 13p per hour to run based on a 6.5kw setting which is another bonus.

      Yes i would, if like me you are looking for a mid-range, cheaper, cost effective, attractive looking fire for use as a secondry heat source. I am very happy and satisfied with this fire and i would have paid full price for it had it not been on offer at the time.

      A simple to set-up and use straight out of the box fire......just plug in and glow!


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