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Sainsbury's Antiseptic Cream

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3 Reviews
  • It is cheap to buy
  • It stops cuts getting infections
  • There are no disadvantages
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    3 Reviews
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      26.10.2014 14:32
      Very helpful


      • "It is cheap to buy "
      • "It smells nice"
      • "It stops cuts getting infections"


      • "There are no disadvantages"

      Sainsburys antiseptic cream

      WHAT IS IT?

      Antiseptic cream that is from Sainsburys.


      This is for when you cut or injure yourself. You put a small amount of antiseptic cream onto the wound and it can stop you from getting an infection.


      I am very happy with this antiseptic cream and I have bought it alot ever since I first got it. I have used it alot on many different cuts and wounds and when we have been bitten by insects in the summer also.

      I use this cream when I have burned myself on hair straighteners and curling tongs when I am at work and it doesn't do very much to numb any pain and I think Savlon is better for that but it makes the burned skin feel more comfortable so I can carry on with my work and treat the burn properly after.

      It smells quite nice but hasn't got a smell that I like as much as Savlon but I think the cream smells nice and fresh and like it is going to help my wound to stay clean.

      I use this cream on my daughters when they fall over because it does not sting if I apply it onto a grazed part of their leg or hands and since I have used it there are not very many times that their grazes start to look green around the edges to show that there is an infection. I am happy about that because I think grazes are very hard to keep clean enough because they are hard to fit a plaster on them.


      This antiseptic cream costs £1.30 only and I am very happy about that because it is cheap and comes in a tube that has got a screw on lid so it keeps for a long time in my cupboard and does not go runny or off like some creams do.

      5 Dooyoo Stars.


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      28.01.2009 18:21
      Very helpful



      A supermarket own brand antiseptic cream at a low price

      We have a first aid cupboard but not in the traditional way , ours is one of the small cupboards in our kitchen that doubles up as the medicine cabinet.
      There are certain things that every household needs to have ready to hand, top of my list is paracetamol and Ibuprofen, on the day the packet is empty I will surely develop either a stiff neck (possibly from nosing around too many corners!) or a Force ten headache. Plasters, a must have, they may not ever stick properly but we still need them. Then the usual cough and cold remedies and Ear drops, I always keep those in too.
      Antiseptic cream is a must, even the dog has the odd spot or rash treated with a blob of antiseptic cream.

      Sainsbury have produced their own version, a 30g tube for 96p, fractionally cheaper than Savlon cream but in my opinion every bit as good.
      The white plastic tube comes inside of a pale blue and white cardboard box.
      Nothing fancy about the product packaging whatsoever.
      I am sure that most households buy a tube of Antiseptic cream, sometimes it might be for an insect bite, another time I may have touched my skin on the cooker and slightly burnt myself and I feel if I apply a little bit of cream then I am protecting the minor wound in some way.
      When we fail to look after minor cuts and abrasions that's the time we become susceptible to infection.
      Sainsbury`s antiseptic cream has very little smell attached to it, whereas Savlon has a distinct smell and Sainsbury`s say that this cream can be used for nappy rash, but I have no one small enough to do a test run on now!
      At one point I was visiting Wilkinson's regularly and often picked up a tube of their own antiseptic cream, I am sure that Wilkinson`s cream is cheaper than both Savlon and Sainsbury`s though.

      Before you apply any cream always make sure that your hands are scrupulously clean, if the problem doesn't clear up you may well need to seek professional advice, but on the whole the cream will clear up anything minor. Hubby has used it after cutting himself shaving and it has often come out of the cupboard to treat a child`s grazed knee.
      It has no brand name written on the box but the product is still every bit as good.


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      29.06.2008 10:11
      Very helpful



      Antiseptic cream

      Sainsburys antiseptic cream

      I always like to have some antiseptic cream in my bag, the car or in the house just in case Little Miss sustains a minor injury which becomes major in the absence of anything to make it better. However, recently it was me who needed the cream for a cut on my finger which looked a tad infected and didn't seem to be getting better. Unfortunately, I had no cream so a quite dash into Sainsburys bought me this one.


      The cream is used to soothe,clean and gently treat infections and minor skin problems including:
      *spots and blackheads
      *cuts and grazes
      *minor burns and scalds
      *blisters and sores
      *chapped skin
      *shaving cuts.

      So, the cream is useful for many first aid and skin problems and is bound to be able to help my finger heal.
      The antiseptic cream comes in a green box with information and instructions on the back.
      When i open the box, there is a green tube, obviously containing the cream itself, and this again has instructions and information, presumably in case you lose the box and forget what it's for.

      I unscrew the cap and as expected the cream does have an antiseptic smell, so it smells as though it is going to do the job and heal my finger and whatever other cuts and scrapes it will have to deal with. The cream itself is white and when i apply it to my skin and rub it in, I find that it is absorbed easily into the skin and leaves no sticky residue or hard to remove white bits. In fact, once it has been applied and rubbed in, there is no evidence at all that I have used antiseptic cream other than a very faint but rather pleasant medicinal smell- if you like that kind of thing!

      The cream is very easy to use. Ensure the skin is washed and dried and then apply to the affected area- how simple can that be?
      The product is available in store or online at www.sainsbury.co.uk
      It costs £1.23 for 30g, which although it seems a small amount is actually the normal size for this type of product and sufficient for lots of cuts and scrapes


      The product does work. I started to apply it and within a couple of days the cut on my finger looked much improved, not angry at all and is now fully healed. I find that these type of creams are also good as an all over moisturiser in the winter if hands are chapped, so i will be using the cream then.

      The product is easy to use, has a not unpleasant smell and is good value. For anyone wanting an antiseptic cream, you cam't go far wrong with this one, and I think it's cheaper than a lot of the more well known brands, and equally as effective.

      Thanks for reading.

      Daniela x


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    • Product Details

      An antiseptic cream that gently soothes and helps prevent infection and aids in the natural healing of minor skin disorders.

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