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Elastoplast Sensitive Plasters

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  • Contain antiseptic
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    2 Reviews
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      15.09.2014 19:47
      Very helpful


      • "Contain antiseptic "
      • "Stick well"


      • "None "

      A great plaster

      I have often used Elastoplast Plasters for sensitive skin, mainly for my daughter as she does have the most sensitive skin in the world and I have to be so very careful about anything that I put on her She is an active eight year old, so typically always falling over and getting cuts and scrapes to her knees and elbows (and her chin the other week).

      My daughter cries her eyes out whenever she even slightly knocks herself, so the less time I have to spend applying cream BEFORE the plaster goes on, the better. That’s the great thing about these plaster as they already contain an antiseptic so there is no need to have to apply the cream beforehand – the plaster does it for you.

      Apart from being kind to the skin, these plasters will stay in place once on the skin, and that is essential if you applying them say at the back of your heel, where your shoes will rub back and forth. The good thing about these as far as my daughter is concerned is that they are very easy to pull off after they are finished with. Usually it’s a terribly hard procedure to coax my daughter to ‘allow’ me to just even start to pull of the corners of the plaster as she shouts that I am ripping her skin off. These do come off easily but the good thing about them is that they also stay in place for as long as you need them to.

      They don't start to curl up and look grey around the edges, as some of the cheaper plasters can do. They are white in colour, as opposed to flesh colour, which is a little odd, but I can live with that. The other great thing about them is that they are fairly large in size, so this means they are great for larger as well as smaller knocks, bumps and scrapes.

      Overall, I am pleased with them and I do rate them highly.


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      27.10.2012 14:39
      Very helpful



      Perfect Plaster for small wounds

      We use quite a lot of plasters in our household as my husband is a builder and often comes home with cuts and bruises. I too use quite a lot of plasters mainly to cover up sore skin I have scratched (unconsciously) and made bleed as I have psoriasis which is very itchy.

      I use the plaster to protect my clothing and help the wound heal as I am quite clumsy and usually manage to open up wounds as I knock them throughout the day.

      I have dabbled with own brand plasters, which although cheaper I don't feel are the same quality as Elastoplast, so I tend to buy Elasotoplast when I can.

      What I like about this particular Elastoplast is they contain antiseptic silver so no need to apply cream before using and they are very kind to the skin. I think my skin heals faster when it is covered with a plaster, plus protects my clothes from bloodstains. Silver is clinically proven antiseptic that rarely causes skin irritation so is particularly good for use with children and adults with sensitive skin.

      They are extremely easy to apply and I don't tend to curl up at the edges or crease before you position them. Something that can happen when I buy cheaper versions and I also find they don't stay in place.

      I find that you can reposition them easily as I don't always hit the spot first time. They also feel really comfortable on the skin and the padding in the middle ensures that if I do knock myself the bllood doesn't seep through onto my clothing. I use them mainly on my forearms and elbows and once positioned they don't move until you want to remove them.

      They are really easy to remove , you can do this in one ,movement, without any pain or discomfort, unlike some plasters that you have to remove very very carefully and slowly.

      They are white which I prefer to a flesh colour and in this range they only seem to come in 19mm x 72mm (¾" x 3" approx.) so are suitable for small wounds.

      I am confident when I use these that my sore skin will be protected from infections and that the plaster will remain in place as long as I need it to. So unless you get very dirty they will last the day. I usually take them off before bathing or a shower and apply a new one so I am not sure whether they would staye put after washing.

      I would recommend Elastoplast generally above own brands as I think you get what you pay for. They are much better quality, contain antiseptic and are easy to apply and remove. Plus they don't irritate my sensitive skin. My skin is protected and the wounds do heal faster when covered with a plaster, plus I don't or can't scratch when I wear these.

      5 stars from me

      Available from most chemists at around £2 for 10 , I usually buy from Boots when they are on offer, although last time I looked they were either out of stock or doing what a lot of large chains do which is to stock their own brands. I did go with their own brand which were not a patch on the Elastoplast


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      Elastoplast Sensitive Plasters 20 Assorted Strips is manfactured by Elastoplast / Elastoplast Sensitive Plasters 20 Assorted Strips is a efficient product / You can now purchase Elastoplast Sensitive Plasters 20 Assorted Strips from our online chemist / Elastoplast Sensitive Plasters 20 Assorted Strips has been proven as a market leading product since its inception by Elastoplast.