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Dettol Antiseptic Wash Spray

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4 Reviews

Dosage Form: Spray / Type: Antiseptic

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    4 Reviews
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      26.10.2012 18:39
      Very helpful
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      Dettol Antiseptic Wash Spray.

      The Product
      = = = = = =
      The product is made by Dettol and is an Antiseptic wash which contains benzalkonium chloride (an antiseptic). The wash is ready to use and is especially designed to wash out wounds and helps to prevent infection of minor wounds. The spray bottle means that the product is a convenient no touch application. I actually purchased this for myself but was so impress with the product that I decided to buy it on a regular basis to keep in the medicine cupboard at home. Having 2 young nephews, I knew I would get some use out of this product. The spray has a gentle cleansing formula which can be used on cuts, grazes, minor wounds and skin piercings, insect bites and stings, small buns and scalds and blisters. The spray is literally suitable for every kind of accident. The antiseptic wash comes in a flattish bottle which is a light white colour. You can see that the liquid in the bottle is clear and quite runny, and looks just like water in the bottle. It has a spray nozzle which is white in colour and presses down easily to dispense some of the liquid. The spray nozzle is then protected by a clear plastic cap which keeps the nozzle clean. On the front it has the Dettol label and you can clearly see from the description on the front what the product actually is. On the back of the product is some information about the product such as how to use it and precaution information. As with any other medicines it's best to read through all the information before attempting to use it. I purchased this from Boots and it cost me £3.29 for a 100ml bottle. You may also find this product to buy in Superdrug, local chemists and supermarkets.

      Using the Product
      = = = = = = = =
      I first use this product when I got my belly button pierced, as it started to look slightly infected and was very sore. This was the best product I could see as it was a no touch, spray application which was easier and more convenient for me as touching the area hurt. I used the spray twice a day and turned the belly ring to help clean the area around it and the actual hole in which the ring went through. This was a little sore at first but the spray actually made moving the ring easier as it helps loosen some of the skin stuck to it. I used some clean kitchen towel to soak up any of the excess liquid form the product. I point blankly refused to take the piercing out even though it didn't look particularly nice; I didn't go through the pain of having it done for nothing! Within a few days my belly button started to look less red and it didn't look as crusty as it had done before (yup, gross I know). Within about a week and a half my belly button looked normal (apart from a ring through it) and the infection had cleared up and gone away. The spray has also been used on my nephew's knees and elbows when he has fallen and grazed these areas. This does a brilliant job of cleaning the area which helps to stop any infection from occurring. The spray does have a an antiseptic type smell to it which is expected how-ever this isn't that strong and the smell doesn't bother me or my nephews when I have to use the product on them. Although the spray does have an expiry date we normally use over half of the bottle by the time the expiry date has actually come.

      Overall Opinion
      = = = = = = =
      I have been buying this spray regularly for at least 5 years and I think it's fantastic and really easy to use. The spray bottle means it's convenient and great for popping into a mall first aid kit which you can carry with you. I actually carry a bottle of this in my rucksack along with a small first aid kit when me and my boyfriend go on long bike rides which we do a lot during the summer. The cap of the bottle does tend to come off sometimes, how-ever the product doesn't leak which is good. The spray doesn't smell as bad as some antiseptic products do I the smell doesn't linger and tends to disappear shortly after application and soaking up any excess liquid with a tissue. I would highly recommend this product to others as it did a fantastic job of helping to clean up my slightly infection belly button piercing and it also does a great job of cleaning small grazes and cuts which my nephews have obtained from falling over. I can't find any faults with this product so I give it a full 5 stars.

      Other Information
      = = = = = = = =
      * Don't use the product if you are allergic to any of the ingredients
      * Don't use the product in large quantities on large areas of the body
      * Keep out of the eyes, ears and mouth
      * Do not inhale

      Other Ingredients in the Product:
      Propylene Glycol, Sodium Phosphate, Sodium Acid Phosphate, Disodium Edetate, Mild Pine Perfume and Softened Water.

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        25.01.2010 23:54
        Very helpful



        Must have for the house!

        This stuff is excellent.. I first heard about this from a guy in a piercing shop.. I have quite a few piercings and he said this was the best thing to clean them if they have a slight irritation or to prevent it..

        I went in search for it and found it in Boots. It was around £2.30 when I bought it but that wasn't on offer or anything. The only other places I have seen this product in is Tesco and large chemists.. Definitely look around for value though and it could be hidden in any first aid section..

        The look of the bottle is neat and fresh, it is a small frosted type bottle with a green and white label saying dettol. The top is protected with a clear top which is easily removed and put back on, though this will be easy to lose as it isn't really a tight fit.. The top which dispenses the liquid is white and is easily pressed down for a large squirt of liquid..

        It can easily be used to clean any cuts and grazes.. You simply have to spray as much needed onto the affected area. It's really conventient because like other antiseptic washes, you don't have to dilute the product, this is gentle enough to use without diluting. This saves a lot of time, especially if it's in an emergency type situation. It's a no touch application and therefore prevents cross infection.. All you do is spray at the area, but not too close and then gently wipe and the area is cleansed. It will clean and protect the area well and can be used on all skin types.

        It really depends on the person and the size of the area on how much you need, but one spray dispenses a reasonable sized amount. It could last you months and it doesn't have to be used within a certain time when opened.

        Using it on piercings is just the same, one spray will usually do a piercing, it really works well on all piercings. It is good just to protect and cleanse after washing your hair or wearing a hat..

        It usually only comes in 100ml bottles and is not for oral use.

        The ingredients are:

        Contains: Benzalkonium Chloride 0.198% W/V (an Antiseptic) Also Contains: Also Contains: Propylene Glycol Sodium Phosphate Sodium Acid Phosphate Disodium Edetate Mild Pine Perfume Softened Water

        This is definitely worthwhile to have stored in the house when needed.


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          17.11.2009 19:06
          Very helpful




          My daughter is of the age where she is always coming home from school of from playing with friends with little scrapes and grazes .These are only ever small, and nothing to really worry about, but I do like to make sure they get nice and clean, as I wouldn't want germs and dirt getting into them .

          I did originally use antiseptic wipes, but my daughter complained about the rubbing motion with the wipes, so I decided to switch to an antiseptic spray instead, and this was the one the chemist recommended, costing a little over £2.50 for a small 100 ml bottle .

          The bottle was a fairly basic plastic bottle, a creamy semi transparent colour with a pump dispenser, and a small clear plastic cap, and the bottle advises that this can be used on cuts, grazes, minor wounds, skin piercings, insect bites and stings, small burns and scalds and blisters. The bottle is small enough to tuck safely into a medicine cabinet out of childrens reach, and also a good size for carrying about in a handbag or slipping into a first aid kit .

          It comes with usage instructions on the back which are simple enough to follow, simply spray onto the wound to wash out any lingering grot that may have got in, and use cotton wool if any further cleaning is necessary.

          So, the next time my daughter came home with a bashed up knee, out came the spray . I sprayed a few sprays onto her graze, and although she moaned that it stung, she didn't kick up as much fuss about having it cleaned out as she normally would . I sprayed the wound again each time I removed a plaster, and then let it dry before re-applying . Within a few days, her graze was fully closed and could be left uncovered without a plaster, and within a week it was gone completely.

          A few days afterwards, I slightly burned myself on the hob. Nothing too serious, but it did blister, which then burst . I used the spray myself, and actually I didn't find that it stung at all . Maybe my daughter is more sensitive than me, or maybe she was just fussing to get that extra bit of sympathy, but I personally found it quite mild to use,.

          I also found it less messy and time consuming than either the wipes I was previously using, or the creams I had tried before that . There was no rubbing needed, no touching of the wound at all was required, and there was nothing to throw away once the cleaning was done .

          A little is all that is needed, our few minor scrapes and grazes have barely mad

          I fully recommend this product - not just because an antiseptic is an essential first aid kit item, but this product in particular because it gets the job done quickly, conveniently, hygienically , and with the very minimum of fuss.

          5 stars .


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          03.02.2009 23:17
          Very helpful



          Cheap and effective

          Why I chose this product:
          I did a really stupid thing and burnt myself on my forearm with my curling tongs. It was quite a bad burn which proceeded to blister, in order to care for the wound i was recommended by my local pharmacist to clean a few times a day and cover with guaze bandaging. I came caross Dettol Antiseptic wash as a product to clean wounds. Dettol is a well known brand that i trusted to work properly.

          Who will like this product:
          This antiseptic wash makes a great addition to any first aid kit. Ideal for parents and work places.

          Where to find this product:
          Any chemist should stock this product as well as Noots stores and Superdrug.

          Around £2.49 for 100ml.

          This product comes in a clear bottle with a spray top and clear cap to seal it shut. The classic Dettol sword is present and the text is in green.

          Product Description:
          Ready-to-use antiseptic to wash out wounds. Convenient no-touch application. Helps prevent infection of minor wounds. Gentle cleansing formula. Ideal for use on cuts and grazes, minor wounds and skin peircings, insect bites and stings, small burns and scalds and blisters.

          How to Use:
          Spray onto the wound to wash away any dirt and debris. Cotton wool may be used to further clean the wound.

          Other information:
          For external use only.

          Product performance:
          This product does what it says on the tin. cleans a wound up a treat aiding the healing process and preventing infection.

          I'd highly recommend this product.



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      • Product Details

        A gentle cleansing formula that helps prevent infection of minor wounds.

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