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Boots Faster Healing Burn Plaster Kit

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Dosage Form: Plasters / Type: Plasters

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    1 Review
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      27.03.2009 21:47
      Very helpful



      Loses a star for having 1 year shelf life,

      ~~~Why I bought the kit~~~

      A couple of weeks ago, during a spate of really cold weather and living in a house which gets freezing cold at night with heating costs phenomenally high, I decided to use a hot water bottle in my bed to warm my little tootsies as I hate my feet being cold. I use my bottle most nights throughout winter and generally fill it using my kettle (after letting it cool substantially) my children have hot water bottle covers, nice fluffy ones! But the cover I have was in the washing as I accidentally dropped it into the sink when emptying the bottle the previous night. I decided to go ahead and use the hot water bottle without the cover, and as I was wearing woolly socks and long pyjamas thought no harm could be done anyway. (conjuring up that very sexy image there lol - and I wonder why I'm single!)

      So I poured the water into a plastic jug before pouring into my bottle and secured the cap in place and hugged the bottle, nice and hot - perhaps a little too hot at the top but it usually cools pretty quickly anyway so didn't let that bother me. Off to brush my teeth and then hop into bed all nice and cosy.

      Fast forward 7 hours until morning and I get up after hitting the snooze button several times (little blighter) groaning I make my way to the bathroom, strip off and jump under the shower. As I quickly wash myself I notice a small red mark on my right leg...I think nothing more of it and get dried and dressed quickly so that I don't get chilled.

      That night when I go for my bath I pop my leg into the bath and almost howl at the instant pain I experience, at first I think the bath water must be too hot, but on closer inspection I notice that the small red mark on my leg from that morning has grown, it is very angry looking and is beginning to welt up. I realise then that I must have burnt it through the night on the hot water bottle (nothing else could explain it)

      Next morning I woke up, after a very troubled sleep, tossing and turning to avoid rubbing it against the duvet. I look down and realise the burn has erupted into a huge water blister, with a tiny little one beside it, the size of the blister was about the same size as a 20p although slightly more elongated and was about 3-4mm raised. I know that burns should be allowed to heal themselves so for the first few days I left it to try allow it to heal, and reduce itself. Knowing that blister fluid usually absorbs itself back into the body and to check for any green/yellow colour (surely a sign of infection) it stayed clear thankfully.
      The blister didn't change at all for about 5 days, and then I accidentally bumped it whilst playing with the children; it wasn't too painful at the time, but liquid started leaking out, which I knew if left uncovered could get infected. I only had normal plasters at home so left it that night, with just a touch of Savlon applied.

      Next morning I popped into Boots on my way to work, and asked the pharmacy assistant for some advice regarding keeping it clean and she recommended the faster healing burn plaster kit.

      ~~~The Kit~~~

      This is made specifically for burns; it contains 2 dressings and 3 plasters, and cost me around £3.50 so not cheap at all. The dressings and plasters are contained within a foil wrapper which keeps them sterile until you need to use them. You are advised to clean the affected area well with a mild antiseptic or water first and to make sure you completely dry the area before applying the dressing/plaster. The dressings are 44mm x 74mm and the plasters 25mm x 75mm wide so are big enough for most small minor burns. To use them is simple enough, simply remove plaster from wrapper and place centrally over area, and then remove the wing layer on top. The dressing and plaster itself is clear so makes it almost invisible so won't look too unsightly. They have a gel layer which makes them very comfortable and cushioned. It is also advised you change the dressing at least once per day.

      ~~~My thoughts on the kit~~~

      I used the 2 dressings over the 2 days and then on the 3rd day just used one of the plasters which was just a smaller version of the dressing. After that I felt the blister had subsided enough that I could allow the air to get at it to heal it naturally. I was left with a moist looking area, which was beginning to heal. No open sores or scabbing so far, so far the plasters had done what they promised.

      The plasters were easy to use, and smoothed out quite well, although some may find it a little difficult to get used to it initially, the plaster once pressed down smooth won't shift about, it stays where it is until you peel it off. I even had a bath wearing mine and it didn't fall off or start to peel at all. The gel layer is very cooling, and helped soothe the soreness initially, and the only time I felt any pain at all was when I bumped my leg on anything or rubbed against anything.

      My only bugbear with the plaster was when removing the final dressing, I kept it on from early Saturday night after my bath and didn't remove it until after my bath on Sunday night, the gel had begun to dry out just a little and a little bit of my skin (dead blister) stuck to the plaster...it wasn't that painful at the time but left my wound quite shiny and open (although no bleeding or weeping) I put one of the plasters on it to make sure it didn't bleed or anything overnight, and then removed it in the morning. I then left my burn uncovered for 2 whole days and it began to heal nicely, you could see that a thin layer of skin formed just over the burn, no pus or weeping or bleeding has occurred and as long as I was very careful it didn't hurt too much, any slight knocks or bumps to it were a little sore though. But the main plus point for me is that there was very little scabbing at all and even now a couple of weeks later it remains a purple colour with what looks like a small hole just under the skin!


      There are a few warnings on the packaging, these are:
      DO NOT use on wounds or burns that are infected or bleeding, you should check with pharmacist for treatment of these.
      DO NOT use if wrapper is damaged or the gel is dried out.
      DO NOT use after the sell by date which is displayed on the bottom of the pack (the sell by date on my box was Feb2010 - just under a year from when I bought it.

      You are also given some advice - if the wound becomes reddened or swollen or does not appear to heal you should seek medical advice. And for larger or more severe burns medical attention will be needed.
      Nowhere on the pack does it say what the gel is made from and I cannot find the little leaflet that came in the pack. But I had no adverse reactions to this at all, but if you are unsure or have had any reactions to similar products in past then I would personally advise you to ask the pharmacist before you buy.

      Despite the high price for what is essentially 5 plasters it is money well spent in my opinion, I don't know how the blister would have healed without them, as I have never had such a big blister before, but I have read horror stories in magazines and newspapers about people who have had to have limbs amputated after burns becoming infected! Scary thought indeed!
      So for me this product comes with a high recommendation but don't rush out to buy it for your first aid box, because of the 1 yr shelf life you may not get the use out of it before it goes out of date, only buy it when you need it.

      Thanks for reading
      Michelle Mar09.


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