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Boots Absorbant Hydrocolloid Dressing

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Designed to absorb excess fluid and promote faster healing.

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    1 Review
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      22.07.2008 12:17
      Very helpful



      Boots Hydrocolloid dressings.

      Boots Hydrocolloid Dressings.

      £4.99 for five assorted dressings, or averaging out at around a pound each.

      Cardboard box containing five dressings in two sizes; (3) of 70mm x 50mm and (2) of 73 mm x 80mm. The larger ones can actually be cut in half if needed, though it does not suggest this on the box.

      There are clear instructions for use on the back in black, reasonable size font on a light grey background.

      There is also the website of Boots displayed should you need further information: www.boots.com

      What are they?
      These are basically two different sized dressings that are applied like a plastic film, which is what they look like. They are designed for weeping (not bleeding) cuts or grazes.

      They are actually made of polyurethane and are designed to promote 'moist' healing. They ensure that you do not get a scab and they are completely hygenic as they form a barrier between the wond and the outside air. They also reduce scarring as no scabs form and the skin does not break further.

      The longer you leave the dressing on, the better the healing process, though 3 days is the maximum.

      ~~~Ease of use~~~
      Okay, the first time I used a large one I found the 'wings' quite difficult to detach meaning the dressing got rumpled, after that it has been fine. They feel okay on, you do not even notice them, and as they are clear, they are hardly nticable by others.

      Do they Work?
      Well, I am diabetic and unfortunately I have a few minor problems with my feet; generally I will get blisters (as we all do) that refuse to heal and I end up with weeping sores that are extremely painful.

      I have tried; conventional plasters, lint dressings, cotton dressings, antiseptic cream, steroid cream, all to little or no avail. These dressings are the first thing that as actually helped. It takes two or three each time but I have been 'sore free' for a few weeks which is bliss and well worth £3.

      ~~~~~Final thoughts~~~~~
      These are not a cheap option, however they work and I cannot put a price on that. I will always keep a pack of these in the medicine cabinet as they really are pretty good. There is a wonderful medical explanaition of how they work that you can read if interested, including research carried out on these type of dressings, the link is below:


      Sorry had to 'break' the link up to be accepted by Dooyoo.


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    • Product Details

      Designed to absorb excess fluid and promote faster healing.

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