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Co-operative Clear Waterproof Plasters

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Brand: Co-operative / Type: Plasters

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    1 Review
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      27.05.2013 19:29
      Very helpful



      A convenient purchase from the local convenience store, I happily recommend

      **THE NASTY BIT**
      These were not bought after any degree of prolongued research, but simply because they were the only option available in the village when I indulged in a bit over-enthusiastic glass-washing on Saturday. I only had a couple of plasters in the house, and lets just say they weren't up to the job .... no need to go into the gory details!

      Given the choice I wouldn't have chosen clear plasters, I usually prefer the fabric ones, but with no option, these were purchased.

      In the packet are 40 plasters in three sizes: 12 of 19x38mm, 20 of 19x72mm and 8 of 25x76mm. My injury is on the side of my hand, so a bit awkward, and I needed two of the larger sized plasters. The box is lightly sealed which is easy to break and then leaves the box easy to open and then to re-close. Inside the plasters are individually wrapped, attached to other plasters of the same size but easily perforated. You open the plaster by tearing the wrapping apart at the end which is clearly marked with blue arrows. This was easy to do, as was getting the back off the plasters themselves, and ease of doing all those things was pretty high on the list of important factors in my particular case!

      The front of the packet states that these are breathable to aid healing, and there are tiny (almost undetectable) dots/holes in the plasters. The plasters' composition is listed as Polyethylene, Adhesive, Cotton pad and protective release Paper. The feel of them is a little rough to the touch although not too harsh. The back of the pack gives more information about how the plasters work (helping to keep the wound dry and that they allow air to reach the wound to assist healing) and also says that the adhesive is "low allergy", therefore a reduced risk of a reaction. Advice for usage is given, advising how to treat the wound before applying, how to apply, to replace at least daily, and to use only once.

      The biggest issue I have with these plasters so far is that the pads which go onto the wound are not perfectly central on the "sticky" part. There's plenty of the sticky bit at either end (lengthways) but where the pad is positioned, it's more to one side (sideways) so whilst at one side there is enough sticky to adhere to my hand, at the other side there is no more than 2mm, which means it can't stick down. Obviously therefore in this case, the product falls down on the "keeping the wound dry" claim.

      The other negative is a far more personal one, and that is that I don't like the look of these white "LOOK AT ME" pads on my hands. I much prefer the more traditional fabric type, I think they're more discreet.

      The best thing about these plasters is that where they stick, they really do stick! Since I started using them, I've done everything as normal, including washing and showering, even facing my nemesis the washing up, and there is no sign or danger of the plaster coming off. Despite being so securely stuck, they don't feel uncomfortable though, which is a good thing too.

      Another major positive was that the claim to aid healing does appear to have some weight behind it. Despite the depth of the cuts, even after the first 24 hours of having the palster on there were visible signs of them knitting together, and the wounds were really clean. My skin did not react to the adhesive, although that's not something I would expect to normally suffer with anyway.

      When it came to taking the plasters off, they peeled off easily and painlessly and didn't leave any marks around the edges like others have been known to on me.

      The other best bits are the packaging and the ease of getting into the plasters when by definition, if you're treating yourself, you're likely to be hindered in part somewhere along the line, bearing in mind you need the plaster!

      **A BIT OF A SUMMARY**
      A very good product in the absence of alternatives, which I probably would not normally have used. Although I don't like the look of them, plasters aren't intended to be a fashion statement, so the positives definitely outweigh the negatives, and I may well find myself stocking up on these again when this pack runs out.


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