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Boots Melolin Wound Dressing

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Highly absorbent - Absorbs excess moisture from the wound.

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    3 Reviews
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      26.10.2012 23:42
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      Boots Melolin Wound Dressing Pads.

      The Product
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      The product I am reviewing is Boots own brand of Melolin wound dressing pads. I recently had a skin tag removed from the lower part of my leg and a dressing had been placed on it over the stitches. I was told to keep this on for the rest of the day and replace it with a new one if it got too messy. For some reason my leg decided to bleed a lot and blood was seeping through the pad. I went to my local Boots store to ask for their advice and they advised me to change it in order to keep it clean until it was healed enough to leave it uncovered. I purchased some of the Melolin dressing pads as this was what was put on when I left the hospital. There dressing pads come in a dark green box and it has Boots logo on the top left hand corner. It tells you a bit of information on the front of the box and shows a picture of the dressing pad. On the back it tells you some information about the product and how to use it. Melolin is ideal for first aid wound coverage as it's highly absorbent which means it absorbs excess moisture from the wound. It also has multi layers, providing protection and cushioning to the wound and it's easily removed with a low adherent film. The pads are also individually wrapped and are sterile until opened. The box contains 5 dressings; each is 5cm x 5cm which was the perfect size for what I needed.

      = = = = = = = =
      I purchased a pack of these from my local Boots store for £2.49 which I thought was reasonable value. They do a range of different sized dressing pads in here.

      Using the Product
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      Before using the product gently clean the wound and then apply the dressing to the wound, ensuring the shiny side of the dressing is against the wound. Secure the dressing in place with some tape or bandage. Apply a fresh dressing when needed. The dressing pads are only suitable for a single use. I gently took the old pad off and looked at the wound that I had. I could clearly see the stitches and a little blood which was still bleeding. I didn't want to clean it, in fear of pulling the stitches or making it worse so I took the pad out of the packaging and applied it to the wound ensuring that the shiny side was against the wound. I then used some surgical tape (also purchased from boots) to ensure the dressing stayed in place. The pad is a bright white in colour and was really soft against the wound and didn't cause any irritation to my skin. A lot of the time I couldn't even feel that I had it on as it was so light and soft and flexible against my skin. The dressing was easy to apply (perhaps easier if you have an extra pair of hands). I removed the dressing the following day after leaving it on for at least 24 hours and there was a small amount of blood on the dressing. I decided that it wasn't necessary to put another dressing on as it would be good to get some air to it wound to help it heal. The wound was fine left uncovered from then on and I didn't need re-apply a new dressing.

      Overall Opinion
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      The wound dressing pads are good value for money and are quick and easy to use. All the time I was wearing the dressing pad it felt comfortable and my wound felt protected. I haven't actually had a reason to use the dressing pads since I used one on my leg, how-ever I do still have 4 left in the pack should I need them for anything again. The date they are meant to be used by is 2015, so they have a lot longer on them yet. I would definitely recommend as they can be used for cuts, grazes and minor burns. There is no pulling of the skin or wound when removing the pad as it just simply pulls away without sticking to the skin. I would definitely purchase these again as I think they are of very reasonable value and are of good quality. I can't fault these in any way so they get the full 5 stars they deserve.

      (review may also appear on ciao)


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        03.11.2010 20:30
        Very helpful




        I had surgery on my back last year and I had an incision which was about 4 inches long along my spine. The Tissue Viability nurse at the hospital recommended that I put Melolin on the wound - and did give me a small supply to get me started. However, because it was in a place that would rub on my trousers or get sweaty (ugh....I know that sounds gross!), I got through these dressings very quickly and consequently had to purchase some new dressings myself. I wasn't sure I would be able to get the Melolin dressings over the counter, but after talking to the pharmacist, she assured me that all Boots stores stock Melolin - as to many smaller chemist chains.

        With my operated on finger now (hopefully) on the mend, I have to try to dress it mself in between visits to the hospital. I bought this pack of dressings because i found that the sticky dressings were too much trouble when I tried to cut them off using scissors with my left hand. A packet of 3 10cm x 10cm dressings cost me £2.39 - which I have to admit was cheaper than I thought it would be. I probably went through a two dressings a day, but I think that was peculiar to my situation as they certainly don't need to be changed daily under normal circumstances.

        Melolin is a dressing that is particularly good for wounds that ooze a lot and therefore are likely to become very sticky and get stuck to the wound, or are likely to need changing regularly because of becoming wet. Melolin is both highly absorbant and also is has a non-stick design and so its ideal for wounds of this type. The dressing comes enclosed in a paper envelope and it is sterile while it remains in the envelope. When you take it out, you'll see that one side of the dressing is shiny and the other side it fluffy. It is padded but still thin - maybe about 5mm deep.

        To use, you first have to cut it to the size that you need. However, for my back, it was just the right size and I didn't need to make any adjustments. Boots also do a 5cm x 5cm size and so you can pick the dressing that best suits the wound you are covering. Although its a bit of a pain having to cut the dressing to the optimal size (well, you don't have to, but that's the idea), it also means that you can adapt the dressing to fit the wound which can be a better option, especially for wounds in smaller areas (like fingers and toes).

        When you have cut the correct size, you then simply stick the dressing onto the cleaned wound, shiny side down. The shiny side is the non-stick side. Because there is no adhesive on the dressing itself, you then have to use tape to secure the dressing in place. To start with I used micropore (like a paper tape for dressings) but I found this wasn't sticky enough and I eventually moved away from this and onto Tegaderm (a plastic film you can stretch over the top). Again, it is a bit of a pain not having an adhesive surface and I wish they would bring out the dressing with an adhesive border, even though this would mean you obviously couldn't trim it to the most optimal size.

        I did find that this dressing was non-stick and did not attach to my wound at all and therefore it was easy to remove and caused no more trauma to the wound area (and was pain free!). I have very sensitive skin, but I also had no reaction to the dressing. When I removed the dressing I could see a whole load of gunky stuff on the shiny area, but the tissue padding area remained clean and dry and therefore I surmise that it was pretty absorbant.

        I recommend this dressing for wounds that need a bit of padding and need something that is non-stick and absorbant. It does work and it is also recommended by the experts.


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        08.03.2009 23:20
        Very helpful




        Melolin wound dressing pads

        With my operated on finger now (hopefully) on the mend, I have to try to dress it mself in between visits to the hospital. I bought this pack of dressings because i found that the sticky dressings were too much trouble when I tried to cut them off using scissors with my left hand.

        WHAT ARE THEY?

        These were apparently originally developed for use in hospitals and are to be used for first aid wound dressing. The dressings are highly absorbent, so they can absorb excess moisture from the wound, multi layered and therefore cushioned to provide protection, low adherent so they don't hurt when removed, and sterile until opened.

        So, these appear to be ideal for my stitched and very painful finger!

        The wound dressings come in a green easy to open packet, which can be closed by pushing the flap under the packet.

        When I open the packet I find as i expect, five individually wrapped packets. Thankfully, given the limited use of my right hand, these can be torn open and when I open them up, inside each is a 5cm by 5cm dressing.

        The dressings themselves are white and when I open the packet, they do seem to be soft and absorbent. There is a soft side and a more shiny side, which is the side which has to be applied to the wound, presumably so that the wound doesn't stick to the dressing.

        They can be asily cut to size but remember that they are not sterile once the packet has been open, so although they are too big for my wound, i tend to just cut them to size and shape and then throw the excess dressing away.

        HOW TO USE THEM...

        The instructions for use are clearly stated on the back of the packet, and they really are very simple to use:

        * Clean the wound
        * Apply shiny side of the melolin to the wound
        * Secure the dressing with dressing tape (I use micropore)
        * Apply a fresh dressing as required

        There is a note that pressure should be applied to bleeding wounds and that if the wound is serious or there is infection, then a doctor should be consulted, which I think is common sense.


        Available online at www.boots.com or instore, the 5 wound dressings, 5cm by 5cm cost £2.34. they are also available in 10cm by 10cm for bigger wounds.


        This is excellent stuff for wounds. With a small pair of scissors, it's easy to cut even with my non cutting hand, and no scissors are needed to open the packet.

        The shiny bit of the dressing means that it has not stuck to the wound even though it's fairly disgusting, and the fact that it's nicely cushioned means that although my finger is still sore I don't worry too much about bumping it; I'm still careful though!

        Once the dressing is laid onto the wound, it's fairly easy to wrap a bit of micropore or similar round it and there it stays. I add a finger dressing for extra piece of mind when at work but when in the house this dressing gives me enough protection.

        When i remove it, there is no need for scissors as I can just unwrap the micropore and this dressing really does come off without taking any of the wound and scab with it. Sounds awful but that's a horrible thought, thinking that the scab will come off!

        For anyone wanting a sterile convenient and comfortable dressing I would recommend this- i have gone through packets of the stuff now.

        Thanks for reading

        Daniela xx


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      • Product Details

        Highly absorbent / Absorbs excess moisture from the wound.

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