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Savlon Alginate Dressings

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Brand: Savlon / Type: Dressings

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    1 Review
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      29.06.2012 11:05
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      A great dressing which protects

      When I had my c-section just under 2 years ago with my daughter I was one of the unfortunate ones to have a succession of infections in the wound despite doing everything possible to keep it clean. After visiting the doctors numerous time and being told to keep it covered and to take antibiotics I was determined to do everything I possibly could to (a) get back to normal after having a c-section and (b) not to have to return to hospital to be re-stitched as the whole c-section drama was traumatic enough and has put me off hospitals for life!

      One thing I needed was dressings and after using the micofibre type dressings I was finding that when I was removing them (on a daily basis) that bits of the fluff from the fibres was sticking to the wound and me being now a paranoid wreck about this wound wanted a dressing that would just peel away without leaving fluff behind in the wound. At this point I would have tried anything and after a trip to Boots I came away with the Savlon Aglinate Dressings after having them recommended to me by the pharmacist.

      I think we have all heard of Savlon and are probably reminded of a little blue tube of white cream when we hear of the name but Savlon do a large range of first aid and healthcare products. Savlon Alginate dressings have been specifically designed for deeper cuts or burns which although don't need medical attention they instead just need a more specified dressing rather than a plaster. The alginate dressings are for lightly weeping or bleeding wounds as they offer extra absorbency which is what I needed and why they were recommended to me.

      The alginate dressings come in packs of 5 which can become expensive if you are using them on a daily basis like I was to begin with. They like plasters come in a slim cardboard box in the trademark bright blue colour together with the Savlon logo printed on the front together with an image of the dressing itself. On the back of the box there is a whole host of information about the dressings themselves, application together with contact information for Savlon. Inside the box there is also a leaflet which goes into more detail about the dressings should you want more information. Each individual sterile dressing is packaged in protective wrapper so you will know that each one of sterile and ready to use.

      The dressings themselves are hypoallergenic and latex free making them ideal for people with allergies or sensitive skin. To look at the dressings are clear in colour and have the white absorbency pad in the middle as expected. The dressings have a very similar feel to clear plasters and are probably made out from a similar material but are a lot thinner. The whole aim of the dressings are to protect the wound from water, dirt and of course infection. The dressings help to provide the right conditions to aid the wound/cut/affected area to heal quicker whilst helping to reduce any pain that may have been caused and hopefully prevent or reduce scarring.

      The main reason why I had these recommended to me by the pharmacist was because my wound was weeping and these have been specifically made for weeping wounds as I said above and this is because they have an incredibly absorbent pad which helps to control any bleeding or any other horrible liquid but not only does it help control this but it also prevents the wound from drying out so it can heal quicker without a scab forming. The one thing though I was informed was that these need to be applied to a fresh wound, one which has been cleaned and where a scab hasn't been formed so this is a point to remember as these dressings won't work as effectively.

      Applying these dressings is incredibly easy you simply tear open the little individual packet the dressing comes in and then apply to the wound. I have found that because they are paper thin you don't actually feel like you have a dressing on as it is so light and also quite gentle on the skin. Because of the material it is made out of it is completely flexible so will easily move with your body without causing any problems or discomfort. The only problem I found a few times was getting the dressing on straight, because it is so light it is quite like selotape in a way as sometimes it can stick together when trying to apply it so you have to carefully unstick it before putting it over the wound but I found practice makes perfect!

      To begin with I used a new dressing everyday as I wanted my wound to clear up quickly and of course we all know that the longer you are able to keep an affected area undisturbed then the quicker it will actually heel so these dressings have been specifically designed to stay in place for around 3 to 7 days. After a week of changing them on a daily basis I was able to leave them on for around 3 days especially when my wound was starting to clear up quite nicely. My only concern was how I was going to get them off the wound but I found the easiest way was in the bath and although they are an effective barrier against water (as well as bacteria and dirt) I personally found that I could peel them off easier as my body was laid out in the bath so my skin was tight and they came off easily and pain free.

      I used these dressings for around two weeks and I probably could have stopped using them earlier but I was so paranoid about getting my wound clean and infection free that I wore them for longer. But I have to say I was really pleased with the results as it didn't take long for my wound to dry up instead of just scabbing over it just started to heal. The dressings are very easy to apply and remove which on a wound is much needed as you don't need to add any more pain or discomfort to the area. Together with a combination of antibiotics and these dressings my wound was healing great and I have to stay I don't have a noticeable c-section scar at all so even better. Despite being slightly concerned about the cost of these compared to other dressings I wouldn't hesitate in recommending them or using them again as they are incredibly effective.

      Overall, a definite item to have in any first aid kit as they do what they say on the packet so to speak so I can't complain whatsoever. Yes, they are a little expensive for 5 dressings but they work and when you are in pain and need a wound or cut to heal effectively sometimes the money is just worth it. Definitely a great product from a reputable brand 5 stars from me.

      ~ Useful Information ~

      Brand: Savlon
      Amount: 5 per box
      Availability: Pharmacists
      Price: From £4.50 upwards

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    • Product Details

      Savlon Alginate Dressings; / Sometimes you will need more than a traditional plaster to help to protect a wound, and new Savlon Alginate Dressings have been designed to offer more advanced first aid / Hypoallergenic and latex free, they protect wounds from dirt, water and infection and provide just the right conditions to aid faster healing, prevent scarring and reducing pain / B Alginate dressings can be used onlightly weeping or bleeding wounds, as these dressings offer extra absorbency / The super absorbent pad helps to control bleeding and prevent the wound from drying out so it can heal quickly without a scab forming / This in turn also helps to prevent scaring.