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Dentek Dental First Aid Kit

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Brand: Dentek / Type: First Aid

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    3 Reviews
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      28.10.2010 21:45
      Very helpful
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      won't buy it again

      I bought a dentek emergency dental kit from a chemist last year as I was on my way to an important function and I lost part of a filling. I went to a chemist and they had one of the kits for me to buy, so I had a quick look and thought I would get it.

      I got a small selection of items to help with my problem and I hoped it would be able to fill the gap left by my absent filling for long enough for me to see the dentist.

      I paid £6.99 for the kit and I think it was very over priced as it was of a poor quality when I tried to use it. It looked tidy in the box, but was almost useless when I tried to solve my problem.

      In the pack there was a small plastic container for any lost fillings or crowns if you lost them. That was good I thought, but not of use to me at the time.

      There was also some cleaning bud type things to use to apply the tooth filling stuff. I used them but they only worked a bit and I had to use my finger to make the filler stay in my tooth. They didn't work well to apply the gel either.

      There was a very small amount of the tooth filler in the pack and some pain killing eugenol gel to stop any pain. I found the filler was rubbish it didn't sit right in my tooth and was very soft and not strong enough to last.

      When I managed to get it in place after messing about with it I knew it would not be there for long. When I cleaned my teeth that night the whole thing fell out and I didn't bother to re fix some more, as it was not good at all.

      My mistake was not to allow it to set fully before having a drink, but I still think it should have worked better than it did.

      I would not recommend this at all as it is over priced and does not do a very good job at filling your tooth when you need it to. I was lucky and got my tooth sorted, but this did not help me.


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        29.06.2010 14:00
        Very helpful



        A good short term fix until you can get to a dentist.

        A few weeks ago whilst I was at work on a Friday night, I suddenly noticed a substantial sized hole in one of my top teeth. I just happened to touch it with my tongue, I am not sure how long it had been there but I was more than a little worried. I didn't have any pain or anything but clearly a hole in your tooth is not ideal. Being the weekend and with no chance of seeing a dentist until the Monday, I popped into Boots, which is next door to where I work and had a chat with the pharmacist. They recommended that I fill the tooth myself using this Dentek temporary filling kit until I went to see the dentist. Here is how I got on ......

        What do you get ? - The Dentek first aid kit is a little set that is supposed to help you treat your tooth problems until you can reach a dentist. It comes in a little plastic case that is ideal for when you are travelling and for home use as it keeps it all nice and together in the cabinet.
        In the case you get a little clear pot to keep crowns or teeth that have fallen out, a small pot of temporary filling material, a .125fl oz pot of Eugenol liquid, a wooden stick and three cotton buds.
        Be careful when you open the pack because the instructions are printed on the cardboard packaging, I didn't realise and just ripped it open meaning I had to fix it all back together so I could read how to use it.

        When to use it ? The kit enables you to replace lost fillings, fill new holes or secure loose crowns, caps or inlays. The main thing to remember is that it is a temporary solution, you must see a dentist as soon as you can to avoid any complications or pain.

        How to use it - I used to fill a hole - here is how .
        Wash your mouth with warm water.
        Using the cotton bud pat the affected tooth with the Eugenol liquid, this is really strong smelling, it also really stings if it touches your cheek or tongue so be careful.
        Take a small amount of the temporary filling material and roll it into a little ball, then push it into the hole.
        Bite down to give a comfortable bite and then remove any excess material.
        Do not eat for at least three hours, it's best to do it before you go to bed to give it a good amount of time to set.
        That's it job done - until it falls out, which in my case was the next night. I put the filling in on Friday night before bed and by Saturday night it had come out. I had been really careful with what I was eating too, no steak or toffee!! I repeated the process and this time the filling stayed in until Monday afternoon when I could see the dentist.

        What the dentist said - I was a bit apprehensive of going into the dentist with a DIY filling, but she said I had done the right thing and it had filled the cavity really well. She said if I hadn't of filled it then it could have got infected and she may not of been able to save the tooth. In my case just a simple filling was needed, she said it was quite a small cavity which was surprising to me as it had felt massive. So just fifteen minutes and £125 later I was no longer holey.

        I found the actual process of putting the filling in was very easy to do, the instructions are easy to follow and you can't go to far wrong. I think that it should have been a bit more durable especially for those who have to wait longer than a few days to see a dentist.

        Where to get it - Boots, Chemists and some supermarkets. The kit costs £7.95 in boots which is pretty steep in my opinion, however its a lot cheaper than root canal treatment which is what I could have needed if I didn't use it. It also has enough material for about 6 repairs.

        I would recommend this kit for very short term use only, don't be tempted to use as a substitute for a visit to the dentist, it doesn't last and may lead to further problems.


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          07.04.2010 10:56
          Very helpful



          Visit the dentist instead.

          Being a bit of a dentist phobe and not having visited a dentist for quite some years, my teeth have started to show the signs of no dentist visits. Specifically, I currently have 2 holes in my teeth requiring fillings. Having no money and still being a dentist phobe, I really don't want to visit one. This I thought was going to cause a problem, until I was shopping in Morrisons and spotted the Dental First Aid Kit from Dentek.

          Included in the pack are 2 cotton buds, a wooden spike thing, some Eugenol and the temporary filling material. You will notice the word temporary there, that is because it is only designed a temporary fix until you can get to the dentist for a more permanant solution. Having read the packet, which gives instructions of how to use, etc, I was fairly satisfied that this could be a short term solution to my problem, so purchased a packet. This was the painful part, it is not the cheapest thing, being £6.49 from Morrisons, but is a cheaper fix for me at this moment than the dentist.

          Home we go and I give the instructions a good read. They are extremely simple and easy to understand. It states to make sure your mouth is free from any bits of food and once applied, do not chew anything for 2-3 hours. Simple I think, I know, I'll do it before going to bed, as my teeth will be clean and free from bits and I won't anything while I'm asleep.

          It states to wash your mouth with warm water before application to make sure all loose bits are free. I brushed my teeth, mouth washed and washed out with warm water, to make extra sure. Once this is achieved, you then dry out the areas requiring the filling with one of the cotton swabs. Nice and simple so far.

          Using the second cotton swab, you dip this in the Eugenol and then apply this to the tooth/teeth in question. You have to avoid touching the gums and just get the teeth with this. The Eugenol apparently helps the filling set and stick to your tooth enamel. Then take a small ball of the filling material and pack it tightly into the hole requiring the filling. You then bite down a few times to create a comfortable bite within your mouth and wipe any excess material away with a cotton swab.

          That is the filling process then complete. It states it will set softly in your mouth within a few minutes and allow the 2-3 hours being chewing anything. With this in mind, I went to bed, awaking the next day after a good 9 hours sleep. This is where my frustration with this product really set in.

          I don't have breakfast, so didn't eat anything or chew anything for a good 12 hours after filling the teeth in question. The very first thing I chewed on, one of the fillings fell out straight away. The second filling did last a bit longer by surviving until dinner time that night, but within 24 hours, both fillings were out of my mouth.

          Now, I know it is only a temporary fix, but it does state on the packaging it is temporary until you gt a chance to visit a dentist. Admittedly, I was going to use it for a while longer than that if possible, but within 24 hours is pretty bad. Say I had done this on Saturday evening, the fillings would have fallen out on the Sunday, when the only option for a dentist is emergency options, which this was not really an emergency.

          All in all, I was pretty darn dissappointed with this product and would not recommend it to anyone. Alot of money for something that does not do what it says on the tin.


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