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Gold Bond Maximum Relief Anti Itch Cream

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Brand: Gold Bond / Form: Cream / Dosage Form: Cream

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    1 Review
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      02.08.2013 14:41
      Very helpful



      Good product that did what it was meant to

      Item: Gold Bond Maximum Relief Anti Itch Cream
      Size: 28g
      Price: Around £8 but you can get it online for between £4 and £5
      Bought in: An Egyptian pharmacy

      Why do I own this?
      We were on a day trip in Egypt last year and I was wearing a new top that has metal fasteners on the shoulders and after touching my skin all day in the sweltering heat I had an allergic reaction to the areas they touched. I had anti histamine tablets with me but really needed something to pop straight on the skin, so we went to the nearest "chemist" and I spotted this cream and bought it.

      Packaging and design:
      The tube of ointment comes inside a cardboard box. Both the box and the tube have a very similar design. Bright yellow and red. The box has a large cardboard flap that stands upright from the box and the box itself is attached to the flap. I can't think of a better way to explain that but you can see it in the photo above. This makes the product quite eye catching and in my desperate itchy state in the Egyptian pharmacy I was able to spot what I needed. Right across the top in nice bit clear letters is says "Fast Acting Cooling Relief. The Quick Fix For Almost Every Itch". That will do nicely I was thinking and was thankful that they had it hanging up in view. Which I guess they had to owing to the design of the box, which is a clever trick in the manufacturers. Make a box that has to be hung up and gets a good position in any shops. The rest of the packaging tells you it is "Gold Bond. Maximum Relief". Yet more reassuring words in my time of extreme heat and itchiness. In all honesty I threw away the cardboard box soon after I first used the cream as the details I needed from it were all on the tube too, such as ingredients, how to use and when to seek medical help. The tube is bright yellow with a red lid. The lid has grooves along it making it easy to grip and open but secures nice and tightly after use. The tube is quite flexible and you can get out the relevant amount of cream without too much coming out or the top getting gunky.

      What exactly does this say it helps with and how do you use it?
      ***Details taken from packaging:
      For temporary relief of: Minor variations of the following - cuts, scrapes, sunburn, burns, rashes, scrapes, insect bites.
      Directions for use: Apply to the affected area up to 3 or 4 times a day

      Use, smell and results:
      I applied this as soon as we paid and although didn't stop the itching straight away a bit of the heat was reduced in the skin. I waited a couple of hours and applied again. I did notice less itchiness and redness after this and on the third application 3 hours after that I really noticed less itch. I continued to use this on the affected area for the next day and the bumpy skin went down and I made sure to keep that area covered and out of the direct sun light. The cream is white and thin in consistency and rubs in very easily with a light touch. Which is great when you have to rub it over an already sore area. It has a strong menthol/minty smell and this does linger, especially in the heat but as it is minty it's not too obvious that you have a skin complaint and isn't an overly offensive smell. (Well it may be in some circumstances but on a hot/sweaty tour bus is was a welcome variety of smell haha). I kept this and brought it home as it worked well and cost me about £8 so I want to use the rest of it. So far not had too much need but will call on it again as soon as I have one of the above ailments.

      This was definitely worth the £8ish I paid for it in Egypt (would prob have paid more if I had to just to get rid of the itch) and I may buy this again but only once this one is finished and if I can see it on special offer. It's a good product but I already know of others that work just as well and are cheaper to buy.


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