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Asda Great Stuff Plasters

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2 Reviews

Brand: Asda / Type: Kids Plasters / Dosage Form: Plasters

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    2 Reviews
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      28.05.2012 19:17
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      Great stuff plasters

      After running out of my daughters Elastoplast Disney princess plasters, I wanted to get her some more child friendly plasters, but without the price tag. Off I went to Asda.

      --- Information ---
      There are three different size plasters and a different number of each different size inside the box.
      2cm x 4cm - 9 plasters
      2cm x 7cm - 22 plasters
      4cm x 7cm - 5 plasters
      A box of these Asda great stuff plasters cost 83p and you get 36 plasters in total.

      --- Our experience ---
      The packaging is quite colourful with a bright blue cardboard box and a cool cartoon picture of a boy surfing on top of a plaster. The back of the box tells us these plasters are wash proof and have a hypoallergenic adhesive.

      I was quite disappointed when I first went to put one of these on my daughters leg, with her old Elastoplast plasters the whole plaster had a nice design but these Asda plasters are just plain white and don't seem very fun and exciting for children.

      Digging around in the box, I found 3 sheets of plasters with 12 stickers on each sheet, that totals 36 stickers, enough for 1 sticker on each plaster. There are only 6 different designs though, which is a shame as its not really much of a choice for children and each design features a background colour and an animal. Each sticker is circular and quite small.

      After the plasters have been applied, they are very sticky and can last through quick baths without falling off and floating to the top of the water. I like the fact they are hypoallergenic aswell as it gives more peace of mind. They can last for a couple of days before falling off, so the adhesive really is quite good. I can't say the same for the stickers, they are prone to falling off quite quickly. If my daughter has a plaster around her finger, because its not flat, after the sticker has been applied it starts to flake off almost instantly. They are useless, I don't bother with them anymore and just use the plasters for myself.

      At just 83p for a box of 36 plasters, it works out to a little over 2p per plaster. I think this is quite good value for money for plasters, not for children's plasters though. The stickers that can be applied to the plasters are useless, but the plasters themselves are very sticky and wash proof.


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        22.04.2012 21:09
        Very helpful



        Not very good at all really!

        After running out of plasters and somehow (don't even ask how!) ending up in Asda, I decieded I might as well buy them there. As well as buying some plain ones for the adults, I thought I would also invest in some of these, something a bit more fun and colourful for the kids. Although both of my kids are a bit older now (11 and 17) we still frequently have some of my friends younger children come round. So after seeing these I thought they would be quite nice because to put it nicely, most of my friends children are crybabys and won't shut up until they have a plaster on their cut, graze or normally redish mark!
        The Box

        The box is reasnoably small and is perfect for first aid kits or your handbag. Being made of cardboard is also a plus because it can get battered around a bit and it won't show much on the box itself, or the plasters inside. On the box itself is a picture of a boy surfing or flying one of the plasters, I'm not sure which!
        The Plasters

        The plasters themselves have 9 sized 1.9cms x 3.8cms, (the smallest)
        22 sized 1.9cms x 7.2cms (the medim sized)
        5 sized 3.8cms x 7.2cms. (and finally the biggest)
        If I had looked at the box properly, I would have actually noticed that the plasters themelves are plain white and very ... well... boring! But me being me, I hadn't looked and so was a bit shocked when my friends daughter had hurt her knee and instead of a colourful plaster to cheer her up, was greeted by a boing plaster. "For old people" as she called it! But after delving into the box, I also found 3 sheets of 12 little round stickers. Only after did I work out that you were supposed to decorate them your selfs. At first I thought this was a very good idea as she had a good chose of colours and little animals on the stickers there was monkey on yellow, a rabbit on dark green, a donkey on red, a raccoon on purple, a shark on light green, and a ladybird on blue. She took a while and I think eventually decided on a rabbit.

        My experiences
        After we had stuck on the rabbit she was happy and I think she mostly forgot about her leg, which was good because the cut did look a bit sore when I had looked at it. So far it was going and I was pleased when my friend came to collect her and she didn't even mention the cut. But as reported back from my friend, it was a different story at night when the stickiness wore off! Aparently she woke up my friend at about 3 in the morning because it was sore and rubbing on her duvet. Luckily she did have some spare "old peoples" plasters and was able to get a few more hours sleep! When they did actually find the plaster, the sticker wasn't actually attached, and to this day, I don't think they know where that dissapered to! Needless to say, when these ran out I didn't rush out too get more!

        Overall I would say that they are not really bad for a pound because my friends daughter has said to me that they were really nice when they were still on and really did take the edge off of the cut. But I would say definetly stay with the trustworthy plasters with pictures of princesses or dinasours on! So 2/5 stars for me - it only grabbed back that 2nd star because of how comfy she said they were!

        Thanks for reading! Please rate and comment x


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