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Fastaid Antiseptic Wipes

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3 Reviews
  • not badly priced
  • Handy to have
  • I cannot really think of one
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    3 Reviews
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      10.05.2015 21:51
      Very helpful


      • " not badly priced"
      • "Handy to have"


      • "I cannot really think of one"

      For peace of mind

      Robinson's Healthcare make a little tub of antiseptic wipes which Home Bargains are currently selling for only 99p for a pot of twenty wipes. I have used this brand before and have bought pain relief tablets and antiseptic spray so this was the first time I had used the wipes and I have to say that considering how cheap these are, they are really good quality and certainly worth the price.

      When you have an accident prone daughter, as I do, you have to keep things like these close at hand all of the time. I have a tub in the house in the medicine cabinet and another one in the glove compartment of our car.

      These wipes come in a little plastic pot which you simply flip up to remove the first wipe. There are small perforations right across the bottom of the wipes and you just tear this off by pulling it against the jagged edge on the top of the container. They come off easily and there is no need to have to pull or tug at them at all.

      They do smell fairly medicinal, though this is to be expected and they have a sort of fresh aroma to them which I actually quite like. I have used these lots of times if I have been out with my daughter and she has grazed her skin. She tells me it "stings a bit" though again this is the antiseptic lotion which is infused on the wipe and to be expected.

      I only need to use one at a time as they are a good size and do not shred or break up.

      I do recommend them - especially at this low price.


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      05.12.2011 18:23



      Great wipes I will continue to keep buying

      Fastaid Antiseptic Wipes are a really handy little plastic pot containing twenty little moist tisue wipes for just £1.99. They are made by Robinsons Healthcare and I got mine from the Co-Op. I keep a tub of these handy in the medicine cupboard in the house and I also have a spare tub in the glove compartment of the car, in case of antiseptic emergencies.

      They are very small antiseptic impregnated moist tiny tissues that pull easily out of the flip top lid. I personally always find I need to use more than the one suggested though as they are rather small. Simply wipe the wipe over the affected area and it will freshen and clean the wound whilst adding the antiseptic, so that you are confident that the wound is clean until you can get home and sort it out properly. There is just the right amount of antiseptic lotion on these wipes I personally feel - sometimes with wipes such as these I find they can be either too dry or they are overloaded with moisture. These manage to get it just right in my opinion.

      We have taken these away with us when we have gone on family camping holidays and also on our recent holiday to Spain as we find our son need to use them when he falls over and hurts his knees with various cuts and grazes.

      The perforations are good so that they do snap off easily and they do not snag. Once you pull one out the other one will pop out easily afterwards.

      Make sure you depress the flip top lid after use though as they can dry our very very quickly.

      Review also posted on Ciao as sorehead


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      17.10.2006 22:49
      Very helpful



      easy and conveenient to carry round antiseptic wipes

      Fast aid antiseptic wipes

      It seems as though I have always had children, and with children come their fair (or not so fair) share of scrapes and grazes. I learnt quite early on to carry medical bits and pieces (plasters, lint etc) in the car for days out, and usually have antiseptic wipes

      The ones I have carried until recently have been the individually wrapped ones, but whilst these are great, they are easily lost if put into a bag, and also, because they are wrapped in something slightly more waterproof than paper (but not a lot), they can go a bit soggy!

      So, having found these little gems, they are indeed something I will be sticking to, since they apparently kill germs, and clean and protect the skin.

      **Product and Packaging**

      The wipes come in a small hard plastic container, with 20 wipes.

      Each wipe is about small tissue size, like the ones in small boxes, not the man size ones. Each wipe is moist enough to feel as though there is some antiseptic going onto the wound, but not so wet that once the area is wiped, there is liquid dripping down the limb! This is fortunate because if there was liquid mingled with blood, then we would have to calm a totally hysterical prima donna!

      They do have a slight, but not unpleasant antiseptic smell; enough to let you know that there is something antiseptic lurking there but not so much that you stink for hours after.

      **Using them**

      To use them, simply lift the flap lid, and thread the first wipe through the hole in the cap, then replace cap. The theory is that every other wipe will follow, and I have found this to be the case. Fortunately, there is no ripping at torn wipes to try to get them out.

      Wipe the affected area with the wipe, whilst impressing on wounded person that they do indeed have magical powers

      Remember to replace cap after use or they will dry out.


      I don't like to list ingredients, but just in case of allergies, they do contain Alcohol, Cetrimonium Bromide, Chlorhexidine Diacetate and methyl Salicylate.

      I would hate for someone to buy them and then apply the wipes to a wound if allergic to the ingredients, although I suppose you would check.

      **Price and Availability**

      The best bit is…they cost only 99p from my favourite shop, savers. A bargain for something quick and easy to use, and effective. They are also available online for the same price but before you buy them this way, watch out for p and p costs as these could be more expensive than the wipes themselves. Better to find a savers and buy two cartons of wipes.

      **Made by…**

      Robinson Healthcare Ltd.


      It appears they make lots of first aid kind of products including some frog plasters which I am now on the lookout for.

      **What I think**

      Great little things to carry in your car or bag, when outdoors or to just have in your first aid box.

      They are easy to carry, practical, light and easy to use and because the tube is plastic, the wipes can't have other things spilt on them.

      The wipes have enough antiseptic to clean and protect but not enough to sting. Important to stop the screaming. They are the right size- smaller and you would have to use two, larger and the container would have to increase in size and then they just wouldn't have that practicality.

      They are cheap to buy, and a grand idea when you need something fast to clean up a cut or graze.

      I carry these around with me, and thankfully, my little tube of 20 is now down to 17, so I haven't had to use many since buying them in the summer. However, once I run out, I will be buying some more.

      Thanks for reading

      Daniela xx


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    • Product Details

      Comes in a handy pocket-size pack. Kills germs, cleanses, and protects the skin. Ideal for First Aid and personal use.

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