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Boots Pharmaceuticals Adult Travel Bands

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Brand: Boots / Travel Sickness Bands

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    1 Review
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      06.07.2012 13:31
      Very helpful



      An ideal solution to travel sickness

      I'm not the best traveller and I don't mean that I am nervous but more that I suffer with travel sickness although never actually ill I just find that I suffer with a horrible nauseous feeling which will be fully expected. I only suffer when travelling by plane or on a boat/ship and in such a confined space I do find that it starts to make me feel a little panicked and even stressed as when aboard a plane there is really little you can do which is what gets me slightly flustered. Therefore, before any flight or trip I tend to take travel sickness tablets but sometimes I don't find them effective enough which does lead to me look for alternative remedies to hopefully work in conjunction with the tablets.

      Last year I knew I was going to be taking quite a few plane journeys although relatively short trips I didn't want to feel nauseous in front of clients and went on the hunt for something else. I looked at herbal products and different tablets but in the end I opted for travel bands. I have previously had a pair which had since disappeared so I bought another set from Boots. Boots do their own version simply called the Adult Travel Bands 12 years +. As these can obviously be used in conjunction with travel sickness tablets I was very hopeful that these would help me feeling relatively normal during the flights.

      Travel bands are quite common, you will find them in most airport stores as well as online stores and obviously Boots. Travel bands are based on the ancient Chinese principles of acupressure which for many decades this has been used to help ease forms of motion sickness and even morning sickness. The Boots travel bands come in a clear little plastic case and the bands themselves are grey in colour and less than an inch wide. On the inside there is a little white piece of plastic which is curved - this is the bit that wrests on your wrist which is similar to the Chinese acupressure. The bands are made from a soft material so they won't irritate your wrists or cause any discomfort.

      As said above the travel bands are based on the ancient Chinese practice of acupressure. Acupressure is intended to work by restoring the balance of the positive and negative ions in the body as they believe it is the imbalances that affect your health. Therefore, to use these bands effectively you need to place them on your wrist properly - putting them anywhere on your wrist is just pointless and they just won't be effective. When you buy the travel bands there is a little instruction guide as to how to use them and if you want to make yourself feel better during the day then it is worth taking two minutes just to read through it so you know where to place them. The travel bands are classed as 'adult' but can be worn by children over the age of 12 years.

      Each band must be worn - there is no point in wearing just one as it is pointless! The little plastic button needs to ultimately sit on the Nei Kuan point on your wrist and to find this you need to place your middle three fingers on the inside of the wrist to make sure you are doing it properly the side of your third finger should just be on the first wrist crease. To find the exact spot for the little button to go is just under the edge of your index finger hopefully between the two central tendons. This is where both bands should be on both your wrists to hopefully rid you from any motion or morning sickness. Now for me it took a few attempts to get the positioning right and I would expect that some people won't bother reading the instructions and will ultimately not wear them correctly and won't feel the benefits.

      This isn't my first pair of travel bands and I don't know why I didn't consider them first when looking for another travel sickness product. I find that as long as I wear them correctly they do make a considerable difference as to how I feel when traveling by plane and by boat (I don't suffer with travel sickness in the car). I must admit trying to figure out how to wear them correctly was a bit of a faff as I was probably naïve in the fact that I thought you just put them straight on and that was it. However, now I know how to wear them properly I don't have any issues with the travel bands whatsoever. I find that they are easy to wear and do live up to the promise that they start working immediately.

      I do wear these in conjunction with travel sickness tablets so my opinion may differ than others who wear them solely. But as I find that travel sickness tablets are not as effective as I would like I do think these bands help my motion sickness quite a lot. Instead of feeling that I just need to lie down and close my eyes to try and ease the feeling by wearing the bands I do find that I feel a lot better, I can actually read the inflight magazine without feeling ill within a few minutes or even read from my e-reader which when wanting to pass the time is great especially now I can do it without feeling ill. How they would work on their own is not something I know but I find that they work for me, best of all they don't come with any horrible side effects.

      With a price of £8.19 per set they are not the cheapest way of curing motion or morning sickness but the fact that they don't need re-buying (unless of course like me you lose them) so that one off payment will last you for years and years as they wear incredibly well. Mine still look brand new despite being worn many times. I would definitely recommend these especially if you don't like taking tablets or are looking for an alternative. They haven't let me down yet. Definitely worthy of 4 stars, would have been 5 but they are a little pricey.

      ~ Useful Information ~

      Brand: Boots
      Availability: In store or online
      Price: £8.19 (they are on the 3 for 2 offer)
      Colour: Grey
      Size: One size fits all

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