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Elastoplast Invisible Protection

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Brand: Elastoplast / Type: Plasters

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    1 Review
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      12.11.2010 17:37
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      An innovative plaster from Elastoplast

      How many times have you been faced with the scenario whereby you are painstakingly washing a bowl full of dishes only to suddenly cut your finger on a sharp knife? Consequently, you carefully wash and dry the wound and apply a plaster onto your injured finger. However, within minutes of your hand making contact with the water the plaster decides to roll off and you're once again left with a bleeding finger and can no longer proceed with the task in hand!

      This is an all too familiar situation in my household, particularly as hubby will insist on sharpening our kitchen knives to resemble that of razor blades and I am always cutting myself! It really made no difference whatsoever which brand of plaster I used, as they would all simply fall off my finger whilst my hand was immersed in water. However, a couple of months ago whilst browsing on the internet I saw an advertisement for an innovative product and the company were offering freebies.

      Naturally I was drawn to the chance of something for nothing, so I immediately tapped my personal details onto the online form and awaiting my delivery of this revolutionary product, which arrived within a matter of days, together with a 50p off coupon if I decided to make a purchase. I made a product suggestion to Dooyoo to enable me to advise you of this newly introduced product, which is named Elastoplast Invisible Protection and this review discusses both the product and my experience of using it, together with my thoughts.


      When I initially opened the envelope and saw my free sample I felt somewhat disappointed at what appeared before me, particularly as it did not look neither special nor different. I was faced with one single plaster, which was hygienically wrapped in a greaseproof sleeve and displaying the familiar red and yellow Elastoplast logo. I stored the free plaster in my First Aid box in readiness for the next medical emergency, which unfortunately, occurred within a matter of days!

      The "emergency" was me who had once again sliced my finger on a carving knife, which hubby had slipped into the washing up bowl when I wasn't looking! As I had a rather nasty accident with a broken glass bottle when I was a young child and nearly lost the end of my finger I always become a little queasy and light-headed at the first sign of blood and unfortunately, the aroma of most medical products makes me somewhat nauseous. Stupid, I know, but unfortunately, that's me!

      As my hands were considerably warm from being immersed in the washing up water my wound was bleeding quite ferociously and I needed to quickly stop the flow to enable me to carry on with my task. Consequently, out came my free plaster and after cleaning my finger with a little antiseptic and ensuring that the bleeding had ceased, I pulled back the greaseproof wrapping and removed the plaster, which measured 72 mm in length and 19 mm in width with curves on both ends.

      The plaster is clearly indicated with numbers 1, 2 and 3 and to apply I needed to firstly press the backing paper, which is denoted by the number 1. It was then necessary to press down firmly on tab 2 and lift the tab from the end to peel away the film and then finally, I needed to remove the backing paper as indicated with the number 3. Whilst this may sound extremely complicated I would advise that it really is straightforward.


      As I was so pleased with my sample I actually went out and purchased a full-sized cardboard box of 12 plasters. However, I didn't find that the packaging stood out from any of the other brands and I had great difficulty in finding this new product on the shelf. However, one thing I did notice is that Elastoplast seems to be the largest manufacturer of plasters, as there was an array of different boxes; the majority of which belonged to Elastoplast.

      The box measures 8 cm in width and 11 cm in length and displays the familiar Elastoplast logo in the upper section. In my opinion the appearance of the box is a little dull with the left hand side in an aqua colour with two images of the invisible plasters and on the right hand side, which is coloured dark blue we are advised that the plasters are 100% transparent, even the wound pad. We are also informed that the plasters are ultra thin and waterproof. There is a cardboard flap on the upper section with a cut out area to enable the plasters to be displayed on a hook whilst in the supermarket. It is on this section that we are advised that this product is new. On the reverse of the box is an area, which has been perforated and we are required to apply a little pressure to break the perforations to enable the upper section of the box to be opened.


      This really is an innovative plaster, as whilst it offers you protection, as would the majority of plasters I would advise that it actually stays where you place it. The plaster is almost invisible and as previously stated, Elastoplast market this new product as 100% transparent. Each of the twelve plasters is presented to us in pairs, so it is necessary to tear the perforation to separate them. Its' appearance is extremely unique as once you have removed all of the protective backing it resembles that of a short length of high quality cellotape, even down to the wound pad, which is also transparent.

      The product is unique due to the fact that it has been specifically designed to accelerate the healing process, as the wound pad uses hydrocolloid technology. As I had absolutely no idea what this meant having never heard of it before I decided to carry out a little research. Consequently, I learned that the hydrocolloid matrix forms a cohesive gel, which supports moist wound healing. A real problem for me with other brands of plasters is that they will move or roll within a short time after application, particularly when being worn on the fingers. As a result, the wound is left exposed to the elements and is obviously, not protected. Elastoplast Invisible Protection is totally different, as is stays in exactly the same position as when first applied and will remain in place until removed. As the plaster is ultra-thin it does not look at all unsightly when being worn.


      The plaster was extremely easy to remove and similar to that of a standard plaster. A real positive with this product is that it does not leave a sticky residue following removal, so there's no need to spend ages trying to remove tiny fragments of adhesive, which is often left around the edge of the wound with most standard plasters.

      A problem that I would regularly experience with other types of plasters was skin irritation where I would suffer soreness in the areas where the adhesive had made contact with my skin. Fortunately, this product has been designed for the most sensitive of skin types, so there was no redness or soreness after removal. Elastoplast also inform us that in using these plasters we will also reduce the risk of scarring, but this is not a claim I am able to evidence, particularly as any finger cuts I have suffered have never been too serious.


      This plaster is simply superb for the reasons I have mentioned, particularly as I am not constantly replacing a finger plaster, which obviously works out quite expensive. Elastoplast Invisible Protection are fully absorbent and waterproof and can barely been seen whilst being work. I also found it extremely comfortable, whereas some plasters I have work tend to pull and feel somewhat awkward. I am pleased that I am able to place my hands into water without any fear of the plaster becoming wet, rolling and/or falling off.

      However, whilst Elastoplast markets this product as being 100% transparent this was not my reason for purchase, which was solely due to the fact that the plasters stay put and feel extremely comfortable. To be honest, I tend to forget that I am wearing one. I absolutely hate it when I would apply a normal plaster to a finger wound then proceed to carry out my washing up only to find the plaster floating around in my washing up bowl! Yuk! Another positive for me is that the plasters do not attract all of those horrible bits of fluff that tend to gather around the sticky edges. The plaster can be left on the wound for several days, but should not be used on infected or inflamed areas. I cannot comment on whether wearing the plaster accelerated the heating process as claimed by Elastoplast, as I am unsure of how long this would have taken with or without a normal plaster.


      The only negative I have with this product is that the box will not correctly close once the perforations have been severed and I really feel that Elastoplast need to address this design fault.


      I cannot recommend this product highly enough for the reasons I have previously mentioned, but due to their rather high price tag of £3.10 for a box of 12 they are something I use only when absolutely necessary. If I nick my leg whilst shaving I tend to use a normal plaster and will only use Elastoplast on awkward areas, such as my fingers.

      I would advise that until 16 November 2010 you can purchase this product in Tesco for the reduced price of £2.33. I would advise that the Elastoplast website is giving away a free sample of this plaster and I'm unsure if I am permitted to provide the link, so would suggest you google "Elastoplast Invisible Protection" where you can complete an online form for your freebie. You can purchase this product in two sizes, namely the one I have discussed in this review and the larger size of 39 mm x 39 mm.

      Consequently, Elastoplast Invisible Protection receives 5 stars from me.

      I hope you found my review useful and would thank you for reading.

      This review has also been posted on Ciao under the same user name.


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