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Scholl Ball Of Foot Cushion

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2 Reviews
  • Cushioning
  • Might be too cushioned for some style of shoe
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    2 Reviews
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      29.10.2014 17:10
      Very helpful


      • Cushioning


      • "Might be too cushioned for some style of shoe"

      Scholl Ball of Foot Cushion Saved The Day

      I have purchased this product from the well-known company, Scholl, several times.

      It basically is a soft cushioning aid which loops around one toe, usually next to the big toe, but can be used on other toes, depending on comfort.

      Once on one’s toe the pad will fit onto the ball of foot. It isn't entirely secure if tights or socks aren't worn but I find that a foot bandage, sock, trainer sock or footsie, will keep it well positioned. I would suggest that if wanting to wear shoes without tights then a gel pad might be a better idea as the gel pads seem to stick better to the foot and are more likely to stay in position.
      But I find that if much protection or padding is required then these are the best aid that I have found.

      The pad consists of a dual layer of foam. One side is fabric one a smooth foam.

      I first purchased a foam cushioning pad because of a verruca in the ball of my foot which felt extremely sore. Then, I badly cut the underside of my foot on the very morning that I was due to go on a coach trip to Chessington World of Adventure. At the time I had a very excited eight year and a six year old plus a five month old baby to take on this trip. I couldn't really pull out.

      Once the bleeding had stopped I put on the foam pad, covered it and my foot with a bandage, squeezed my very padded foot into a pop sock and then put on a loosely laced trainer shoe. It still hurt but I could at least hobble along. Without the padding I couldn't put my foot down onto the ground.

      The foam pad got me through a long day. Anything that had padded my foot more would have prevented my foot fitting into footwear.

      Since then I have often bought these pads from Scholl, and another manufacturer, as I have serious feet problems and often need cushioning aids.

      The pads are washable and last a long time.

      Each pack contains two foam pads.


      They are available from many chemists, supermarkets and on-line stores.

      Boots £4.75 (or 475 points)

      http://www.weldricks.co.uk £2.59

      Superdrug £4.75


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      10.12.2013 09:56
      Very helpful
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      Whenever I have a night out I wear heels. I think heels complete the outfit and unless I am going out with my sister at Uni where flats are more common I just point blank refuse to wear them! The problem with heels though is that they can hurt your feet, especially if you love to dance like we do when we go on a night out and so it can start to spoil your night. I have tried many things over the years to try and solve this issue because given that I don't have many nights out I don't often wear heels anymore and that means they hurt me even more when I do wear them. One product I bought is the Scholl ball of foot cushions and this is my review of the product.

      I bought the Scholl ball of feet cushions from amazon last year and I can't remember the price I paid. Currently though they cost £3.50 and come with free delivery from an associate seller. The product comes packed in a plastic packet which features the product and brand name as well as a picture of the cushions as well. I think the reason I opted for this product when I went searching on amazon for something was the Scholl name to be honest because I respect them as a quality brand in the world of footcare and have used their products in the past as well.

      The ball of foot cushions are really easy to take out of the packaging and just look simple. They are basically a circular piece of nude coloured material which features a loop on one side. You use the product by slotting the hoop over your toe and then the cushion should automatically fit to where your ball of your foot is though I found it does need a little adjustment when you put on your shoe.

      When you wear the ball of foot cushions at first they feel fine. The ball of my foot is usually the place my feet ache first and they will burn after a while in heels and I did find that the cushioning helped a little. The problem with this product is that the hoop that you put around your toe basically started to feel as though it was cutting off the circulation in my toe and it was hurting a lot and then started to feel a little numb which was a massive worry. I would rather suffer the foot pain than have my circulation cut off in my toe and so I took the product off and put it in my bag. I tried it again on another night out and the same thing happened again so I just threw them in the bin. I don't think I have massive toes or anything like that! My feet are quite small and so I'd have thought those with bigger feet than mine may suffer even more so than me. It didn't happen instantly but I do think this product would be much better with an adhesive backing to keep it in place as opposed to having a toe strap to go on your second toe because it would be much more comfortable and probably would stay in place better too.

      The advantage of this product is the fact that it is nude and so should go with any footwear that you have and not really stand out as it is designed to blend in with the colour of your foot.

      I can't really willingly recommend this product purely because of the fact they hurt my toe and then made it feel numb. In hindsight I probably would have been better cutting off the toe strap as opposed to throwing them away and sticking them to my foot but there's no saying this would have worked. I feel a bit let down by Scholl with this product because generally they are very good quality but in this case it was a let down for me sadly.

      Thank you for reading my review!


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    • Product Details

      Scholl Ball of Foot Cushions are the solution to aching feet. The foam layer soothes the aching in the ball of the foot.

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