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Boots Advanced Healing Waterproof Film Dressing

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Brand: Boots / Type: Plasters

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    1 Review
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      22.07.2011 13:13
      Very helpful



      I won't buy them again

      A couple of weeks ago I was shopping in town and managed to trip over an only slightly raised flagstone - my mom always used to tell me to pick my feet up when I walked! LOL!

      Anyway, apart from the obvious embarrassment, there was no real harm done apart from a large scrape on my right forearm and another on my left knee.

      Initially I used the large plasters that I had in the first aid kit at home together with Savlon but when I ran out of plasters I headed off to Boots for more. What I wanted was some more of the dressings that I had used for my hand when I had my operation but, sadly, Boots didn't stock them - I must stock up next time I am in Tesco's.

      I chose an item from the Boots Advanced First Aid range called Faster Healing waterproof Film Dressing with Absorbent Pad - what a mouthful that name is!

      The box containing just 5 plasters cost me a whopping £4.69 but it was all that they had in the size that I wanted. The writing on the box made the plasters sound really impressive so I decided to give them a go.

      The Box and Claims

      The plasters come in a flat, sealed cardboard box so you can't take a look at what you are buying before you buy it.

      The box is coloured in shades of blue and green and on the front there is the name of the product, the fact that the box contains five hypo allergenic dressings and the following claims:

      Specifically for:
      Minor cuts and grazes with light weeping or bleeding
      Reducing Scarring
      Relieving Pain

      On the back of the box there is a description of how the plasters will work which is:

      'Faster healing waterproof film dressing with absorbent pad has a breathable, waterproof and germproof polyurethane backing, which maintains a moist environment under the dressing. Wounds heal more effectively if they are not allowed to dry out. This leads to no hard scab formation, reduced pain, reduced scarring and faster healing.'

      There is further information together with full instructions of how to put the plaster on. The idea is that you leave the plaster in place for as long as possible to aid the recovery process but you are able to bathe and wash without removing the plaster so this is OK. In fact you are able to leave the plaster on the wound for up to seven days.

      The other information on the back of the box is the size of the plasters contained therein. There are three plasters measuring 53mm by 72mm and two plasters measuring 100mm by 60mm.

      The Plasters and Application

      The plasters themselves looked strange as I am used to using fabric plasters so looking at a plaster which looked like a pad stuck to a bit of clear plastic was odd.

      I first made sure that the grazes were both clean and as dry as they could be and then I placed one plaster on my knee and another on my forearm using a little bit of Savlon with each one. I didn't need to check the instructions as to how to apply them as it was just the same as any other plaster.

      Although the plasters were polyurethane and not the fabric that I was used to they both felt very comfortable and the pad was thick enough to protect the wound so I soon forgot that I even had them on.

      The Results

      I put the plasters on during the afternoon and when I woke up the following morning the one on my knee was itching like mad! I don't have particularly sensitive skin but the skin around the plaster was red and very itchy so I removed it straight away.

      The one on my forearm was fine and there was no redness or itching so I left that one in situ for a couple of days. When I removed it I was very impressed to find that the graze was indeed almost healed, with no hard scab and just a film of dry skin across it.

      In Conclusion

      I would have to say that these plasters did what they said on the box and I was very impressed. Obviously I will have to reduce the rating to only four stars partly because I think the price is excessive and partly because of the reaction that I suffered.

      I have written to Boots and they have sent me a questionnaire to fill in and return together with the remaining three plasters and the box. They have also promised to refund my money so i am happy with that.


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